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Taylor V. '19

MIT student blogger Taylor V. '19


Hey, what's up? I’m Taylor!

Two years ago I hopped on a plane, waved goodbye to the PNW, and flew off to the bright lights and big cities of the East. Now I’m (already) a Junior (yikes) studying Mechanical Engineering at the ‘tute!

Here’s a quick bullet-point bio:

Minus the past two years, I've lived in Blaine, WA (pop. 5,164) my entire life. Where is that, you ask? Start anywhere in the continental US and just keep driving Northwest. Eventually you'll reach a little corner sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and Canada. Welcome to Blaine.

My dogs are definitely cuter than yours. Sorry, not sorry.

I've played basketball since I was 5 years old, and I'm continuing this streak now as a member of the MIT varsity team.

In 2016, I was in the top 1% of Kanye West fans on Spotify. Truly my crowning achievement.

I rolled into MIT picturing myself as maybe a mathematician or theoretical physicist, because complicated equations and abstract theories are fun, right…? Then one day I wandered into a machine shop, touched a milling machine, and *poof* became a MechE (that’s exactly how it works, trust me).

MIT has been quite an adventure so far, and I can’t wait to have you guys join me for the second half!