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Mar 26 2017

A Spring Think

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If this has been posted, chances are, I’m now miles away form MIT in Barcelona, Spain. Several friends and I planned this spring break trip wayyy long ago (back in the fall!) and now we’re actually going! How exciting~ This is my second time blagging from abroad, the first being “Colors”.

There were many, many MIT students at the international terminal of Logan airport last Friday, including Celebrated Fellow Blogger Joel B. ‘18. I was traveling in a group of five, and we ran into people at least one of us knew left and right--students going to London, Iceland, Geneva. It seems everyone on campus was trying to get away from the Institute for a bit if they could, some of us at least to the refuge of sleep and rest in our dorms, hopefully with forays into Boston for food (I did that in years past~)

Believe it or not, though I have been to Ethiopia, China, and Canada many times, and Italy once, (if you include long airport layovers, Dubai, South Korea, and Germany as well)... read the post »


Mar 22 2017

The Long Road to Happiness

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I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a while, maybe since sophomore fall, and not really had the courage to do it or the time to think about what I wanted to say. When I was a freshman, I wrote two posts about the difficulty of adjusting to MIT called How to Fail. Since then, I’ve stayed more or less quiet about the other academic struggles I’ve faced--sometimes just because there wasn’t time to write about them.

I think being happy or sad is sort of like being full or hungry. When I’m really full, sometimes I think I won’t ever eat again for three days (which is obviously not true) and I just don’t even really remember what it feels like to be hungry. When I’m ravenously hungry, I feel like I could eat everything (also not true) and I just can’t even think back to the feeling of fullness. Now that I’m (fortunately!) doing a lot better, I remember only the vague impressions of being horribly, horribly sad. For this blog post, I had to refer a lot to the private tumblr... read the post »


Mar 9 2017

The Making of the Riri Williams Pi Day Video

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Chris asked to meet with me last fall, in late September. We sat down in an office in MIT Admissions. “For the spring admissions video,” he said, “I basically want to make a two-minute trailer for the new Iron Man with Riri Williams.” This sentence, and the conversation that we had afterward, was what would eventually turn into the video you all saw posted on Tuesday.

For those of you that aren’t Xtreme Nerds (and/or don’t particularly follow Marvel), Chris was referring to the (then) recently released new concept for the Iron Man comic series, a 15 year old black woman from Chicago studying at MIT. She was to take over Tony Stark’s place as the new Iron (wo)Man.




Art from the Iron Man comics


A lot of people at MIT were of course ecstatic, and in particular quite enthused that Marvel decided to go into real MIT details, making sure to state that Riri was a resident of Simmons dormitory. Erick made an excellent blog post about it at the time. (I,... read the post »


Mar 6 2017

Things That Happened!

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Wow! It’s been a while since my last blag. I couldn’t blag during IAP for some logistical reasons, and then the start of the semester was crazy + some other logistical reasons.

But while I’ve been gone, many things happened!!

Look! I’m a robot!

Now I’m a circus performer!

(excuse the obnoxious vertical format ^^;) 

Now I’m a podcast!

Now I’m 21!

The experience of college has so far been incredibly fast-paced and whirlwind-feeling, but also sometimes very slow and dragging all at the same time. The best way I can describe it is like speed-walking when you’re late. It’s about as fast as you can go without running, and you don’t want to run in the hall because who does that, but then also you feel like you’re going terribly slow because you’re late...

Junior year is somewhat similar to junior year of high school, in that I feel I’ve somewhat established myself somewhat now. In my UROP, which I’ve had for 5 semesters now, I’m being given a lot more... read the post »


Jan 31 2017

MIT at Copley Square

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Protests erupted all over the country yesterday in response to Trump's immigration freeze on seven nations. MIT has 38 students from Iran, 1 from Iraq, 5 from Syria, 2 from Sudan, and 1 from Somalia. At least one student from Iran was already denied boarding a flight back to the United States. Students (including yours truly) joined Boston's protests in Copley Square. 

I took all the photos above, and the following video, which I hope captures a bit of what it was like to actually be there:


This was the first time I really actively participated in a protest. My mother, from Nanjing, China, has a green card, and so when I initially heard about the ban I was saddened and concerned that even US residents could be shut out of the place they live and, in my mother's case, called home for more than twenty five years. As a diverse community of immigrants (reflected beautifully in Vincent's post on Unity), it's been helpful and comforting to see so much of... read the post »