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Anelise N. '19

MIT student blogger Anelise N. '19


Hey guys!

I’ve lived in exactly two places my entire life: my family’s house in Los Angeles (one week and 18 years) and Cambridge, Massachusetts (one week and counting).

I love making things from scratch, from food to clothes to what you’re reading right now. My guiding culinary principle is “Keep calm and add butter”. I design and sew my own clothes, including my winter coat, a 7-pound monstrosity masterpiece lined in electric-blue turquoise fur. And I love the creative process of writing, which has been part of my life for over 7 years, ever since I started writing my own fantasy books and blogging about my projects.

I never thought MIT would be the school for me. Then, while visiting I saw how students were meshing their scientific potential with creative vision to build a campus that was extraordinary and vibrant, and to make technological inroads that would change the world. That’s my goal for the next four years and beyond.

In lots of ways, MIT is my adventure. I hope to share it with you :)

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