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May 1 2017

why mit

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i posted the following message in the MIT class of 2021 admits facebook group last night, and wanted to copy it here in case anyone out there is still deciding where to go for college. happy decision day!

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hey everyone! just wanted to pop in and say hi as decision day approaches. for those of you who've already decided to come to MIT, yay! welcome! for those of you who are still on the fence, i thought i might share a few thoughts. of course, i won't pretend that my experience represents everyone at MIT. but maybe one more perspective can help you make a hard decision.

1 -
none of the reasons i love MIT now are the same as the reasons i originally chose to come to MIT. MIT has changed me so much as a person that it kind of shocks me to look back at how different i was as a freshman. a lot of the things that i thought were really important about college (technical rigor, reputation, weather) turned out not to matter as much as the things i didn't... read the post »


Apr 30 2017

pictures of home

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a concert / jazz and reggae / late night conversations / pizza / checking checklists / days so warm and restless and impatient / writing and finding poetry


Apr 14 2017

morning room sounds

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an uninterrupted 20 minutes, approx. 9 am, my room on the fifth floor of east campus: outside sounds, sink sounds, door sounds, my sounds

use headphones for maximum sense of transported-ness


The ear favors no particular "point of view." We are enveloped by sound. It forms a seamless web around us. We say, "Music shall fill the air." We never say, "Music shall fill a particular segment of the air." We hear sounds from everywhere, without ever having to focus.

Marshall McLuhan

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for more mit dorm rooms - check out these blog posts (123) and the 2015 Boston Dorm Room contest winner!

and hey, while you have your headphones on:

something nice: nakamarra - by hiatus kaiyote

something long: matty healy interview by bob boilen - on all songs considered

something intriguing: data sonification of wikipedia edits - by the world according to sound


Mar 23 2017

at/around mit

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i've been spending a lot of time away from mit. i've been going to lincoln laboratory in lexington once or twice a week (running experiments for my aeroastro capstone). i've been going to wellesley a lot (for toons rehearsals and for the open fields and for the quietness of not-city sounds).

i've been spending a lot of time on buses.

i've been sick. i've been drinking a lot more tea: jasmine green if the sun is up, ginger turmeric if not. 

i've been reading and writing a lot: about current debates in media, about wireless mesh networks. i've been reading the handmaid's tale to go with the tea. i've been trying to stay caught up: bad news (congress voted to kill a bunch of internet privacy protections) and good (indian women engineers sent a rocket to mars). i've been feeling like it's harder than it used to be.

i've been trying to take more pictures.


Mar 5 2017

interview: joy buolamwini

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i mentioned joy in a blog post a few weeks ago, when she won the $50000 grand prize in the search for hidden figures contest. i've been a huge fan of joy's work ever since i read her blog post on inclusive coding, or "incoding". she's a fulbright fellow and a rhodes scholar, and now she's at the center for civic media, working on projects that empower communities via tech education and highlight bias in algorithms

i had the distinct privilege of chatting with her last week and we had a fun conversation about algorithmic bias, surveillance, and her work at the media lab. check it out:

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learn more about:




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some snippets:

(on algorithmic bias)
(and how facial recognition software won't detect her face unless she's wearing a white mask):

"...This was an issue I'd run into when I was an undergraduate. I went to Georgia Tech and did my bachelor's in computer science, and I... read the post »