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MIT student blogger Anthony R. '09

And here I am! by Anthony R. '09

Well, I’m back in the States. I thoroughly enjoyed everything but I think my soul is still roaming around the south of France. Anyone have five thousand miles of fishing line and a solid hook? :-)

I’ve long maintained that one learns more in a week of travel than in a month of high school. I’ll share some things I learned, some things that were reinforced, and a bunch of photos during this coming week. Stay tuned!

6 responses to “And here I am!”

  1. madmatt says:

    Welcome back, Anthony!

  2. Elina says:

    yup, Ditto!

  3. Anthony says:

    I did take a little time to practice my French, but unfortunately I don’t know very much of it. tongue laugh

    I think I may want to learn it, starting this year. How’s that? wink

  4. Meder says:

    I’m agree with you on “one learns more in a week of travel than in a month of high school”.
    and keep in mind that we are waiting for the pics

  5. Anthony says:

    Sorting through 1000 pictures (and picking the best ones) takes a little time. grin

    Maybe I’ll break this up into multiple posts; there’s just so much to share.