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MIT student blogger Rachel D. '16

A Written Post by Rachel D. '16

Oh man my handwriting is atrocious



Typed out notes in review:

  • I wrote this two weeks ago
  • I apologize for my handwriting
  • Ceri’s post is here
  • I am also very inspired by Lydia K. ’14’s posts like her Dragons post. I really like her little doodles, and I still get extremely happy whenever I find her little drawings all around Random Hall.
  • SHAKE SHACK! I just had another dream about the portabella mushroom burgers last night.
  • I made a mistake – I said that I am only taking four classes. Cross out the word only a million times, because four classes at MIT is a full and very difficult course load, don’t let anyone tell you anything different!
  • I did not get to draw Beth R.F. ’18 and Crystal W. ’18 properly. Here they are – on graph paper!