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MIT staff blogger Latasha B.

QuestBridge 2014 FAQ by Latasha Boyd

This is a blog entry specifically for finalists in the QuestBridge National College Match. If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry!

If you are a finalist – congratulations! We’re excited to have you applying to MIT through QuestBridge.

Here are some FAQs that QuestBridge applicants often have at this stage:

Q: I am taking my tests in November/December/January. Am I still eligible for the Match?
A: If you have not completed all the testing requirements by the October test dates, you will not qualify for the Match. If you have not completed your testing by October, do not worry; you do not have to remove MIT from your rank list because if you do not match with any school on December 1st, we will simply email you instructions with how to roll over into our Early Action process. We will accept up to November test scores for Early Action, and up to January test scores for Regular Action.

Q: If I will not have a full set of tests by the October testing date, what happens? Should I unrank MIT or withdraw my application?
A: If your application is incomplete, we will not be able to match you. However, we would be able to consider you during Early Action (just a few weeks later) if your application is complete by then and you did not match. We can consider you for Regular Action as well, as long as your application is complete and you did not match to a binding school. If you take MIT off your rank list or withdraw your application, your application cannot be considered for Early Action.

Q: Should I rush report my scores to get them to you in time?
A: If you did not select your scores to be directly sent to MIT, and are worried they will not get here in time, we will accept an unofficial score report faxed or mailed in the meantime. You can mail it to MIT Undergraduate Admissions Processing Center, P.O. Box 404, Randolph, MA 02368. Make sure your full name and date of birth are included, as well as the word "QuestBridge." Faxes can be sent to (617) 687-9184.

Q: Where do I send my high school transcript or updates?
A: You can mail it to MIT Undergraduate Admissions Processing Center, P.O. Box 404, Randolph, MA 02368. Make sure your full name and date of birth are included, as well as the word "QuestBridge."

Q: Can I add MIT supplements (portfolios, recommendations, etc.) to my QuestBridge application?
A: Yes. Follow the MyMIT instructions for the supplement you'd like to add. Note your full name and "QuestBridge" on the cover sheet if you are mailing it in.

Q: Where do I send my financial documents?
A: Fax them to the MIT Financial Aid Office at 617-253-9859, or mail them to: MIT Student Financial Services, Attn: QuestBridge Coordinator, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 11-320, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307. If you have questions about your financial documents, email sfs at mit dot edu.

Q: How do I schedule an interview?
A: You can find your interviewer's information by logging in to your MyMIT account.

If you have not yet contacted your interviewer, do note that the deadline for interviews has passed. However, you may still be able to do an interview. While we cannot guarantee that interviewers will be able to accommodate you, some will accept late interviews on a case-by-case basis. Completing an interview can be helpful for your application, especially if you intend to remain in the Early or Regular Action pool.

Please be patient when trying to get in touch with them, as it may take them several days to respond to your request. If you have problems accessing your interviewer's information, contact [email protected] for assistance.

Q: I've already done an interview, but the interview is not checked off on the MyMIT tracking system. What should I do?
A: Log in to your MyMIT account and click on "Online Application Tracking" in the left sidebar. Scroll down to interview and fill out the "Conducted Interview Form". This form tells us that you have conducted the interview and we know to expect a report from your interviewer.

Q: Why hasn’t my QuestBridge application shown up on my MyMIT tracking page?
A: Colleges only just received your application. It will take approximately one week to process your application; your MyMIT tracking page should be updated by early next week. (You may see your tracking page show Part 1 and Part 2 as complete because your QuestBridge application is being used in place of the MIT application).

Q: If I'm not matched, can I still apply to MIT for Early and/or Regular Action?
A: On December 1st, QuestBridge will announce the results of the National College Match. If you are not matched with any school, we will send you an email asking whether you would like to be considered for MIT's Early Action and/or Regular Action processes (or neither). Please look out for this message and respond to it quickly, so we know what to do with your application. See the QuestBridge FAQ for more info.

Q: Should I start filling out the MIT application? I've started the MIT application, should I finish it?
A: No. Finalists do not fill out the MIT app.

Any questions not answered above? Ask below!