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MIT student blogger Sam M. '07

Spreading Santorum around MIT by Sam M. '07

Or rather, just spreading awareness of Santorum.

I don’t want to make this blog too political–I will not use Turkey vs. Spam as a stepping stone to the presidency. Still, I must say, I’m not too fond of my US senator, Rick Santorum. I won’t go into any specifics, but suffice to say that my dissatisfaction with him has grown so strong that I felt the need to express it in an avant-garde photomosaic on my door.


I saved this magazine cover since June, because it really is a lovely picture, and I’ve been trying to find an appropriate photograph to paste a cutout of good old Rick’s head onto. I’ve decided not to dissect the cover after all… I think he’d be incensed enough to find himself supporting LGBT@MIT and admired by an androgynous David Bowie.

5 responses to “Spreading Santorum around MIT”

  1. You ROCK!

    P.S. Make sure you don’t put a thumbtack through his head, or a certain group might come calling….

  2. Mike says:

    You come from the AWESOME state of PA too? Kickin!

  3. Santorium is a brilliant and dedicated leader, and whatever problems he is facing is due to his inability to get his bills through the Democrats in the PA senate.

  4. Dan says:

    Pretty freakin’ sweet. We all know that Santorum’s rhetoric won’t fly anymore. He’s getting ready for the fight of his political life in 2006 and the outcome isn’t looking too good in his favor. Rock on.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sam, you’ve sparked my interest in Rick Santorum. I’m going to google “Santorum” to learn more.

    And to the reader who commented that “[Santorum] is a brilliant and dedicated leader,” you should stop smoking crack or whichever drug you’re using–Senator Santorum would not be pleased. Had you not been high or stoned while composing that comment, perhaps you would have spelled the Senator’s name correctly, and would have recalled that Senator Santorum is a US senator, not a state senator, and thus is not impeded by Democrats in the PA state senate, but by the lack of support in the US Senate for his rather right (politically, not logically) views.