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MIT student blogger Anthony R. '09

Breakfast in Paris, Lunch in Geneva, Dinner in Milan by Anthony R. '09

Hop on the train and check out some sights leaving France, traversing Switzerland, and entering Italy!

I set out from Paris’ Gare de Lyon to continue my journey using France’s famous TGV (train

8 responses to “Breakfast in Paris, Lunch in Geneva, Dinner in Milan”

  1. Milan is incredible.

    I’m excited for your special feature.

    Prosciutto and melon…mmmm…*salivates*

    I hope you spoke Italian. I did. It’s only polite. :p


  2. Stephanie says:

    Hey, wow, amazing pictures. Man, I’d love to go travel around Europe. . .

    by the way, reading your post, I saw the phrase “fetch lunch” and decided that it looks funnny. hmmm.

    anyway, can’t wait to read your next post!


  3. Meder says:

    mountains in switzerland look very much like local ones (in kyrgyzstan), i think i’d love that country

    i guess that all the food is similar everywhere in europe. “Veal milanese with french-fried potatoes” reminded me of germany…

  4. Christina says:

    I, too, spoke Italian.

    Awesome pictures Anthony =D

  5. Laila Shabir says:

    great pics, anthony…. i really wanna see europe too!!!! =)

  6. nehalita says:

    I must say I love that first picture more than anything. I’m not sure what it is about it…the color, the lines everywhere, the calm feeling i get seeing it or maybe the whole motion/stillness contrast. either way, it’s hard to find a picture that i really like, and that is definitely one worthy of pointing out.

    keep it up with the pictures, you’re good at it =)

  7. Hi,
    We’re going to Italy for the 1st time this summer. I loved your pictures, it gives you a feel for what it’s like there.
    I am 57 and I’m going with my 3 daughters who are 17,17 and 20. This is probably our last “family” trip. They’ll soon be out on their own. (My oldest goes to Michigan State University).
    Any advice you could give me about traveling independently in Italy would be really appreciated. Thanx!

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