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Apr 17 2015

Is CPW a lie?

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Campus preview weekend (CPW) at MIT is just what it sounds like—a time for high school seniors to visit campus to see if MIT is really the place they want to spend their college years.

The “weekend” itself starts on a Thursday, already an indication that it wildly exaggerates all that is good about life as a student. For the visiting senior, there is no stress—no exams, no due dates, no daunting expectation of quality work or results. The definition of the MIT experience, however, is not complete without the acknowledgment that it is a place where you will most likely learn your limits, if you haven’t already. Pun not intended, but I'm gonna roll with it. 

Once your “I just got into MIT!” high school senior self arrives to campus, you’re given a booklet with pages and pages of things to do from 8am to 1am, all jam-packed into about seventy-five hours. Nerdy, silly, sporty, food-offering, you name it, that type of activity is probably included.

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Feb 10 2015


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1. When will the snow piles melt? 

Bragging rights to whoever gets this right. Specifically the snow piles in front of 77 Mass Ave.   

Once upon a time a few weeks ago, campus was a tame soon-to-be snowman's nest. 

Killean Court:

Now, I'm stuck in the AXO house in Boston, where I live. A few weeks ago it looked nice...

On Saturday there was significantly more snow...(View of Cambridge side from Boston) 

Alternate question: Where did the river go?

And now, well...I've been in the house for a while. That is the view from my 4th story room. 

Serious question, why is there a golden droplet at the end of the icicle? (Fun fact: Icicles form because sunlight shines on snow, it melts, and drips down, but by the time that happens it's less so in the sun and re-freezes.)

See the building in the picture? Yes. Your eyes do not deceive you. Those are 3-story "icicles" stemming from the gutters. 

My guess is going to be May 1

2. Is that Marco Antonio Solis?

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Nov 12 2014

1 day

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  The unabridged version of a semi-recent, semi-typical, but memorable enough Friday:

                                                                        October 17, 2014

7:30am- Normally I wouldn't get up this early, but today I'm supposed to meet up and get some coffee with my mentee before her first class. I think about what I'm supposed to do today and open up my laptop to check my emails and start rolling out of bed. I hadn't ever had a long conversation with Katie '17, but she is in my sorority as well as a member of LUChA (La Union Chicana por Atzlan). LUChA has a mentoring program where underclassmen are matched up with upperclassmen and you are given $5 to go out and have some coffee and chat about life with them.  :) 

We chose to meet at Flour--they're an amazing sandwich place/cafe on Mass ave. that has tables outside when it's nice out. I admired the food as I waited for Katie to come out with hers.

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Mar 3 2014

Latino Cultural Center

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Hidden from most of the hustle and bustle of classes and rushing to the next thing in life via the infinite corridor is the basement of the student center. This is home to a post office, dry cleaners, the ID card office, and most importantly, the Latino Cultural Center's office and lounge. It may feel somewhat eerie the first time you go down there (maybe it's just a basement thing), but after being officially involved on the LCC board for a semester, it's become that place where I go in between classes to have a cup of coffee, get going on my to do list, take a nap, or just catch up with people. Depending on the late-night energy, sometimes this involves people serenading each other with a mariachi hat and jacket.

 We even decorate it nicely for the holidays, see? 

                                  photo 1010478_10202874552771909_2146577893_n.jpg

In any case, the LCC exists simply to promote and support all of the Latino organizations on campus, which include MAES (focuses on professional development and outreach), LUChA... read the post »


Jun 8 2013

4 Years

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The first time I had a conversation with Archit Bhise I'm pretty sure he asked me one of those deep questions that help gage what kind of a mindset you have. It was something really general, along the lines of "what do you think about x global issue" or "what is your goal here at MIT". I'm about 95% sure that the specific question was about politics and that I mentioned Joe Biden. It was pretty early on during my freshman year in Burton Conner, as I was still settling in and still used to monotonously repeating my name, dorm, potential major, and what state I was from as an introduction.

What I do remember is thinking, "Wow, this conversation is refreshing" because he quickly got to asking bread-and-butter questions, to which it takes longer than 10 seconds to process and formulate any meaningful response. I wish I could blindly skip over the fact that this was just about two years ago, but yeah, apparently I can say that now...

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