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Jun 2 2017

Sophomore Slump

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My second year of college just ended. I’ve been trying to think of a good post to write on the occasion, or some significant reflection on my halfway point at MIT. Usually when I sit down to write a blog post, I like to have things sort of figured out in my mind, so I can say something profound or at least informative on the subject. But the truth is, as a student halfway through college, I still haven’t figured out most things, and in the last few months, I feel like I’ve lost my way more than I’ve found it. So instead I’m going to write about that.

Last semester was pretty tough. I went through a rough breakup. I felt like my circle of friends was shrinking. Even though I was taking 51 units, my semester felt unusually light—probably because the variety in my classes (algorithms, software design, French, and costume design) helped avoid the sensation of burnout. I questioned if I was pushing myself hard enough or if I was doing enough things around campus. But at the same time,... read the post »


Apr 23 2017

Ringing in the second half of MIT

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Last Tuesday was a big day for MIT's class of 2019.

After two years of waiting, we finally got our class rings!


The brass rat isn't just any class token--it's one of the most recognizable rings out there. It's a pop culture icon. It's a beacon of kinship between alumni. It's an enduring symbol of class pride and school spirit. And right now for MIT's sophomores, it's a reminder that we're already halfway through our time here...a realization that is at the same time frightening, humbling, and empowering.

This Tuesday, the Class of 2019 got together to celebrate the time we've spent together so far, and to toast the next two years of our MIT journey.

This year, ring delivery was held at the State Room on the 33rd floor of a Boston skyscraper.


There was food, photo booths, a beautiful view, and, most importantly:


A whole new batch of brass rats!

Each year, the Brass Rat has a slightly different design that reflects some... read the post »


Mar 21 2017

Sewing minus the machine

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I'm taking a somewhat lighter course load this semester. I signed up for the header software design class that assigns 15-hour-per-week psets, so I decided to compensate by only taking two technicals and two HASSes. One of my HASS classes is in French IV, which I was frightened into taking after realizing how bad my French was while studying in Europe this IAP. (My French is still pretty bad, but it's getting better!)

My other class is something not typically associated with MIT--costume design.

Everyone at MIT is required to take one "HASS-A", or "arts" class as part of the humanities requirement. Qualifying subjects range from music to theater to painting to game design--you name it.

I even found a HASS that matches my artistic outlet of choice--sewing!

My now most famous work: the fuzzy turquoise caterpillar.


I've been sewing since the beginning of high school, but I mostly design and sew clothes for myself. If you had asked me at the start of the semester what I... read the post »


Mar 6 2017

Siete Ciudades de España

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This IAP was my first time ever outside of the United States!

El Mirador del Valle--the most beautiful view of Toledo. Photo credit: Rachel Lily Terry, the amazing photographer of our travel group :)

For me, IAP is the best opportunity I have to go abroad. College is one of the most convenient times to travel, but being an MIT student can make it pretty hard to spend time in anther country. It’s difficult to justify spending a semester across an ocean when MIT already offers the best engineering classes in the world. Plus, more and more summers are being reserved for internships.

So starting this year, my plan is to pack my IAPs with as many study abroad opportunities as I can!

The Plaza de España in Sevilla

This year, I ended up applying for the IAP Madrid program offered by the Spanish department. You spend 3-4 weeks taking an MIT Spanish language or culture class, taught by an MIT professor, for MIT credit. Except that instead of taking classes in Building 26... read the post »


Sep 21 2016

A Note of Hope for Freshmen at Career Fair

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MIT’s (in)famous fall career fair is this coming Friday…which means campus is already gearing up for the mad rush for jobs and free goodies. People are lining up in Lobby 10 to collect their booklets and nametags; students are printing leaflets of resumes before the printers get tied up on Thursday evening; and companies are already staking out meeting rooms around campus to dispense food and swag to interested students. We even have a student holiday on Friday so people can focus on finding employment. It’s pretty crazy.

Career fair is so intense, MIT publishes an entire bound magazine listing all the companies that are coming. This is my homework for Friday!


It’s even crazier if you’re a first-semester freshman and you don’t know what business casual means, much less how to find a job. So for most freshmen, career fairs turn into a giant corporate scavenger hunt where you can stock up on assorted knickknacks like water bottles, pens, phone card-holders, and enough... read the post »