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Jan 31 2017

MIT at Copley Square

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Protests erupted all over the country yesterday in response to Trump's immigration freeze on seven nations. MIT has 38 students from Iran, 1 from Iraq, 5 from Syria, 2 from Sudan, and 1 from Somalia. At least one student from Iran was already denied boarding a flight back to the United States. Students (including yours truly) joined Boston's protests in Copley Square. 

I took all the photos above, and the following video, which I hope captures a bit of what it was like to actually be there:


This was the first time I really actively participated in a protest. My mother, from Nanjing, China, has a green card, and so when I initially heard about the ban I was saddened and concerned that even US residents could be shut out of the place they live and, in my mother's case, called home for more than twenty five years. As a diverse community of immigrants (reflected beautifully in Vincent's post on Unity), it's been helpful and comforting to see so much of... read the post »


Jan 16 2017

Fighting Indifference

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Let this blog post (as unrefined, unedited and typo-ridden as it may be) be representative of today in history as told by a twenty-year-old college student at MIT, typed quickly in Hayden Library. Today, I got up to go to work and found that the lab was closed for the holiday, and realized I’d almost forgotten it was Martin Luther King day. Somehow I was thinking that it was in February; I don’t know why, I didn’t even “get reflective” today until receiving an email from a friend just now sharing her thoughts and providing encouragement.

Yesterday, I went to mass at St. Cecilia’s Parish in Boston, where I go every Sunday, and proudly belted out “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing”, the same song that I’m sure would be belted out at my church at home in Denver, Colorado. That church and St. Cecilia’s are similar in that they are both Catholic and carry out the same religious ceremonies, different in that the population of the former is predominantly African American. I noticed this time how... read the post »


Jan 16 2017


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There’s a lot of things that happen to us that we simply don’t think about, that we easily forget, that comprise the in-between points of time and space. But thanks to modern technology (particularly, in this case, Google photos and Snapchat) the random moments of daily life can be more easily recorded than ever before. 

So here is a random assortment of photos from throughout the duration of last year that I would not have any reason to share otherwise, and little captions of what was happening in them. I think it’s interesting to look back on all those little, unimportant things, and see how they were sometimes tied to big, important things. Or, more often, they’re just fun, and, well, random. I tried to include at least one photo from every month of the year, and they’re arranged in order.

( by the way, ‘random’ is a Python module that helps with generating pseudorandom numbers. Random.random() returns a pseudorandom number in the range [0.0, 1.0). )



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Dec 17 2016

To Those with Dreams Deferred

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My freshman spring, I had planned to put up this post about pi day, but for a Set of Inexplicable Reasons it did not go up in time and has been sitting in my drafts box since. 

However, I still believe, fervently, in spreading the message that Many Things Are Arbitrary. For one thing (and this might make a lot of people mad), whether you are an INTJ or an Aquarius or Year of the Horse is Not Important and you don't need to base your life plans or self worth on it. For another thing, whether you end up being a student at X or Y school is also something you can't entirely control, and you shouldn't base your self worth on that either. Don't let people tell you what you can or can't do because of arbitrary factors, but most importantly, don't let yourself get in the way of your own ambitions, because that's what usually happens. I know a lot of people were made happy and excited on EA day, and a lot of people were significantly less so.

Hopefully, these words from 2015 Selam can... read the post »


Dec 11 2016

MIT is in Boston!!!!111!!!1!

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One of my favorite things about MIT might also be the most obvious: it’s in Boston!

(well technically Cambridge, but you know, still the “Greater Boston Area”)

While at MIT, I’ve been able to hang out with a lot of awesome Boston-area college students. Considering that a lot of other universities aren’t necessarily in cities or around many other colleges, I’ve definitely considered this a unique opportunity.

There’s a lot of intercollegiate events throughout the year that MIT students and clubs participate in. For example, MIT Chinese Students Club annually holds Utopia, a boat cruise event, with Harvard Chinese Students’ Association. Wellesley and Brandeis students also attend our event.



This year's MIT Chinese Students' Club and Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students' Association executive boards, together, after our annual Utopia Boat Cruise event. We're at the World Trade Center in Boston, on the dock where the boat leaves and returns to.

And the MIT... read the post »