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Dec 4 2017

hey kids you should apply

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Sinus pressure and general malaise have prevented me from typing up this post as eloquently as it could be, but the story below has been bouncing around my head for about a week nonetheless.


In the summer before my senior year of high school, I went to meet with the IB coordinator (basically a guidance counselor) to review my college application strategy. I presented her with my list of colleges, mostly state schools with a few oddball private schools thrown in there. Nothing on the level of Mass Tech made my list. I actually hadn’t even thought about applying to MIT until the coordinator suggested it. I thought she was joking, and then I didn’t give it any more thought until around Thanksgiving of that year. By that point I had filled out the core part of my Common App and was bored with the application process. The thought of all the supplemental essays was gross, since I figured I was just going to go to a state school anyway (scholarships, man). For some reason, I went to... read the post »


Nov 8 2017

LSC’s Q&A with Dean Kelley of Pixar’s Coco

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A couple of Fridays ago I had the opportunity to sit in on an LSC preview of the upcoming Pixar film Coco, hosted by storyboard artist Dean Kelley. Though I am not allowed to share details about the film itself (no spoilers), I have (c o m p l e t e l y p a i n l e s s l y :’-)) transcribed a bit of his guest lecture and the Q&A that followed. Enjoy!


I’m the lead story artist for Coco. I’m from Chelmsford, so I grew up in Boston. It’s great to come back to Boston, especially a smart place like MIT where I feel really smart. So I’m going to show you guys some unreleased material and kind of go into a little bit behind the scenes of how we kind of attack these stories at Pixar. Some background on me: I joined Pixar in 2009. Like I said I’m from Chelmsford; I went to Rhode Island School of Design. I majored in Illustration and I knew I wanted to work at Disney, but I didn’t how to get there or anyone in LA or if it was something I really wanted to move to get to. I mean I... read the post »


Oct 7 2017

[Guest Post] Dating Is Hard

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A friend of mine (whose honesty, even under cover of anonymity, is something to strive for) wanted to release this into the world, as it has been an interestingly prominent part of his MIT experience. Knowing that what's in here and what has been strategically left out could fill a few pages of MIT Confessions, I applaud him for writing more meaningful words in a few hours than I have in a few months (I'll blame writer's block). Enjoy!


As someone who is definitely not qualified to give out advice regarding anyone’s love life, I definitely will not be giving you any advice whatsoever about your love life. However, I do hope someone out there can relate to my experiences as a wildly emotional gay boy who thinks too much.

This also isn’t a coming out story, mine is pretty boring. We’re gonna start right off the bat with ~love~ or whatever 16 year old me thought love was. I guess I... read the post »


Sep 27 2017


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I've been pretty busy lately doing stuff like this

a little of this too


honestly too much of this

some of this

and a sad amount of this.

But this blog post is about the elephant in the room (read: elephants outside my room).

In an effort to not get so over-burdened with life that I end up just sleeping through the stress (last semester), I've taken to working on a little mural on my door whenever a pset makes my brain itch.

I was going for Dali's "Los Elefantes", but of course I had to dumb it down make it my own. Here's the week-long process, in photos.

a virgin door
closeup on the flair featuring two years worth of door signs and my boy kilroy
permanent wall/door art is technically illegal in macgregor so I'm painting on clear contact paper
try not to paint the carpet
"are you painting a sunset"
thiccer leggs than the original
and then there were two
the smudgy grayness gives it... read the post »


Aug 15 2017

From Charlottesville to Cambridge

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We're at a strange point in the political climate where white supremacists, klansmen, and outright Nazis have become comfortable enough to publicize their misconceptions in broad daylight. The people of Cambridge gathered yesterday afternoon to share some better ideas.

5:30 pm, Cambridge City Hall



Mayor E. Denise Simmons condemns acts of hatred in Charlottesville



City Manager Louis DePasquale speaks



Vice Mayor Marc McGovern



Fred Small, who would later lead the crowd in song 



Lorraine Thornhill of First Holiness Church and the Cambridge YWCA



leading the crowd in chanting "love"



"confront white supremacy"



recording the rally for wmbr news



the crowd outside of city hall