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May 8 2018

Class of 2022 Wait List

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According to the admissions profession's Code of Ethics and Professional Practices, May 1 is the "National Candidates Reply Date," the agreed upon date by which students reply to offers of admission. Following May 1, we take about a week to determine the state of the incoming class, and to assess how many, if any, students we will admit from our wait list.

That same document (the Code of Ethics and Professional Practices) states that admissions offices may keep students on a wait list through the summer, all the way to August 1. However, our goal has always been to give every student a decision as soon as we possibly can. We want students to be able to make plans for their college enrollment with as little uncertainty as possible.

Based on the higher than expected enrollment from our admitted group this year, we have found ourselves unable to admit students from the wait list without exceeding our enrollment capacity for the year. We hope to enroll 1,100 first-year students this... read the post »


May 10 2017

Class of 2021 Wait List

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The May 1 reply deadline has come and gone, and we know many of you have been awaiting news about our wait list. During the past week, we've been waiting for all our admitted students to submit their final decisions so we could figure out whether or not we had room to admit students from our wait list this year, and, if so, room for how many.

Each year, our plan and hope is  to admit students from the wait list. This year, we had a record-high percentage of admitted students choosing to enroll at MIT (also known in admissions parlance as the "yield") of greater than 76%, which left very little space to admit students off of the wait list.

Today, around 5:00pm Eastern Time, we will email all students on our wait list their admission decision. Of the more than 400 students on our wait list, 14 will be offered admission. At that point, our wait list will close, and we will not be admitting any additional students for the Class of 2021.

Thank you for all the wonderful updates that... read the post »


Jul 7 2015

All Applicants Can Now Apply For Either Early or Regular Action

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I wanted to let you know of a change in the admissions process for the forthcoming admissions cycle. As you may know, in the past international students (students without US citizenship or permanent residency, including undocumented students) could not apply to MIT during the Early Action (EA) admissions round.

We are pleased to announce that, beginning with this coming admissions cycle (which will begin soon!), the restriction on international students applying early will end. All students, regardless of citizenship or location, will be able to apply for either admissions round, EA or RA.

Other aspects of our policy will not change, including:

  • We are a non-binding, non-restrictive Early Action school.
  • There is no preference in our process for early applicants. We use the same procedures for admission during EA and RA.
  • MIT limits the number of international undergraduates each year. As such, MIT admission is even more competitive for international students applying... read the post »


Oct 29 2013

Answering Your Questions: EA Deadline Week

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With our November 1 Early Action deadline looming (Friday!), we're here to answer your questions.  How can we help?  Answers below in the comments.  I will try to update this post with FAQs.

Adding some answers to FAQs...

  • Early action applications should be submitted by 11:59pm Eastern Time on November 1. There is some amount of grace period, but I strongly suggest you submit your application well in advance of the deadline.
  • Your school/teachers may submit their materials after the deadline. We are much more flexible and understanding with teachers and schools.  Your recommendations do not need to be in our office by November 1. They can arrive and be processed well after this date and you will still be fine.
  • Please allow two weeks for the processing of all submitted materials.  If something was submitted for your application less than two weeks ago, don't worry about it.  We are processing thousands of documents right now.
  • If you need to switch from EA to RA, or... read the post »


Aug 28 2013

Your Questions

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I can't believe I've been blogging as an admissions officer at MIT for 9 years.  Over that time, I've periodically opened up the comments to your questions, and then tried to answer them (this is now much easier with the advent of threaded comments).  Directed questions that can be answered relatively briefly are best; those questions with answers that can be found easily on the website or that require a long, philosophcal answer are not ideal for this format.  Otherwise, ask away!

Let me give you a brief update from campus...  The Class of 2017 has arrived and is doing OrientationClasses will begin next Wednesday.  The Red Sox are in first place.  And MIT Admissions recruitment travel season has begun, with our first meeting tonight in Orlando; we'll finish in a month in Chicagoland

Finally, let me leave you with a photo from this week's annual East-West Water War -- it ran in The Tech with the caption, "West Campus forces rally behind their wooden duck as they rush the... read the post »