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MIT student blogger Keri G. '10

In which I show no restraint whatsoever by Keri G. '10

But don't worry, you'll all probably benefit from it (unless, you know, you don't).

On Sunday, I moved out of Senior Haus for the first time in two years, as I’m working at CTD again this year as an RTA for Neuroscience and living at Northwestern for the summer makes it difficult to also live at MIT. My summer job doesn’t start until June 23rd, though, so I’ve been at home ever since. I’ve been in my house for what I think is going on the fifth day (fifth? What day is it?? Is it really Thursday???) in a row and everything is really getting to me, so when I was taking a break from playing yet another game of phone Tetris by looking at stuff on the Internet while on the toilet – man, I love wireless internet – I did something I swore up and down I wouldn’t do this year:

I joined the MIT Class of 2013 facebook group.

Sophomores and juniors can attest to the fact that I spent ample amounts of time last summer and the summer before answering questions and debunking myths. But I’m a senior this year, and after three years of this stuff, I should be entitled to a month or two of just not caring whether or not you decide to do Terrascope or a freshman seminar. (Holy crap, I’m a senior. When did that happen?! Wasn’t I posting obnoxious froshy comments on the blogs just two seconds ago?)

I have absolutely nothing better to do, though, so I’ll be posting stuff like the points below:

-A four-inch memory foam mattress pad, though pretty damn comfortable, is really not necessary for your bed. In fact, I fear that it may swallow you in the middle of the night in January. You can’t really trust anything that retains an imprint of your hand for that long, regardless of what those Tempur-Pedic informercials say.

-Where you are temped for REX is not that important. I ranked Baker first in my housing lottery three years ago (SERIOUSLY THIS CAN’T BE RIGHT I’M NOT OLD ENOUGH FOR THIS), got temped in New House, and after REX I moved to Senior Haus, which I love so much that I’ve been masochistic enough to run Steer Roast and be Haus president for a year. If you don’t like where you’re temped, you can move. Unless it’s McCormick. Or Spanish House. Or Chocolate City. Or – no, that’s it.

-It doesn’t matter too much when you take 7.012/3/4/5(?) or which incarnation of the class you decide to take, so long as you pass it and graduate. This does not apply if your major requires it for a ton of classes or if you are really bad at bio, in which case you should take it as soon as possible, as Pass/No Record is kind of your BFF. No, I cannot tell you when I decided to take it, as I got a 5 on the AP Bio exam and got credit for the class. The class of 2010 was the last class for which this was allowed, so I like to rub it in a little bit every now and then.

I wrote a post on freshman scheduling two years ago (OH GOD I HAVE BEEN HERE TOO LONG ALREADY), which has a basic outline that doesn’t need to be followed, as you can see in the comments at the end of the post.

-You do not need to bring your own fire extinguisher. Don’t laugh. Someone asked this once.

-Yes, I’m this awesome all the time. Thank you. My hair just dries like this.

-That’s actually a lie. I’m not very awesome at all. And my hair’s a disaster when it dries.

Anyway, I suppose I’ll be another one of the eleventy million current students answering questions and countering each other’s advice in the Facebook group.

Moving on to more important information: a Japanese manufacturer recently unveiled its latest invention: a robot that cooks you pancakes for breakfast.

This would be the highlight of my life thus far, were it not for the fact that – good news, everyone! – Futurama just got uncanceled!

Better than pancakes: Y/N? Y. Definitely a Y.

25 responses to “In which I show no restraint whatsoever”

  1. Anonymous says:


    Sad about Futurama as well!
    Congrats on obtaining your seniorhood!

  2. Anonymous says:

    okay those are japanese “pancakes” called okonomiyaki…they’re filled with veggies and seafood and stuff. like fatter versions of scallion pancakes.

  3. Snively says:

    That would be uncanceled. As in, it’s coming back.

    Now if only they’d bring back Hey Arnold or Double Dare.

  4. Justin E '13 says:

    that looks like a whole bunch of machinery just to make some pancakes. I’m happy with my little waffle maker (minimal human interaction involved)

  5. Keri says:

    “I’ve taught the toaster to feel love!”

  6. Harish says:

    Those pancakes look WAY too chunky.

  7. Vinay says:

    I live right near the Chicago-land area, so Northwestern is not very far at all!

  8. NathanArce says:

    Pancakes are pretty close >.Pancakes are pretty close >.< Depending on what kind, of course.

    Stil, omgyayepicness FUTURAMA!

    Though I did hear that ComedyCentral was going to do this around March of last year…. It’s great to know that it actually happened.

