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MIT student blogger Sam M. '07

Hooked on a Feeling by Sam M. '07

High on believing everyone's in love with me.

DID YOU KNOW? On keyboards in German internet cafes, the y and z keys are switched.

Okay, I just hit 31 minutes on this computer, so I figured I should make good use of the .25 Euro I just spent. So, a blog entry in less than 10 minutes. Kneel before me, Rachael Ray.

Last entry ended with a cliffhanger–Ruth asking about an entry on David Hasselhoff.

Well, I was having a lovely dinner of weinerschnitzel (no, really) this weekend in a charming rooftop cafe overlooking the Mosel River. Anyway, after paying, which actually is way easier in Germany, I went downstairs and noticed a tabloid magazine on the counter which, as far as my limited understanding German could tell, juicy details about David’s private life and exclusive pictures. So, that’s been my first encounter with Hasselhoff here.

On my daily runs along the Rhein, I pass by a sheep farm.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part. Today I was talking to my supervisor, Juergen, about nice places to go in Europe. Juergen said that his absolute favorite is Rome, and that one time he went to Rome and saw the Pope walking by. Now, it took me a minute to understand what he said, because the word in German for “the Pope” is “Papst” and I kept thinking he was talking about Pabst Blue Ribbon beer (you know, being in Germany and all). Anyway, after clearning up that misunderstanding, I figured out that he was talking about the leader of the Catholic religion and not a can of beer. So, anyway, Juergen said that when the Pope walked by, it was amazing, because everybody was snapping pictures of him, just like it was Robin Williams walking by.

Imagine a culture where David Hasselhoff is a tabloid celebrity and Robin Williams is about as famous as the Pope. Although you probably took the new SAT if you’re reading the MIT admissions blogs, hopefully you can still appreciate this:

David Hasselhoff : Tom Cruise :: Robin Williams : Tom Hanks

Also, Mike, you’re totally right about English here. In my workplace, we’ve agreed to imporve each other’s second languages by conducting work equally in both languages. So, now I can say high-pressure liquid chromatography in German.

Real entry, with enchanting pictures of my thrilling life, soon. Until then, the moral of the story is, I actually do respond to comments sometimes.

4 responses to “Hooked on a Feeling”

  1. Sanja says:

    Y and Z are always switched on German keyboards, not only in internet cafes smile

  2. Ruth says:

    Yay for near-instant gratification.

    Now – go to a bar during the World Cup. Sing with some Irishmen!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sanja, he probably was implying that you won’t be going inside too many German’s homes if you visit the country.

  4. Retschel says:

    Leverkusen is not too far outside of KИПln, no? I’m in the last few weeks of exchange in Germany, and my host family lives about 1 1/2 hours north of KИПln with the Bahn. Beautiful city. NRW is a great place with lots to do and places to see. If you like football (ie soccer) and are watching the WM, you MUST go to Dortmund. That is the ultimate football city, it’s crazy there.

    Viel SpaИь noch in Deutschland!