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Rachel D. '16

MIT student blogger Rachel D. '16


Hi!!! I'm Rachel, or Array. I love polymers and cats. I get attached to equipment and materials when I work in labs, I wear an overwhelming amount of bracelets on my arms, and I love to go to concerts and listen to music. I am originally from Long Island, New York.

I went to MIT from 2012 to 2016 and participated in all sorts of activities and coursework during my time there, including Medlinks and volunteering as an EMT. My most exciting moments took place at my living group - Tetazoo, which is the third floor of the east side of the East Campus dormitory.

After graduation, I stayed in the Cambridge area and then moved to Berlin, Germany for a little over a year to study polymers and work.

Nowadays, I live in the Greater Chicago Area working as a Materials Scientist and Chemist at a 3D Printing start-up. I am a member of the MIT Club of Chicago and I am an Educational Counselor. I still love polymers and cats.

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