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Aug 9 2014

MIT: Round 2

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So I think that the goal was that this post be filled with wisdom and enlightenment from the generations gone by, ready to fill eager young minds with the knowledge that life after MIT is filled with rainbows, unicorns (and maybe some engineering problems).

While I can’t say that I’ve personally seen the unicorns (sly little creatures), the two years since I graduated from MIT have been filled with some great experiences. In the end though, I have found myself, well, back at MIT. Granted, it has kind of been an around the world experience, but in the end, I just couldn’t stay away.

I write to you now from Frankfurt, Germany, with the title of “MIT Grad Student”. I start my second year of a dual degree program in transportation and city planning in a few weeks. I am rushing to finish up my projects here in Germany, before heading off to visit an MIT friend of mine serving in the Peace Corps in Albania (MIT kids do cool things) before heading back to Cambridge for a quick... read the post »


Jun 6 2012

The Remnants of Four Years

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So one of the unfortunate parts of graduating is that you actually have to pack up your life from the past four years.  No more of this, "I'll deal with it later and just throw everything in a box". Graduating means getting serious and deciding what to keep.  It also means unearthing things that you have accumulated over the past four years and may have forgotten about.  Free t-shirts seem to be for everything at MIT; classes, departments, career fairs, sports, living groups and everything in between.  

As a member of the rowing team, I have had the same locker at the Pierce Boathouse for the past four years.  And this means that clothes just piled up.  I tended to wear three different sets of rowing clothes, throw them on a laundry loop and get them back and continue the cycle.  So when I had to finally empty out my locker for the first time in four years, it was like looking back through history, in t-shirts.  I've decided to give a preview of my four years at MIT in the... read the post »


May 4 2012

Bridge Building: In Progress

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In order to graduate from Course 1, you have to take a class called 1.013 (Senior Civil and Environmental Engineering Design, for those not yet versed in MIT speak). There are a LOT of components to this class, but one of the most fun is building, well, a bridge. It is pretty much what it sounds like. We are given a general prompt and sent on our way:

Savannah climates have streams that are dry or have low flow most of the year and can be easily crossed by foot during these periods. However, during the flood stages, such streams represent impassable obstacles. A footbridge that can be quickly assembled from easily available materials will be designed, detailed, fabricated, built and tested by the student teams.

There are a few requirements, such as failure criteria, and that the bridge has to be 10 ft long, with a 2 ft wide deck and 2-3 ft clearance above the water level, but other than that, it is really up to our imaginations (and engineering skills). Oh, and it is supposed to... read the post »


Feb 18 2012

And the End Closes In

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I’m finally in my last semester as an MIT undergraduate, and the majority of my time since classes have started has been spent doing something related to photography. I’ve taken plenty of HASS classes in my day, but this is the first that doesn’t seem like work. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy my other classes (I’ve been known to offer to take on other people’s HASS requirements), but there is just something about taking pictures, editing pictures, looking at pictures, reading about pictures that is just, well, FUN. After spending the semester learning how to use my camera (and learning other things as well, I suppose), it was exciting to sit down and see what ended up documented.


The photography class I am taking is 21W.749, or Documentary Photography and Photo Journalism: Still Images of a World in Motion. Although admittedly it is a writing class (which I would generally avoid with a 10 foot stick), it is more focused on photography and then writing some... read the post »

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Feb 1 2012

MIT Crew Florida Takeover

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So usually in the beginning of January, Boston is under a solid layer of snow and the crew team is stuck inside the boathouse while our beloved river is frozen over. While this year that isn’t exactly the case (global warming must be playing its part), we still trekked down to Florida this year to take advantage of their always warm weather, and most importantly, the chance to play with dolphins.

For me, Florida was a bit of shock, mostly because the past few months have been filled mostly with running and lunges, with the occasional game of Gaelic football or ultimate Frisbee thrown in. But basically, a little different than the two-a-day, six hours of practice with a 5 mile run thrown in, and an hour and a half of video review. But what better way to come back than on beautiful water, with beautiful weather, and my amazing team?

Photo: Colleen Irby

What, you thought rowing involved sitting?  No, no, no.  

Photo: Colleen Irby

Photo: Grace L. '12


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