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Latasha Boyd

  • Admissions Counselor
  • latasha [at] mit [dot] edu
MIT staff blogger Latasha B.


Hi! I'm from a small town of about 2,000 people in Central NJ. I was a high achieving but low income high school student, and I thought Ivy League schools were snobby and only for rich people. MIT wasn't even on my radar. My guidance counselor encouraged me to apply to an Ivy League school that would be a good fit for me and to my joy, I was accepted and experienced 4 wonderful years at my second home in the NH woods.

I've now lived in the Boston/Cambridge area for almost a decade and discovered MIT as my nerd home shortly before I started working here. As an English lit-geared person, I was amazed that MIT was just as committed to the humanities as they are to their science core. I studied for my Master's in the Student Center, saw the first run of the Tetris hack live, hung out at Random House watching life-size Settlers of Catan, been astounded by the Toy Design final projects, attended a lecture on predictive criminal algorithms, tasted my first Anna's quesadilla and first liquid nitrogen ice cream. One of these days, I will make it to a Lit department tea.

Now I have the exciting opportunity to share with you glimpses of MIT that cause me to geek out or show you that MIT may not be too far from home after all. When I'm not greeting prospective students with tap dances at CPW, I am life blogging, reading, playing Settlers, or watching Kdramas.