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Abby H. '20

Jun 4 2018

[Guest Post] Olivia S. ‘20 en Monterrey

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While some of us have spent the first week of freedom from classes doing essentially nothing (I'm @ing myself), other MIT students have hit the ground running with meaningful projects such as the one that the brilliant Olivia S. '20 describes below. Enjoy the read!


Monterrey, Nueva León, México-


After finals, I decided to immediately flee the country, which is what I did through the Big Dreams program. I stumbled into this opportunity by accident when scrambling for a summer UROP by the direct funding deadline (we've all been there). When my soon-to-be supervisor, Dr. Abel Sanchez, saw on my resume que yo hablo español, he asked if I wanted to join a teaching innovative that he founded.

Big Dreams started last year with 50 girls, 2 teachers, and 1 city. This year it is 600 girls, 30 teachers, 60 local TA's, and 6 cities. Next year, we plan to grow 10-fold again to more... read the post »


May 23 2018

a shocking look inside a macgregor single

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I have to move out of my room that I've lived in for four semesters and a summer. It stings a little, but I figured I'd introduce you to my setup. (You might want to max out the quality if you really need to see the gritty details.)

I know way too much about MacGregor so email me (askabby at mit dot edu) or comment below if you have any questions.


May 8 2018

Murals of Senior Haus

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Last Friday night at around 2 am I finally got around to visiting the "Murals of Senior Haus" exhibit in the Wiesner Student Art Gallery in the second floor of the student center. 

This exhibit was put together by former residents and friends of the Haus (Paula C. '12, Tara E.'14, Ru M. '17, Sabrina M. '19, and Anna B.), which was officially closed to undergraduates in July of 2017. The circumstances surrounding the closure were featured in various news outlets as well as on the blogs (see Joon, me, Sabrina, Allan). Residents and alumni were concerned about the future of the hundreds of murals that decorated the walls of the oldest dorm on campus, so a dedicated group of sympathizers spent summer days photographing the inside of the building in an effort to preserve the years of artwork. Interspersed among the murals are artifacts of the dorm's long history--photographs dating back to 1916, Sport Death memorabilia, old yearbooks. It would almost feel like a museum exhibit if... read the post »


May 3 2018

[Guest Post] Love Is Hard (A Sequel)

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Continued reflections on love at the Institvte (and really just love irl) from the guy who wrote THIS seven months ago. Enjoy :)


So last time I poured out all that I had in my brain regarding my trials and tribulations with dating, which includes the many times I have felt like I was in love and similarly the many times that I was wrong. Have I gained an ounce of sanity? Not really. Will I continue to obsess over any boy I find remotely interesting? Most likely. Am I still, deep down, hoping that my life will unfold like a romantic drama where a stranger suddenly appears in my life and we fall in love and live a long, happy life together? Obviously.

But I have discovered that after a relationship ends, you tend to look back on your experience and think about the specific time when things went wrong, and you think about when you should’ve realized that you “weren’t really in... read the post »


Apr 3 2018

I’m a Pirate Now

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As of last week or so, I've taken and passed the following PE classes:

  • Fencing
  • Pistol
  • Sailing
  • Archery

And if you know anything about prestigious MIT PE programs, you might be aware of something called a Pirate Certificate. It looks like this.


I'm showing it to you because you're my best friend and you may not ever achieve this feat of athleticism that I, an elite athlete, have accomplished. Not only have I completed the GPRs (General Pirate Requirements) (I just came up with that. No one actually says GPRs.), but also I took a SCUBA class. I'm like an advanced pirate. An underwater pirate who only pirates sunken ships. Anyway, if any prefrosh are reading this, pls get your PE classes over with quickly so you won't be miserable like a senior taking 7.012. You might even enjoy it. 


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