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  • Request a group tour

    Groups of 6–50 students are welcome to submit a request for a private group ... . Please note this tour is designed to assist prospective undergraduate ... information session, and we are not able to accommodate groups larger than 50
  • Policies

    Nondiscrimination policy Privacy policy Accessibility MIT is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible environment. To that end, we have a ... universities to publish an annual report every year by October 1 that contains
  • Discover / Life and culture

    Arts & music

    of contemporary art, is home to a state-of-the-art black box performing ... -level training to ensembles and classes that you can join even if you’re just a beginner.[/intro] MIT is full of opportunities to showcase your artistic
  • Apply / First-year applicants

    First-year eligibility

    [annotation note="Note that we do not formally require you to have graduated or earned a GED, though you may well choose to!"]concluded[/annotation] their secondary education and wish to pursue a bachelor's degree as a full
  • Apply / First-year applicants


    About the interview At MIT we don't just want to see how you look on ... network of over 3,500 MIT graduates around the world who volunteer to meet ... typically use the email address you provided on your application to contact
  • Schedule your campus visit

    reservation for a session, we will not be able to accommodate you. [button ... =""]Register[/button_link] In-person group tours If you would like to bring a group of 6–50 people to campus, you are welcome to request a group tour. We are not able to
  • Discover / The MIT education

    Independent Activities Period

    regularly scheduled classes to do...whatever they want![/intro] [annotation note='With the unintentional benefit, according to then-President Howard ... ,[/annotation] IAP has grown to be a unique feature of the MIT education, offering
  • Discover / The MIT education

    MIT’s educational philosophy

    offered, of course!"]required to learn French and German[/annotation] in order to graduate. However, the MIT education has always been based on ... (produced by our research and innovation) MIT also tends to [annotation note
  • Apply / Understanding the process

    Our mission

    's longstanding commitment to the public interest, a theory we put into practice ... enroll add to a vibrant campus community and will become the leaders and innovators of our global society. We uphold a commitment to meritocracy and
  • Apply / Preparing for MIT

    Advanced classes & credit

    MIT does not require applicants to take advanced courses beyond what is commonly available in high school. Credit for coursework We love to ... credit for advanced coursework, generally because we prefer to make sure
  • Apply / First-year applicants

    Letters of recommendation

     and—when available—a School Profile and letter of recommendation). You will be able to ... like to ask so that they have as much time as possible to write about you! (If you're a teacher looking for guides on how to write good letters of
  • Discover / The MIT education

    The first year

    by choosing among a variety of ways to complete core subjects and ... ) interests in order to develop their plans for further study. Before we get to ... designate up to 48 units to be graded on a pass/no record basis after their
  • Discover / Learn more

    Admissions videos

    throwing cream pies in each other's faces to announce when decisions would be released, and making a video to announce Pi Day became an unexpected ... comforting character for those of us old enough to remember videotapes
  • Discover / The MIT education

    Maker education

    come to be called a "maker education."[/intro] Our motto The motto ... things, and from trying to make them work. This "maker education" is at ... training program, MakerLodge, to teach making skills to first
  • Explore MIT on your own

    [intro]You don't have to travel to Cambridge to get a feel for MIT ... new things—whether on campus or off—there's more than enough to explore from home. Consider this your starting point as you get to know MIT
  • Apply / Preparing for MIT

    Summer programs

    If you're the kind of student who'd like to spend your summer ... like-minded peers to make friends with, and that are either free to ... school student can come to campus to take courses and live in the residence
  • Discover / About MIT

    Inventions & innovations

    discoveries of basic research to products and infrastructure used by ordinary ...  associated with MIT, including everything from the World Wide Web to Technicolor ... oxygen 2014—Designing a new paper strip diagnostic test to rapidly
  • Apply / Parents and educators

    For school counselors

    regionalized officer who exclusively presents to your school or area. All of our ... prepared to speak with you and answer your questions.[/intro] Call us We are always happy to have a professional conversation on the phone, especially
  • Discover / The MIT education


    [intro]In addition to the thousands of courses already offered by the ... .[/annotation] To that end, we have established strong ties with nearby institutions to help our students develop their interests by cross-registering when