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Cristen C. '10

Mar 19 2010

Rejects, I feel your pain!

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Today I got an email from MIT that directed me to a website which linked to the following letter:

Dear Ms. C:

I am truly sorry to inform you that we are not offering you admission to MIT in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning.

The number of applicants for admission to the Graduate School greatly exceeds the number which can be accommodated and it has been necessary to refuse admission to some fine applicants.

We appreciate your interest in MIT and sincerely hope that you may be able to continue with your professional studies elsewhere.


Stuart Schmill
Dean of Admssions

Now is no time to despair!
Lucky for us, we're smart cookies. We applied to more schools than just MIT, thereby opening up more options for us. And since we're such smart cookies, we've probably gotten in to some other schools!

So what'll it be for me next year? University of Pennsylvania or Cornell University? :) If anyone thinks I should choose one place... read the post »

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Feb 1 2010

The Beginning of the End

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Do you know what it's like to only have two classes left to graduate?

There's a feeling that goes something like "ugh, if only I'd taken more classes in previous terms I could have graduated by now!" But I am not dwelling on that. While some of my friends have completed their requirements in three or three-and-a-half years, four years feels just right to me.

Then there's the feeling of relief. Whew - I don't need to cram 6 classes together to finish my degree. In fact I can proceed at a comfortable pace. I can almost take it easy!

But you can't just sit around waiting for June 4th to come. At least, I can't. :D But at least I am done with grad school apps now, and am back from blogging hiatus! I've spent so much time worrying for my future... will I get into a good school? Can I get a job? Can I ensure that I've made the best out of my four years at MIT? Will I end up broke and homeless? :X I feel so out of touch with everyone.... Being a second-semester senior in college sure... read the post »

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Oct 5 2009

Welcome to the Woodshop

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Laura did a pretty great job covering the variety of machine shops around campus in her epic Machine Shops entry. But she missed my place... ;)

Where architecture comes to life with wood and more.

Two afternoons each week, I work as a monitor at the N51 Woodshop. In Building N51, next to the MIT Museum way up on the tippy-top of campus (where top = North), I make sure everyone working in the shop knows what they're doing, uses the tools correctly, and ties up their hair in proper fashion.

We're not against hippies, really.

Every Architecture student at MIT gets introduced to this place at least once. Most other people don't know about this place, because it is specifically targeted at students within the Department of Architecture. It's a standard spacious woodshop with all the usual tools along with a decent supply of various materials (mostly wood, naturally, but also foam and plastics) which we can use for our class projects.

Personal projects are encouraged as well. For... read the post »

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Aug 28 2009

A Characterization

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There've been several times when I felt like I didn't really fit in at MIT.

  • I nearly fell asleep during a Star Wars marathon. It wasn't a result of sleep deprivation. I was bored out of my mind. The same thing will happen with Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, or pretty much any other science fiction or fantasy movie or series of movies. Or books. I remember the night when I was assigned an excerpt from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in my reading textbook in elementary school and being convinced that it was the most boring thing I've ever had to read for school. For some reason, the whole sci-fi/fantasy world has never excited me.
  • I don't like robots. Well, most of them are okay. The ones which for some reason look like people (vain creators perhaps?) creep me the heck out! But I'm sure if anyone is learning a lot from robots, it's my (perhaps 'geekier') peers at MIT....
  • I don't come from an academic family. "80s are good enough," my grandma once said to me in high school.... read the post »

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Jul 31 2009

You should live in EAsT camPUS

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What sets MIT's East Campus apart from other dorms of the college type?

1. You can learn how to cook. What better way to learn how than to live in a place where you can have a big, awesome kitchen with personal cupboards for everyone?

2. Cats are allowed! Yay. Other critters have been known to make a home out of EC as well..

3. Residents live in doubles or singles. Does not count cats. No quads or triples here... unless you really want to. :)

4. We're not afraid to put our engineering skills to the test. With ourselves often playing the test subjects.

5. We don't post everything we do to YouTube. We're kinda too cool for that. But we also have a cute little gallery which you can visit by clicking here.

6. A hall has no kinks or turns. No wavy or winding paths here. Mostly this means you can look down the entire length of your hall and see EVERYTHING..

7. You'll share a bathroom. It's no big deal, they're always well maintained, and you can even knock first if... read the post »

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