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Kidist A. '22

MIT blogger Kidist A. '22



My name is ቅድስት but most call me Kidist. Others call me Kidi or Kid or some variation of a word that starts with K followed by an amalgamation of random vowels and consonants. I was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and moved to the US when I was thirteen. I spent most of my years here in Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia until I came to MIT.

Frankly, I tried my best to love every other university I was accepted to except MIT. Yet, when I flipped a coin and the result pointed to commit to another school, I felt disappointed. Deep down, I knew my hesitation was rooted in fear of pain, failure, struggles, and essentially everything ugly. But I also knew that if I could get through MIT, I could get through almost anything in life. With that, I decided to put my fears aside and join the ‘tute.

Have I cursed said decision at 3 AM the night before an exam or p-set due date? Yes. Multiple times, in fact. Apparently, growth is a nasty process but results in a beautiful product. Keeping this in mind is easier said than done, which is why I am here to write and blog and share my experiences as I blossom and grow throughout my journey at MIT and beyond.