  9. Did Keri do the “Y/N thing” because I just did it on livejournal like two seconds ago, Y/N?

    jk, keri, i know i was the one who stole it from you. (slash your BC homies, but who’s keeping track, really?) also, OH GOLLY OH BOY SHE’S ON THE MIT 2013 GROUP !!1!one!!

  10. GreenOrange says:

    (sorry i’m just hyper right now)

    just wanted to say… i don’t like robots. SO SHINY? why? what’s wrong with shiny? shiny means luster, luster means wealth. robots are expensive because they are shiny. for math ppl, observe (w=wealth, s=shiny, r=robot, x=lame things)
    basicly, robots, when you take away their wealth (ie cost/price, etc) become just lame other stuff. like noted currency, and i dont like that.

    im sorry… im just a wierd person… i hope ill get to join MIT… so awesome, must be so many nice people there… 100 people in the whole world… hmm… i just might make it!

    im one of those ppl who hasnt decided what their personality is, and doesnt want to in the near future, so that they can communicate with others more effectively. i do have like an underlying personality, and that is INTP. am i good enough for MIT? grades r out the question, get too many of those. do both british and american systems i do, get good in both. is that a good thing? im very multilingual, i know 5 laqnguages. i never like to constrict my hobbies/pastimes(if ur british)/things i do in my spare time to one area, i like computers (programming>security>games>graphics>pretty much everything, i hate how ppl look at me like some sort of technician, thats what happens when you reach the pinnacle of a skill which everybody does, only you do it with a passion which no1 else sees… eg, coal miners)
    i like sports (i play ALMOST every single sport, lots of extra curricular things (american speak), like table tennis (FAVOURITE, got gold medal n stuff), football (love free style), basketball, and tennis (somewhat). did i say i play almost every single one? well, yes, i can. but it doesnt mean i enjoy them =P
    i have a passion to be a part of the global community and make a positive impact on the world, not a small one, a really huge one… i like learning about different people’s opinions, cultures, religions, and about sociality in general, things like personality type, NLP, etc etc.
    i like art, in general, but its not something i would want to be famous for, n i wouldnt want to explain why :( but i do LOVE photography occasionally… imprinting that picture into 1s and 0s… so awesome… trying to catch the essence of FIRE and wide, open sea… etc… etc..
    ok ok, i should stop now. i guess i just explained my intellectual side thing, i just showed you how i really am, no im not a uhh poor guy dude, i think. IM GONNA GO TO MIT BECAUSE I WANT TO. because the people there must be really nice people. hmm… whatever. i dont even think this post will be published… if MIT has a moderating system. hmm… whatever. do you think i might be able to join MIT when im older (im 15 right now :D i bet you thought i was about… 17-18…)???

    im so sorry for ruining the topic Keri (which was pancakes and futurama and your seniority and how it is to get older bodily…), but sometimes i just feel the urge to let out my innermost feelings to people who i dont even know.

    ill try checking back here once in a while, or anyone who wants to say something they would like me to reply to could send it to my public address (yeah i dont care if you send spam, hotmail has the awesomest spam filters (sarcasm))
    address is:

  11. Cam says:

    I did not think you were 17-18.

  12. Piper '12 says:

    If I hadn’t taken time off, I’d be a junior – halfway through O.o

  13. Chris says:

    I LOVE futurama.

  14. Jess says:

    Wrong. Get a mattress pad that leaves a full-body imprint. Doooo itt. TOTALLY NECESSARY.

    Also infinite love for the 30 Rock reference.

  15. blaalb says:

    x=w-r… not r-w

  16. Anonymous says:

    I thought you were like 12.

  17. GreenOrange says:

    wow, i didnt think anyone would get that :D
    looks like there really are other people in the world… hmm…

  18. GreenOrange says:

    x=w-r because everything related to robots other than cash is lame

    hows that for symbolism??

  19. Chris B. '12 says:

    Keri, I kinda love you for this post. And when I say kinda i mean totally, even though part of it is on my FB wall. Also, futurama uncanceled? WIN!!!!!

  20. Keri says:

    I’ve been 12 for the last ten years, mmmk?

  21. Karen says:

    I have a fire extinguisher in my room for some reason. It has Clayton’s name on it.

  22. milena '11 says:

    Don’t get a mattress pad thingie. I love my hard-as-hell mattress that I get with my bed.

    I also avoided going here (or anywhere near the frosh, as I am old now), but Spirit is the worst airline in the universe and damn my mother for not flying me JetBlue, and so now I have to wait until they decide to take off.

    I am never flying cheap-ass Spirit again.

  23. Christina says:


  24. Keri says:


    All I’m saying is that 4 inches of memory foam is overkill!

    (Full disclosure: I have a memory foam mattress pad myself.)

    Also, no showing off that you get four whole hours of sleep each night, Christina. Hate @ you.