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Nov 11 2017

Some Saturday Thoughts

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Saturday, November 11th, 2:33PM

I’ve been struggling to blog lately. Not out of writers’ block--I truly always want to write, but mostly because the positive things I want to write seem to take too much effort or energy, and the rest of the things that come easily are mostly Internet Venting, which I often feel like is a) a little depressing, and also b) not very interesting to read. So today, I thought I’d try my best to just tell you, honestly, how I feel. I stopped fighting my own mood to try and write a peppy post about personalities (which is still on the way for a better day, because it’s still a good idea lol) but maintain the self-control to only let the emotional floodgates open a little. I apologize in advance by how meandering and rambl-y this post is about to be.

Last night, I was reading some articles from “The Cut”, a section of New York Magazine. I came across this one, titled “The Ambition Collision” by Lisa Miller. It's one of The Cut's most read articles, and... read the post »


Oct 15 2017

Some F Words

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Lately I’ve struggled to blog, due to being in the middle (!!!) of the semester where things get hard, and some additional unfortunate events. So today, instead of diving deep into what I’ve been doing all this time, I thought I’d just dwell on some words I’d been thinking about lately (which I found mostly began with ‘F’) (thanks for clicking on my click bait-y title lol)



What does it mean to be a woman? This is a question I don’t think I thought about too hard when I was younger, but I found myself facing more often in college, as I found myself facing more questions about identity in general in college. This year, I’m living in an all-female house (the Delta Phi Epsilon house!!!) across the bridge, and I’m starting to apply for jobs and work in tech and do those things that make you realize your own identity, its advantages and disadvantages, a little bit more...

When I was a kid, I considered being “girly” a bad thing--who wanted to be a girly girl??? Not me!... read the post »


Sep 16 2017

Freshman Year vs. Senior Year

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I’d intended to write this post the first day of classes, but was swept up into the chaos of starting the school year, which has been a special and different type of hectic every year that I’ve begun classes here. This year it involved running across town to Harvard, where I’m taking a Chinese literature class, looking frantically for potential thesis advisors or a new UROP, and pre-semester cleaning of my new home, the DPhiE house (it looks wayyyyy better now!)

I was struck by how different my first day was, but also by how similar it felt to my first day as a freshman.

Freshman year, my first class was 18.02: Multivariable Calculus. I walked into 26-100, an enormous classroom, into a throng of students all seated before the array of blackboards, the backdrop of a stage where Professor Minicozzi often played the role of both a math professor and a comedian. The room is so large that he has to have a microphone. By the end of the lecture, I was excited (wow! College!... read the post »


Aug 23 2017

A Person Studying Persons…

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This post began with my long-standing hatred of Myers-Briggs tests (especially as they appear in the Tumblr studyblr community). I had long ago lodged “MBTI” (the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) into a closet in my head for things I don’t pay attention to, until I recently talked to a few friends who all told me that over the summer they’d been going through periods of introspection, helped in part by taking a Myers-Briggs personality test. Knowing them to be brilliant, hard-working MIT students, I thought to reconsider my initial hatred of the MBTI. Could there be any merit to it?

I spent some time doing some thinking and was talking to my significant other, Javier W., who’s currently a researcher at an MIT lab. I learned through him that even there, where peer-reviewed research reigns supreme, grad students and researchers would casually share their Myers-Briggs types (though, he did stress that this was really just for fun).

Curious, I then took a Myers-Briggs test myself,... read the post »


Aug 4 2017

Things I Regret…

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Now that I am soon to be an old, decrepit senior, I thought it might be interesting to explore some of the less-than-optimal decisions I’ve made while in college...


1. Trying to go for the computer science minor

I regret this, because 1) I ended up aborting this plan, and 2) it caused me to take 6.042: Math for Computer Science and 6.006: Algorithms which (especially the second one) had the overall effect of lowering my GPA while also not being very useful while also causing a lot of stress. I wish I had taken 2.008: Design for Manufacturing instead, and maybe an electronics class, or simply gotten ahead in my requirements to graduate for my Mech. E degree. I probably would have had a better academic performance and probably also *cough* a better quality of life...who knows, maybe because of it I’ll one day be gr8 at optimizing stuff, but for now...*shrug emoji*.

I also wasn’t really motivated for the best reasons, I think the primary one being maybe thinking software... read the post »