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Jul 20 2016

Growing Up

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Hey you!

Yeah, you -- you're Chris, right? And you just wrote this blog, right?

Okay. Now we've got that out of the way, allow me to introduce myself. 

I'm you from July 20, 2016 - yeah, about 9 years, or 3000-some days into the future.

Pretty cool, huh? Well -- I guess you know one thing now, you will be alive in 2016 -- breathing that sigh of relief, I see ;)

You see, I wanted to drop in and, you know, tell you a few things about the future that you might want to know, now that the excitement of getting into MIT hasn't totally worn off yet.

What's that? You want to go play Pokemon? What version are you on? Ah, Diamond and Pearl, I see. Psh, stop wasting your time on that stupid game. Let me tell you that in the world that I come from -- and you'll get to experience in the future -- you'd be catching Pokemons in real life. Yup, in real life!! No -- stop, this doesn't mean you get to quit school since you're going to become a Pokemon trainer -- you'll be catching them on... read the post »


Aug 8 2014


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"Don't give other people essays that you won't be willing to write yourself." -A wise person


"When you are not actually applying to college, you can write whatever the heck you want." -The same wise person


Q1. Describe the world you come from; for example, your family, clubs, school, community, city, or town. How has that world shaped your dreams and aspirations?

Hi! My name is Chris - I graduated MIT in 2011, and now I'm a 4th year (!) med student at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. Boy, that's a lot of capitalized words. During the four years I spent at MIT, I directed the MIT ESP SAT Program (and co-founded MIT ATI) and volunteered at a bunch of Asian community health clinics. Now, I write MCAT questions for Khan Academy and do Hepatitis B epidemiology research in Manhattan Chinatown. Things haven't changed that much, right? :) I actually just took The Biggest Exam of My Life Part 2 of 4 (9... read the post »


Jan 22 2014


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お楽しみ ください! o(^∇^)oワーイ♪


Jan 20 2014


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想起曾在麻省理工的我,當時對未來並沒有特別大的夢想 -- 把書讀好,把實驗做好,把報告交進去,申請醫學院,選一間去讀。當時申請時有一段時間因為哈佛醫學選我去面試而讓我興奮了很久。終究當然沒有被錄取,可是現在往回想也不禁覺得其實也是一種隱藏的福氣。我對學術醫學並不是那麼有興趣,並且留在波士頓讀醫學院就代表我無法體驗一個全新不同的城市。哈佛可有可無,所以申請最後我很理所當然地選紐約市的西奈山醫學院就讀。

很多人不知道西奈山醫院是什麼 -- 美國的醫學院有一些是醫院創立的,而沒有和大學聯合 --... read the post »


Oct 2 2013

Notes on the Interview (the EC edition!)

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Maybe I need to get over myself - it's been six years since I was in my friend's room at Random Hall reading that fateful email from Ben Jones informing me that I was selected to be a blogger...BUT every once in awhile I do get that itch to come back and write something. And thus I've been satisfying that urge by writing a couple of marginally helpful posts about MIT now and then :P

So, I'm sitting in NYU's Bobst Library (there's nothing on my beloved Hayden, but I must say that a library in front of Washington Sq Park and an entire street of yummy treats (aka. St Marks) nearby is really not bad at all), just over a quarter done with my third year of med school, and starting to agonize over which one of these to become --

from scutmonkeycomics, thanks Dr. Au! she has a great book too that you'll love if you like reading about the craziness of medicine


OKAY, so there IS a point to this entry! Here it is --

Almost six years ago, I wrote this entry - Notes on the Interview, which, based on the stat counters at the bottom, has probably been of help to a few people (1804 emailed? really? :D). 

Now,... read the post »