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Chris M. '12

  • Courses 2A & 6
MIT student blogger Chris M. '12


System.Out.Println("Howdy Y'all");

My name is Chris and I come from Texas. I used to ride a horse to school until my pappy got mad at me fer lettin' the 'dillos git in the garden again, and sold it.

Ok guys, lesson #1: No one talks like that in Texas. No one.

In reality, I'm a huge nerd, like Stephen Hawking's IQ huge; or Large Hadron Collider huge. (You guys see what I did there? I used two science references to illustrate how nerdy I was both physically, and metaphorically! ZING!) I shop for hours on end, know more math jokes than pickup lines, and have seen probably every single lolcat ever made. But it's all one facet of me, one tiny layer; one dimension in my String Theory if you will. My parents never held me back from doing what I wanted to do in high school which led me to at various times be in a rock band, act in a state-winning play, dance and sing in musicals*, compete in math competitions, host talent shows, organize fundraisers, and paint pictures. Being at MIT is a lot like that, there are tons and tons of mind-bogglingly diverse people. In many ways, itis like a small city (which you'll agree with first time you have to walk from Kendall to Simmons); the people who live here have a huge array of interests.

My goal is to offer you a gateway (or a Stargate, or a Linking Book) to MIT. To show you one facet of what itis like to be here (or one dimension in its string -- oh I already made that joke). To give you the ability to peer in to what life is really like here at the Institute, the good times and the bad. MIT is intense: work hard, play hard. I'll show you both what I'm doing in the renewable energy market and the crazy fun that doesn't make it into the book you get in the mail. In short, I'm here for you; don't hesitate to email or comment with a question you have, I'll tell you if I know or find someone who does if I don't. MIT is an absolutely phenomenal place, I love it and my small little place in it.

*in the same vein that a drunken cat having a seizure could be considered singing and dancing.

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