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Jan 13 2017

a few things from civic media

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in case you didn't know, it's currently independent activities period (IAP) at MIT -- between the fall and spring semesters, students get a little one-month term to do pretty much whatever they feel like. lots of people take "externships" (short one-month internships) in industry or research. still others take the opportunity to travel through MIT MISTI. some people stay on campus and take classes or work on UROPs. some people just take the month to catch up on sleep, work on personal projects (or bad ideas), and hang out with friends. 

so there's a lot going on, but campus still feels a lot more relaxed than it does during the school year. most of the dining halls are closed because so many people are away from MIT. and maybe people are staying indoors more because it's january and it finally started snowing.

* * *

i'm excited to report that two things i've been helping with through my UROP at the center for civic media recently got published online. the first is this... read the post »


Dec 29 2016

semester wrap-up

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one year ago i was living in an apartment in seattle while on leave from mit. the apartment looked like this:


this past semester i was an mit student again. i took four and a half classes and worked a lot. i helped design an airplane in 16.82, one of the capstone options for the aero/astro degree. here is a part of that airplane (i worked on the software/communications/avionics subteam):


i learned a little about digital electronics:


i helped present some research i contributed to in my urop at the center for civic media:


i did some things away from mit too. that's important--getting away from mit. even when you're not on leave.

i went to a documentary play about race in education and the school-to-prison pipeline, called notes from the field. it was at the american repertory theater in harvard square.


i volunteered in a door-to-door get-out-the-vote campaign in newport news, virginia, the weekend before election day. i knocked on doors... read the post »


Dec 11 2016

to boldly go…

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our showerhead broke



happy last week of classes


Nov 19 2016

making dumplings

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  • clean your counter and wash your dishes
  • wash your hands too
  • pour a few cups of flour into big bowl
  • add one cup hot water
  • knead
  • add another cup of hot water 
  • knead some more
  • keep kneading
  • (more fun with music and friends)
  • keeping adding water and kneading until all the flour is incorporated and the dough is smooth and elastic
  • make the dough into a few big lumps. put the lumps in a bowl
  • cover with a wet towel and let sit for a few hours


  • obtain mushrooms of various types. shiitake is pretty good.
  • obtain scallions
  • obtain some kind of asian vegetable - bok choy or napa cabbage. wash it.
  • obtain some firm tofu
  • obtain some carrots
  • ginger too. ginger is important.
  • garlic can also be nice
  • chop everything up into fine pieces
  • mix it in a big pot
  • beat two or three eggs and add that too
  • add soy sauce and sesame oil to taste (optional)



Oct 13 2016

my day in pictures

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9:41 am: in lab


5:51 pm: in lab again...


7:44 pm: ...still in lab




it's been one of those days. we have a lab assignment due tomorrow.



6.111 aka "introductory digital systems laboratory" aka "digital death" is super cool! we started off the semester with basic stuff, like incrementing a number when you push a button:

and now we're making a car alarm system that ticks some timers and sounds some sirens if you leave the "doors" of the "car" open too long (where the doors are just buttons and switches on this circuit board):


this class is eating my life. i hate it. i love it. it sucks. it's freaking cool. ihtfp.