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Oct 11 2017

what a sunrise sounds like

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sunday morning, before it rained, just before sunrise as the full moon was setting over walker memorial, that brisk boston breeze and the runners along the esplanade (there are always runners along the esplanade)

out by the sailing pavilion, there are some benches where you can sit with the road behind you and the river path in front, and watch the clouds racing east over boston, while the wind whips and whistles through the rigging


Sep 22 2017

boston at night

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bike ride down the esplanade, bridges, night fog, ducks on the river, street music, city magic


Sep 10 2017

back 2 school

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mit is sunny and then rainy and then sunny again -


two weeks ago i was leaving seattle, thinking about summertime and trying not to be anxious about returning to school for my last semester. there was a big window in our house and i sat on the couch in front of it and watched the colors in the sky changing.


soon after that i was in an airport and i was in the second-to-last row window seat on a redeye flight, drifting in and out of sleep --


and then i was back and i met a lot of new people, including our amazing new bloggers, and i carried all the boxes i'd packed into storage up five flights of stairs, and soon my room was home again.

and it's quiet, classes starting up and catching up with old friends and easing back into the rhythms of mit. i dragged two friends to a book talk at the harvard coop, where we learned that the largest community-operated cell phone network in the world is in oaxaca, mexico. i scheduled meetings. i registered for classes... read the post »


Aug 30 2017

actual conversations i have definitely had with freshmen during orientation

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FROSH: where do you live?

ME: east campus! i love it a lot, actually, there's so many cool --

FROSH: isn't that the know ... clothing optional ... dorm?

ME: ...

FROSH: seems kinda dirty too

ME: ...

FROSH: i mean the roller coaster's pretty cool

FROSH: but i would never live there

FROSH: because 

FROSH: you know

ME: yes

ME: we are always naked and none of us shower ever

ME: beware

ME: resistance is futile

* * *

ME: hi i'm allan

ME: how's it going

FROSH: cool

ME: cool

ME: have i told you about my a cappella group yet

* * *

FROSH: is this east campus

ME: no it's fred

FROSH: but

ME: fred

* * *

FROSH: so where do you live?

ME: east campus

FROSH: oh cool!!!!! wow east campus is so cool and i can't believe this roller coaster and wow 

ME: omg yeah i know right??

FROSH: what hall do you live on? 

ME: 5th west

FROSH: oh i don't know anything about 5w

ME: we have a lot of cats

* * *

ME: hey do you like singing

... read the post »


Aug 15 2017

seattle (again)

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time for a summer update. i'm in seattle! again!

this time i'm sharing a place with three other interns, two of them also from MIT. so it's a time for new friends and new experiences and new places. at the same time, seattle feels like home by now -- i know the way to the churches i go to, and where the bus stops are, and there are a couple neighborhoods i know well enough that i can find my way home without google maps. i have a favorite pho restaurant (denny triangle) and a second favorite pho restaurant (15th avenue). i'm writing now from my new favorite workspace, cafe solstice.

a few weeks ago my roommates and i had a late-night craving and wandered to safeway for ice cream, where we discovered that there was a four-quarts-for-$3-each sale on tillamook ice cream, and we bought vanilla and strawberry lemon and mint chocolate chip and marionberry pie.

a few weeks ago we went to see a musical at the paramount, downtown.

a few weeks ago we went and saw a kendrick lamar... read the post »