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Nov 25 2009

Vote for Ksplice!

Posted in: MIT Facts

(One sentence executive summary: If you're willing to support an amazing example of what MIT alumni can do after MIT, please click here to cast your vote for Ksplice in the Forbes "Boost Your Business" Competition!)

One of the aspects of MIT culture I most enjoy is the Institute's culture of entrepreneurship. MIT students (and professors!) don't just want to learn about science and technology -- we want to apply our knowledge to make the world a better place.

Another cornerstone of MIT culture is that we're highly collaborative. Instead of competing with one another, we work together and rely on each other to pull through.

So, in the spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration, I'm doing something I don't normally do on my blog. I'd like to ask you all to do me a big favor and consider voting for Ksplice, an MIT-founded tech startup, in Forbes "Boost Your Business" Competition. Their concept is actually a beautiful example of tackling hard problems on a foundational level. Ksplice... read the post »

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Oct 28 2009

Pick My Halloween Costume!

Posted in: Life & Culture

I feel like dressing up for Halloween this year, but I don't really feel like finding a new costume.

Fortunately, I already have a bunch of things on my closet that I could use as costumes (blame the Assassins' Guild).

Unfortunately, I'm hosed and indecisive.

Conveniently, I have a blog (and a penchant for adverbs).

This calls for crowdsourcing!

Prospective MIT students and blog readers of the world, your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to pick my Halloween costume. Voting will last until Saturday, October 31, at noon. I will actually wear whatever costume you pick, so choose wisely. :)

Your options are...

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Aug 25 2009

What Am I Forgetting?

Posted in: Miscellaneous

I'm leaving for Boston tomorrow this morning. As most of my friends and family could tell you, I'm just a little bit frazzled when packing to go to or from I would, almost inevitably, forget one vital thing (usually my cellphone charger). However, earlier this summer, my friend Waseem '07 introduced me to this little site he made, which has cured all my packing woes:

Short, sweet, and simple. Now if only it could help me wake up in time for my flight....

(Also, hi! Yes, I'm alive - Sorry for my absence. Summer stories - and blog entries - to come, eventually.)

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May 20 2009

Athena, Deliver Us From Finals

Posted in: Life & Culture

Late on Sunday evening, just before the first day of MIT's finals, hackers erected a giant statue of Athena, the patron goddess of wisdom, in the middle of Killian Court. Alerted to the hack by email and word of mouth, students from all corners of campus set aside their ponderous tomes of higher learning and crawled out of their rooms to stand in awe of the hack's serene majesty.

Naturally, I was no exception. In spite of my camera having trouble focusing (not to mention coming close to running out of battery!), I prevailed against all odds and secured a photo of myself at the foot of my goddess.

Athena is also the name of MIT's distributed computing environment, and her likeness has been featured on a number of Brass Rats - including my own.

Besides her sheer size, one of the most impressive aspects of the statue was the beautifully-crafted shield she bore, emblazoned with MIT's official seal. The motto, Mens et Manus, means "Mind and Hand" - representing MIT's dedication to... read the post »

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Apr 23 2009

Got Questions?

Posted in: Miscellaneous

Hey guys - sorry for not blogging in so long! I've been up to all sorts of things in the past month that have distracted me from blogging. Specifically:

  • finding a UROP for the summer (I'll be working in the Lang Lab!)
  • checking out the Boston Marathon
  • hanging out with prefrosh at my fraternity during CPW
  • writing a live-action roleplaying game for the Assassins' Guild
  • attending Burchard Scholars dinners
  • editing the upcoming issue of the MIT Undergraduate Research Journal
  • preparing for MIT's upcoming Spring Weekend Concert (I'm working security :D)
  • playing with robots in 6.01 and writing about riboswitches in 20.111

...and probably a few other things I'm forgetting right now. Although my classes are heating up as we race towards finals, I'll do my best to blog about all these things over the coming weeks!

While I'm busy with things here at MIT, I know that many of you are currently in the midst of choosing where to spend the next four years of your life. It's a huge decision, and I... read the post »

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