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Jul 8 2017

The Gender Problem

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In middle school, my first foray into robotics was with the FIRST Lego League. That was the first time I remember being in a school activity that had drastically more boys than girls. There was no FIRST team at my high school, so I joined my friend and only other female teammate (Ariel S. ‘18 at University of Michigan) at an external team that was not tied to any high school. We were the only 2 girls on a 8-person team, and all-male mentors.

Then, Ariel and I actually went back to our own high school for funding, and started a team there: Team 4550, “Something’s Bruin”. But even though two women were the team captains, for two years, we were again a team of drastically more boys than girls.


The first-ever Cherry Creek High School robotics team when we started in 2013. That's me reppin' Gryffindor front and center. Co-Founder Ariel stands directly above.


As I have progressed through my career development as an engineer, the one exception to these starkly male... read the post »


May 14 2017

My Summer Reading Challenge

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If you are a college student, or even in high school, you may have found that your busy lifestyle leaves little time for reading for pleasure. And if you are like me, this makes you sad, because you were one of those kids that spent half their time in various awkward positions on a couch reading books for upwards of six hours a day sometimes. 

Figure 1: An informative diagram that I doodled

Here’s a list of all the books I’ve read in college so far (I might be forgetting a few, but this is most of them!) and my (incomplete) list of 10 books for this coming summer! Suggestions welcome--I’d actually like to have way more than 10 books, maybe more like 20, on my list, so that I always have back-ups whenever one of them is checked out at the library ^^;




(nf = nonfiction)

Summer 2015



New Reads:

  1. The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddartha Mukherjee (nf)
  2. This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz
  3. Cloud Atlas by David... read the post »


May 6 2017

I Never Thought I Would Join a Sorority

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To all of you who are wondering how in the world you will navigate the social aspects of college, first of all, chill. I have received so many questions about making friends in college that I even wrote a blog post about it.

Many of you may be thinking about mitigating this issue by joining a student community, most notably greek life, the entire goal of which is community-building and fostering social interaction.

If you are like me, you never ever thought ever that you would ever join anything remotely close to "greek life", or in my case, a sorority, in college.  

If you are like me, then you thought “greek life” had a bad reputation, especially for us nerds. In particular, as a multiracial woman, I had the preconceived notion that many sororities were racist, and I didn’t want to have anything to do with some kind of social elitism or strange social hierarchy on top of academics in college, which are already difficult. I never thought that joining a greek organization... read the post »


Apr 20 2017

that time of year…

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it's that time of year folks, the time of year that I don't even have the strength to capitalize properly no more (nor the energy to invest in proper grammar standardized english).

It's the time of year (midterms, projects, psets galore!) that I kinda wish I was anywhere but here. Summer cannot get here fast enough. My brain is very fried. There's only a couple things that have kept me going. 

And a big one is listening to this video on a loop: 


You are in the front yard of your aunt's house. 

You have many aunts. One of them is your father's sister, Askale. The rest are her sisters, The Little Sisters of Jesus. Askale is a sister of that order. Why shouldn't it be that all her sisters are your aunts, too? 

They've known you since you were small. Coming here is always a repreive--a faint smell of cattle hide, grass, earth, flowers. Trees.

It's both noisier and quieter than the city. Here, the sounds of birds and insects fill in where you're used to hearing cars,... read the post »


Apr 4 2017

How to CPW!

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First, you should have already been contacted by your CPW host. Please respond to them as quickly as you can--school doesn't halt for us either, and all the hosts are regular MIT undergraduate students, so it's best for everyone if logistics are handled ahead of time. If you haven't been contacted yet, email cpw-hosting [at] mit [dot] edu. 

Second, be on the lookout in your email for more specific information later today! 

And third....the CPW weather machine appears to be in need of some maintenance :( 

If you want second-by-second weather updates, the campus weather station site can be found here.

Some clothing advice, which will be repeated in another section below, is: 

  • "As an LA native, please bring some warm clothes. I’m wearing... read the post »