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Joonho K. '20

MIT blogger Joonho K. '20


One day, my kindergarten teacher called me Joon instead of Joonho during attendance and the nickname of sorts has stuck. You can call me whichever. :D
Before settling into East Campus (and then Next House), I lived the majority of my life on a rather flat piece of land called Long Island, New York. Here are some of the things I like (to do):

write (poetry) (especially at ridiculous hours like 3am)
play euphonium (it’s like a mini tuba)
singing streetlight manifesto in the shower
minimalistic playing cards
fuzzy socks
abelian groups
take pretty pictures!*

*I’m just starting to get into photography and I bought my first DSLR over the summer, so you are now at the mercy of my amateur photography muahahahah
My weakness is that I become interested in a new thing every other week and proceed to spend an arguably detrimental proportion of my time on said thing. I think my blogs will follow this same trend, for better or for worse.
I love to write and I love sharing things with others. I hope you’ll find some happiness or usefulness in the twisty, windy journey through MIT that I will share with you. :)