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May 14 2018

Little Rectangles

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How smart am I?

I feel like I’ve asked myself this question a thousand times since I’ve arrived at MIT, but it’s never phrased exactly like that. “How can I be so stupid?” is common. “Why can’t I get this? Everyone else can”, makes an appearance. Or maybe the fun one, “Why do I even try?”.

I wouldn’t consider myself much of a sharer. On the blogs I mostly like to talk about MIT as a physical entity. “Look at this cool thing MIT did”, or “This is what MIT looks like”. This is not that blog. I’ve been marinating this post all semester, so it’s always sort of been at the back of my mind. It started as snippits and sentences that came to me when I was walking to class or sorting books in the library. Then I began adding larger chunks and incoherent paragraphs over the past few weeks. And now here we are.

Welcome to the Thoughts of Taylor.

I want to talk about integrals. I’m pretty sure a lot of you nerds who read these blogs know what an integral is,... read the post »


Apr 9 2018

Mas33h Hall

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It’s my 3rd year at MIT. I’ve lived in 3 different dorms. My current room is a triple. It’s on the 3rd floor.


Yeah, probably.

I want to talk about The Dorms though, because, a) It’s housing renewal season so I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want to live, and b) CPW is this week, so if you’re a prefrosh you’re likely going to be checking them out and maybe even staying in one (yay!).

Full disclaimer: This is going to be mostly about Maseeh because that's my current home, but I’ve also spent a year each in Simmons and Baker, so if you have any questions about them feel free to ask in the comments! 

3 Best Parts of living in Maseeh

1) It’s new. Or at least it feels that way. Maseeh used be a swanky hotel in the early 1900’s, then it was a grad dorm for 70 years, so it's only had undergrads since 2008. It still has a hotel-ish feel, or at the very least you can’t tell that thousands of ~20 year olds have lived here.

2) The proximity. All of my... read the post »


Mar 1 2018

February(ish) Updates and Notes

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Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted. Here are two photos that accurately summarize my current state of existence:
The photos are in this order because we are student-athletes, not athlete-students.
The top photo is a week in the life of Junior spring. I’m currently in 5-ish classes (3 12-unit classes, a 9-unit, and a 6-unit). I think it’s starting to settle down a bit now, but the initial jump from IAP to “SURPRISE you have classes and psets and labs and tests again” was a rough transition this year. Plus some of my classes are “frontloading”, which apparently means that they can give you five assignments a week as long as they promise it will become easier later (looking at you, 2.671). At times, it feels like a never-ending stream of due dates and internal (sometimes external) screaming. Overall though, I’m super happy with my schedule! Here’s each class with a summary, in haiku form:
2.671: Measurement and Instrumentation
Much more... read the post »


Jan 5 2018

I can’t feel my face

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tldr; If you like snow and want to come to MIT, read this post. If you don’t like snow and want to come to MIT, don’t read this post. If you don’t like MIT… I think you’re on the wrong page.

Maybe you’ve heard, but it’s cold in Boston right now. Like, really cold. Arctic tundra cold. Why-is-the-air-trying-to-kill-me cold. Something known (rather intimidatingly) as a “bomb cyclone” hit us yesterday with a foot of snow, and it was actually the warmest that it’s been outside in a week.

This has become my standard outdoor attire:

I realize I look a bit like I’m about to hike Mt. Everest, but when the high temperature for the day has a negative sign in front of it, you really stop caring what you look like.  Plus, that ridiculous hood does a great job of keeping the snow and wind from freezing my face off, which is nice.

I’ve been back at MIT since the day after Christmas, which is when the face-freezing cold hit hard. The basketball team had our first practice after break on... read the post »


Dec 9 2017

One Week

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It’s been a whirlwind of a week. I initially planned for this post to have some sort of structure, but it's become a bit of a brain dump of everything that went down since last Monday.  Finals are still looming on the horizon, but the past few days have been when a lot of project classes begin to wrap up.  At least when you take an exam you know that, for better or worse, it’s going to be over in three hours.  Projects, however, have no time limit.  They can quickly fling a black hole in the middle of your Google Calendar, sucking away sleep, lectures, and other assignments as you frantically try to fix some random issue that came up at the last minute. 

My black hole this week was 2.12: Introduction to Robotics (I say this lovingly, it’s an awesome class!).  All semester we have been working in teams to design, build, and control robots to assist a hemiplegic patient in a few daily tasks, with the end goal of performing in a class competition to showcase our work.  Specifically,... read the post »