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Jul 12 2017

On the Scattering of Senior House

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There’s been a decent amount of turbulence in the past couple of months here, and given the recent decisions regarding Senior House, I want to say some things.

As a prefrosh, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted when it came to housing. I didn’t go to CPW, I didn’t look around at dorms when I came up here for an overnight visit, and I didn’t know that “dorm culture” was a thing. I wasn’t (and still am not) in any MIT 2020 group chats or Facebook groups, and I didn’t even know any other freshmen that were going here.

My first look into the dorms was the i3 videos. These are resident-produced videos that showcase the culture of each dorm. They are released at the end of May for the incoming freshmen to decide which dorm they think they’d best fit in. I'll admit that a few of the videos gave me secondhand embarrassment in a matter of seconds; I had to go back to those at a later time with more of an open mind. After delving into some websites and blogs on this very site, I started... read the post »


Apr 9 2017

MacCPW, et al.

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CPW is officially over! The CPW weather machine ended up pulling through, and it's a sunny Fahrenheit 63 as I type this on Sunday afternoon. 

Welcome to my dorm's implementation of CPW! 

MAC.0001: Introduction to MacGregor House

MacGregor House is the West Campus dorm between Burton Conner (or actually No. 6) and New House. It's the tall one that looks like a hospital because that aesthetic was chic in 1970 when MacG was built. It consists of nine entries, A-J (minus I because it's ~imaginary~), in a highrise stack (A-E) and a lowrise block (F-J). It's mostly singles with three doubles in F entry (my home). About half of us are on the meal plan, while the rest cook for themselves in our suite kitchens (or more realistically pay for other people to cook better food and deliver it to them). Much of Mollie B. '06's post re:MacG remains true, but I may need to update some of the details soon.

And now for the main event.

CPW 2017 Events

A Entry: Roll with the A Dogs

The... read the post »


Mar 11 2017

Leslie Jones Was Here and I Saw Her

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A couple of months ago I got an email saying that Leslie Jones (from SNL and Ghostbusters and others) was doing a show at MIT and that tickets were being awarded based on a lottery system. I entered the lottery within the next 45 seconds because... could I not go?

The de Florez Fund for Humor sponsored this free (to the MIT community) event, as well as many other humor-related MIT endeavors

Unfortunately I didn't get chosen in the lottery, which was sad. 






shout out to the people who didn't claim their tickets lol


So I ended up getting to see Leslie in Kresge.

sneaky far away pics for proof

At the end of her show (which was great, as expected), she came down in the audience and made fun of people for about twenty minutes. Probably the best part of the show.



(@leslie if you're reading this thank u)


Feb 22 2017


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For a good portion of my first ever IAP, I explored ancient sites in Greece with 19 other MIT students and a trio of professors from the MIT History Department and Concourse program. Here are some pictures I took.

Day 1: Acropolis




the distant blue is ocean but if they could put more cool buildings out there they probably would


not the stata ampitheater but close


a grand ol' flag


better than the boston skyline from our side of the charles? you decide


actually my phone background


Cats on a Hot Tin(Metal) Roof



Day 2: The Agora and various areas in Athens

people added for size comparison


in case you were hungry for more columns


that thing on the hill looks familiar


I bought crepes near here!


somewhere between athens and delphi


an instagram pic that would definitely have some fake... read the post »


Dec 31 2016


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It's 2017 now according to the Gregorian calendar. I'm a frosh.5 (RIP PNR). I am currently about 1700 miles from MIT, physically where I was a year ago when I spent an entire day writing essays for a number of college applications whose deadlines fell on January 1. Not much has changed here in Central Standard Time except for the classy new decorations my mom has introduced to the household.


To those of you who have completed all or some or none of what you planned for the break, let's share a celebratory non-alcoholic drink to ring in the new year. (I made some tiny gifs.)



1. Hot chocolate/Hot cocoa/Warm chocolat(e)y beverage: Prepackaged powder, hot milk or water, microwave-safe cup. Helpful tip: If you can't get the powder to dissolve, try heating the water/milk/solvent up again--this increases solubility!

add marshmallows to taste

2. Hot Dr Pepper: Exactly what it sounds like. Fun fact: This is a real thing!

her smile... read the post »