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Aug 11 2014

Blogging My Way to a Passionate Life

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I’m writing this post after recently finishing a year-long stint at CityLabThe Atlantic magazine’s website on the urbanized world. Amid covering everything from Kanye’s visit to Harvard’s design school and a birth on a D.C. metro platform to wild architectural proposals and all the maps the Internet could ever want, my first year of post-MIT life flew by just like that.

This past year was full of big changes—new city, new friends, new line of work. In the first few months of adjusting to fast-paced Internet #Journalism…between trying to pitch and write articles as quickly as I could and observing web traffic data as soon as my articles are published, I noticed that I’ve quickly ditched all the ways I’d been distilling my thoughts over the last 4-5 years. That is, in addition to no longer blogging on MIT Admissions about what I’m thinking/going through, I’ve also stopped updating the Tumblr I’d kept since my senior year of high school (the one I included in my MIT blogger... read the post »


Jul 7 2013

Unpacking Surprises

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Architecture seniors at graduation and awesome USB wristbands from the department 

It’s been exactly one month since commencement, and I don’t think “being an alum” will hit me until it’s the first week of September and I’m not at MIT registering for classes and trying to squeeze in some fun before chaos resumes again. In case you missed it, thousands of us managed to receive our diplomas after 3.5 straight hours of pouring rain. 

Can you imagine? This Vine from my fellow archi grad Justin proves how excited we were to graduate despite the rain (admittedly, this was within our first 15 minutes of being outside; it got old fast).

Anyways, I love to tell the story of how I never imagined coming to MIT, because even today I still can’t believe it. I didn’t really enjoy math and science in K-12, but for a number of reasons (including the architecture department’s minimalist but colorful website), I decided to apply. And for a number of reasons (including MIT’s amazing... read the post »


Jun 10 2013

How MIT students are trying to change education

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It’s summertime @ MIT! I'm relaxing at home after graduating last week (more on that soon) and am here to spotlight an incredible project a few of my friends are participating in - Spokes: Biking Across America.

Who: 9 students from MIT and UC Berkeley

What: Biking across the country from San Francisco to Washington D.C., stopping at high schools to hold “learning festivals”, teaching students subjects the cyclists are passionate about.

What it might look like:


Fixing bikes when necessary!

Science! (a sample of classes: “The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants” and “Eyewire: A Game to Map the Brain”)

Images from the Spokes blog 


I first found out about Spokes after seeing the tweet below from Turner, a fellow resident of my floor Burton 1, and the one who cooked up the idea for this adventure. 

In the following Q&A conducted over email, Turner indeed describes Spokes in more detail. The conversation has been slightly edited for length. 

How... read the post »


May 8 2013

Night Vision

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This semester I’m taking Intro to Photography. For the first half of the semester, we were thrown into the darkroom. It might as well be a time-machine (film? what’s that?)....and a time-warp. The darkroom is time-consuming. I spent countless hours over the last many weeks pouring, shaking, and sifting, not thinking much at all except keeping track of how long I’ve been doing each aforementioned action. It’s brainpower-consuming -- I can’t actually think about nothing when i’m trying out specific techniques to make what I see in my head manifest on paper. It’s emotions-consuming -- when multiple test strips fail to produce what I want, I cry, if only there was a preview button.

For all the inconveniences of the analog process, practicing making non-digital prints has actually done something extraordinary for my digital photography life. (Photography people, try not to shake your head too hard.) For the past two years that I’ve owned a DSLR, I’ve never used it on manual. But... read the post »


Mar 6 2013

We Eat At Food Trucks

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Last Thursday, I went to “Food Truck 101: The Conference”, a 4-hour event coordinated by Clover Food Lab and MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning. When I RSVP-ed for this event, I totally forgot I was planning to go to the Nate Silver event the same evening -- but that’s okay, because Michael covered it fantastically.

That's the outside of Clover Food Lab.

And this is the inside.

Clover Food Lab, which grew out of a single food truck serving the MIT campus, now represents an entire fast food chain with eleven trucks and two restaurants (with two more opening this spring). Clover food is: local, fresh, and organic whenever possible. To be honest, the food tastes a little too "healthy" for me, but plenty of people rave about exactly that.

Ayr Muir, Clover’s founder/CEO and host at this conference, is actually a graduate of MIT’s material science department! We listened to presentations on "How to Invent Food on a Truck", "How to Build a Food Truck", "Food... read the post »