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Alexa J. '20

MIT student blogger Alexa J. '20


I’m Alexa, and I hold these truths to be self-evident:

- San Francisco is the best city ever. Love the food (try sushiritto and thank me later), love the people (we’ve got diversity, from rainbows to grey suits), hate how the beach is always cold, windy, and foggy (the one downside to 65ºF year-round weather).

- Mini M&M’s taste infinitely better than normal-sized ones. Except for blue M&M’s. Those are just better in general.

- Noodles are heaven on earth except when I try to cook it myself. On a scale of “I set things on fire when I walk into the kitchen” to “Iron Chef,” I fall in the sometimes I put cold water instead of boiling water in cup noodles category, so that probably explains why.

- Cats >>> dogs.

- Ergo, I am a crazy cat lady, who misses her cat basically as much as her mom.

- A list’s final point must be funny or meaningful in some way. This one is not (except to prove how much I like parentheticals); sorry to disappoint.

In all seriousness, I’m incredibly excited to share my journey through this magical place with you, through ups and downs, lefts and rights. Feel free to reach out to me at askalexa [at] mit [dot] edu and let me live vicariously through you too.

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