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Feb 22 2017


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For a good portion of my first ever IAP, I explored ancient sites in Greece with 19 other MIT students and a trio of professors from the MIT History Department and Concourse program. Here are some pictures I took.

Day 1: Acropolis




the distant blue is ocean but if they could put more cool buildings out there they probably would


not the stata ampitheater but close


a grand ol' flag


better than the boston skyline from our side of the charles? you decide


actually my phone background


Cats on a Hot Tin(Metal) Roof



Day 2: The Agora and various areas in Athens

people added for size comparison


in case you were hungry for more columns


that thing on the hill looks familiar


I bought crepes near here!


somewhere between athens and delphi


an instagram pic that would definitely have some fake... read the post »


Dec 31 2016


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It's 2017 now according to the Gregorian calendar. I'm a frosh.5 (RIP PNR). I am currently about 1700 miles from MIT, physically where I was a year ago when I spent an entire day writing essays for a number of college applications whose deadlines fell on January 1. Not much has changed here in Central Standard Time except for the classy new decorations my mom has introduced to the household.


To those of you who have completed all or some or none of what you planned for the break, let's share a celebratory non-alcoholic drink to ring in the new year. (I made some tiny gifs.)



1. Hot chocolate/Hot cocoa/Warm chocolat(e)y beverage: Prepackaged powder, hot milk or water, microwave-safe cup. Helpful tip: If you can't get the powder to dissolve, try heating the water/milk/solvent up again--this increases solubility!

add marshmallows to taste

2. Hot Dr Pepper: Exactly what it sounds like. Fun fact: This is a real thing!

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Nov 30 2016

CASE: Identity and Intersectionality

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The two thousand sixteenth year anno Domini (or "Common Era" if you're into that) has been rough. If you are not upset, frustrated, or confused about 2016, then you probably know someone who is. Maybe you want to understand why they're upset, or maybe you just don't understand how their feelings could differ so drastically from yours. Maybe you don't like the vaguely political ambiguity of the previous sentences and would rather just hear about how cool MIT is. 

In either case, I have something for you.

What is CASE? 

CASE stands for Class Awareness, Support, and Equality. This new group hosts a monthly forum in which attendees discuss issues of class disparity and more generally have a dialogue about understanding people's differences. CASE was founded and is run by MIT students and is open to all MIT students regardless of identity.

How did you find out about it?

Well, I got this email earlier in the year.

As a first-generation college student, I have always... read the post »


Oct 19 2016

Flow: Writing Like Yourself

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Not every writer is an artist. Not every piece of writing is a work of art.

I realized this last year as a high school senior when I was frantically typing up essays fueled by caffeine and a tinge of desperation. Each college admissions essay was supposed to present all the best sides of me, highlighting my accomplishments, challenges I'd overcome, my individuality, and my impressive vocabulary. Being word-limit averse and untrained in the ways of the humblebrag, I was challenged. In addition, I was confronted with A LOT of anxiety about whether my writing came across as narcissistic or just plain pretentious. I felt uncomfortable using the words "I" and "me" more than once every few sentences. I cringed a little when I typed the words "goals" and "future" because I was uncertain about both (and still am). In addition, I felt like each of the essays I wrote could be the most important of my life, yet they felt so uninspired on the whole and misrepresentative of what I really... read the post »


Sep 26 2016

Distance and Displacement

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Let's review a concept taught in the lowest levels of classical physics.

You have an object and you move it. The length of the path you move it along is called the distance travelled. The difference between the intitial position of the object and its final position is called the displacement. One of the cool things about reality is that distance travelled and displacement are not always equivalent amounts. Sure, if you slide a book across a table, its displacement is equal to the distance it travels. But what if you throw a ball up into the air and catch it at the same place you released it? The ball travelled twice the length of its maximum height (minus its initial height, the distance from the ground to your hand when you released it), but its displacement is zero. Or, if we go back to the book example, what if I were to pick up that book and throw it against a wall, kick it into the ceiling, and fling it across the room several times before gently returning it to its... read the post »