MIT Admissions

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

FUN Form Due 2/15

The MIT February Updates & Notes Form is due 2/15. All students are required to submit the FUN form, even admitted students! If you don't have any new grades, submit the form now and fax your grades to 617-687-9184 as soon as they're available.

Financial Aid Deadline

Starting in February, you can check MyMIT to track the status of your financial aid application. Applications completed by February 15th will receive their financial aid awards shortly after admission decisions are made in mid-March.

Application Mailing Address

Our admissions process is designed to be completed online. However, if you do need to send additional materials to MIT, please use this address:

MIT Undergraduate Admissions Processing Center
P.O. Box 404
Randolph, MA 02368

Life @ MIT

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