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Aug 15 2017

seattle (again)

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time for a summer update. i'm in seattle! again!

this time i'm sharing a place with three other interns, two of them also from MIT. so it's a time for new friends and new experiences and new places. at the same time, seattle feels like home by now -- i know the way to the churches i go to, and where the bus stops are, and there are a couple neighborhoods i know well enough that i can find my way home without google maps. i have a favorite pho restaurant (denny triangle) and a second favorite pho restaurant (15th avenue). i'm writing now from my new favorite workspace, cafe solstice.

a few weeks ago my roommates and i had a late-night craving and wandered to safeway for ice cream, where we discovered that there was a four-quarts-for-$3-each sale on tillamook ice cream, and we bought vanilla and strawberry lemon and mint chocolate chip and marionberry pie.

a few weeks ago we went to see a musical at the paramount, downtown.

a few weeks ago we went and saw a kendrick lamar... read the post »


Jul 17 2017

data justice for senior house

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sabrina, joon, and abby posted recently about the circumstances surrounding the conversion of senior house to graduate housing. joon included full transcripts of emails sent from the chancellor's office to undergraduates, announcing and explaining those decisions. i won't bother resummarizing those. i encourage you to read their posts if you haven't already, because their stories are deeply, heartwrenchingly important. i'm proud that the admissions blogs have always been a platform for students to speak honestly about their experiences with MIT. these stories reflect the blogs at their best.

* * *

a year ago, the chancellor's office released graduation data showing that students who lived at senior house during their first semester at MIT had the lowest graduation rate out of all the other dorms. this data was used to justify two decisions: first, to prohibit new freshmen from living in senior house; and second, to institute a "turnaround team" dedicated to helping senior house... read the post »


Jun 12 2017

c/o 2017

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last friday a lot of my friends walked at commencement after a speech from tim cook and a ceremonial turning-of-rings.

this class especially -- "my" class -- carries a lot of people who taught me how to care, how to think, and how to be a good friend, mostly by being good friends to me. there are people graduating today that i've known since high school. and there are people that i only got to know this year or this semester, because of a class or a party or a conversation or some circumstance or another.

i don't believe that friendships are defined by length-of-knowing. but this class of people is, i suppose, special in that we entered mit at roughly the same time and grew in some sense of togetherness, and maybe i feel like i know this class a little better than the others, so i'll excuse myself for having some extra level of fondness for the 2017s. 

i don't know how to say goodbye to them. finals week came and went with a characteristic rush of moments, everyone finishing... read the post »


May 1 2017

why mit

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i posted the following message in the MIT class of 2021 admits facebook group last night, and wanted to copy it here in case anyone out there is still deciding where to go for college. happy decision day!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

hey everyone! just wanted to pop in and say hi as decision day approaches. for those of you who've already decided to come to MIT, yay! welcome! for those of you who are still on the fence, i thought i might share a few thoughts. of course, i won't pretend that my experience represents everyone at MIT. but maybe one more perspective can help you make a hard decision.

1 -
none of the reasons i love MIT now are the same as the reasons i originally chose to come to MIT. MIT has changed me so much as a person that it kind of shocks me to look back at how different i was as a freshman. a lot of the things that i thought were really important about college (technical rigor, reputation, weather) turned out not to matter as much as the things i didn't... read the post »


Apr 30 2017

pictures of home

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