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Apr 3 2018

I’m a Pirate Now

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As of last week or so, I've taken and passed the following PE classes:

  • Fencing
  • Pistol
  • Sailing
  • Archery

And if you know anything about prestigious MIT PE programs, you might be aware of something called a Pirate Certificate. It looks like this.


I'm showing it to you because you're my best friend and you may not ever achieve this feat of athleticism that I, an elite athlete, have accomplished. Not only have I completed the GPRs (General Pirate Requirements) (I just came up with that. No one actually says GPRs.), but also I took a SCUBA class. I'm like an advanced pirate. An underwater pirate who only pirates sunken ships. Anyway, if any prefrosh are reading this, pls get your PE classes over with quickly so you won't be miserable like a senior taking 7.012. You might even enjoy it. 


cursed image


Feb 13 2018

king cake and a run-on sentence

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mein souffle,,, she didn't rise

Kimmy K. '19 and Alex M. '21 want you to have a wholesome Ash Wednesday

David S. '21 is only eating the cake because I told him to

Brandon F. '19 put on a shirt just for this picture

Lisa P. '21 was too busy with 18.03 (?) to pose

Jamie A. '21, on the other hand, said "no photos" but lingered for quite a while--what is the truth?

I was up at 7 today to work on a prelab and then went to a 9:30 class then a class at 11 and ate lunch on campus at 12 before going to lab at 1 where I worked until 5:15 and went back to my dorm but on the way I stopped at Verde's and bought some strawberries because I'm making chocolate-covered strawberries tomorrow for Valentine's Day and I got back at around 6 but stopped by desk to pick up a package from Amazon (canned boiled peanuts) and immediately started working on this king cake for Mardi Gras (which is technically still today) and it felt weird adding yeast to... read the post »


Feb 5 2018


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A friend of mine gets airline buddy passes through his dad which allowed us to take this impromptu little trip to the North End's motherland. I didn't do anything educational whatsoever, but I sure did enjoy the non-freezing temperatures. Also, the food was gr9. Whenever I plan a post like this, I get anxious about whether or not there will be enough non-image content to satisfy you people, but really there isn't anything wrong with a photodump.

Anyway, here's what I've been up to for some of IAP (rip, she is over). Enjoy!

milan train station

parking jobs that make my head hurt



pigeon detail



basilica lines

papal view

green tram
aaaaand nighttime colosseum


Glad to have a new passport stamp :)... read the post »


Dec 4 2017

hey kids you should apply

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Sinus pressure and general malaise have prevented me from typing up this post as eloquently as it could be, but the story below has been bouncing around my head for about a week nonetheless.


In the summer before my senior year of high school, I went to meet with the IB coordinator (basically a guidance counselor) to review my college application strategy. I presented her with my list of colleges, mostly state schools with a few oddball private schools thrown in there. Nothing on the level of Mass Tech made my list. I actually hadn’t even thought about applying to MIT until the coordinator suggested it. I thought she was joking, and then I didn’t give it any more thought until around Thanksgiving of that year. By that point I had filled out the core part of my Common App and was bored with the application process. The thought of all the supplemental essays was gross, since I figured I was just going to go to a state school anyway (scholarships, man). For some reason, I went to... read the post »


Nov 8 2017

LSC’s Q&A with Dean Kelley of Pixar’s Coco

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A couple of Fridays ago I had the opportunity to sit in on an LSC preview of the upcoming Pixar film Coco, hosted by storyboard artist Dean Kelley. Though I am not allowed to share details about the film itself (no spoilers), I have (c o m p l e t e l y p a i n l e s s l y :’-)) transcribed a bit of his guest lecture and the Q&A that followed. Enjoy!


I’m the lead story artist for Coco. I’m from Chelmsford, so I grew up in Boston. It’s great to come back to Boston, especially a smart place like MIT where I feel really smart. So I’m going to show you guys some unreleased material and kind of go into a little bit behind the scenes of how we kind of attack these stories at Pixar. Some background on me: I joined Pixar in 2009. Like I said I’m from Chelmsford; I went to Rhode Island School of Design. I majored in Illustration and I knew I wanted to work at Disney, but I didn’t how to get there or anyone in LA or if it was something I really wanted to move to get to. I mean I... read the post »