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bored in iap by CJ Q. '23

maybe i should've signed up for something

winter break is nice and all, especially when it runs over into iap and i have nothing much to do. but with nothing to do, i’m getting kinda bored. so i’m writing this blog post. (how does it feel to be the friend that people talk to when they’re bored?)

i’ve always thought there’s a lot of blog posts that describe what iap is like, and while it’s true that lots of people do things during iap (classes! internships! urops! travel!) there are also people who don’t do much during iap, and instead spend that time with their families. or in my case, on campus. what do they do? well, here’s what’s happened in my iap so far:

  • staying inside, because god is it cold outside. my how fast the seasons change
  • groceries, including bringing a cart to hmart and daily table. it takes like two hours-ish to walk from here to central and hit two places and cart things back. not too bad.
green shopping cart with "shaw's" being rolled along the sidewalk

im pretty certain we got some looks from people for bringing a cart around

  • more rice cooker cooking! no pictures because i keep forgetting to take them, but things i’ve done so far include bacon and rice, the ground beef thing i’ve been doing, and also mushrooms. plus carrots and tomatoes that i slice and toss in sometimes. i’ve also started using more kinds of seasoning, which gives nice variation in flavor.
  • making websites, as last discussed. i have enough websites to make as personal projects slash projects for organizations to last a lifetime. but i get bored of making websites, to the point that doing nothing becomes more interesting? oops. despite that, i’ve done a decent amount of website work, which is great.
screenshot of mystery hunt / puzzle club website

mystery hunt… it approaches

  • esp meetings. last week i had a decent number of virtual meetings for esp. as one of the new publicity directors, we have to meet with each one of the new program directors to discuss their program and how we’re going to publicize it. this week we had a hybrid worksession, which was in fact mostly virtual except i was one of the few people who showed up in the office so that was weird.
  • video games. mostly slay the spire. the thing that’s gotten me most into slay the spire again is downfall, a huge expansion mod that adds so much content. it’s great and it makes the game feel fresh! so that’s cool.
slay the spire screenshot, a slime monster attacks a robot

in soviet russia, slime boss attacks YOU

  • meeting up with friends! the other day i had a dinner scheduled with two friends. well, both of them forgot about it so i waited in porter for like twenty minutes. then one of them, sean, walks by with his friend and says hi, what are you doing here? and then i pull up our group chat and point at the message that sean sent saying that we had dinner that night. then sean’s like. what? oh. oh god, i totally forgot. we had dinner anyway.
  • mystery hunt! well, it hasn’t happened yet. but there’s a lot of things that have to be done surrounding it, mostly logistic things.

as you can see it is a whole lot of “nothing really” because that is what i feel like doing right now honestly. so 🤷 ok idk

ok actually i have a personal project i actually feel like working on now (let you know what it’s about later) so i’m gonna cut this post here oops? ok bye