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Mollie B. '06

Jul 12 2016

These are the drones you’re looking for

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Hi, I’m Mollie! I used to go here. I was one of the OG bloggers, majored in biology and brain and cognitive sciences, and I graduated in 2006. Since graduation, I’ve been pursuing the slow boat of academic science — I went to another school in Cambridge and got my Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology, and I’ve been working since then as a postdoctoral fellow in developmental neurobiology at Children’s Hospital Boston. I’ve been living in Boston since I blundered onto MIT’s campus fresh out of Columbus, Ohio for the first day of freshman orientation in fall 2002, but I’ll be moving to the west coast in about six weeks to start as an adjunct lecturer at Santa Clara University.

Most of the reason I'm abandoning the east coast — because, to be honest, I love Boston, and I am super-bummed to leave — is that sophomore year at MIT, I met this cute aerospace engineering major, we got married after graduation, and his alarming levels of talent at building tiny airplanes led to him being... read the post »


Aug 6 2014

Right back where we started from

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I think when you haven’t written a blog entry in almost six years, it’s inevitable that you’ll have a lot to catch up on.

I’ll start here: Hi, I’m Mollie! I’m one of the five or six(?) original bloggers, and I was the first to graduate — I graduated with degrees in biology and brain and cognitive sciences in 2006. For those of you doing the math at home, that means I’ve had both my pi reunion and my mole reunion, and I’ve been wearing my brass rat flipped upside down for just over eight years now.

After I graduated from MIT, I went to graduate school at Harvard. I did my Ph.D. in cellular and developmental biology in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences program, and my dissertation research was on two genes that specify subtype and area identity in the projection neurons of the cerebral cortex of mice. (I wrote a review! And drew the pictures for it!) I defended my thesis on October 29, 2012, which you may recognize as the day that Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. So, in a... read the post »


Dec 27 2008

neighborhoods we move into and come to love.

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For anybody too young to have seen my name at the top of the recent entries page before, I'm Mollie. I graduated in 2006 with degrees in biology and brain and cognitive sciences, which means that I'm going to have my pi reunion this summer. (Yay!) I'm currently a third-year PhD student in developmental neurobiology at that other university in Cambridge, and I live with my charming rocket scientist husband Adam '07 and our rabbit (who did not attend MIT) in an apartment just north of Boston.

I'm here to update you on the breathtaking life of a biology PhD student, which is breathtaking enough to divide into a very small number of categories.

Lab and other school things I do less often than lab
Since I passed my qualifying exam last January, to my great joy and relief, I'm now a PhD candidate in biological and biomedical sciences at Harvard. Functionally, this means that I'm basically done taking classes, and I'm living in the lab full-time doing research. Eventually I'll finish... read the post »

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Dec 1 2007

An MIT wedding

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(For those of you just tuning in, I'm Mollie. I graduated from MIT in 2006 with degrees in brain and cognitive sciences and biology, and I'm now a second-year PhD student in developmental neurobiology at Harvard. When I was an undergrad, I UROPed til I dropped, participated in my dorm's government, and was the captain of the cheerleading squad. When I was a sophomore, my friend Carl '07 introduced me to a cute curly-haired aerospace engineering major named Adam, and we dated for the rest of our years at MIT. In August 2006, he asked me to marry him in Killian Court with a bunch of tour groups looking on. I think that gets you caught up.)

Adam and I got married September 15 (along with someone else you might know), which dawned drizzly and dreary in Cambridge. Our ceremony started at 4 PM, and the sun came out and the sky cleared around 3:30. (Whew!)

at the altar

We were married at Memorial Church in Harvard Yard, with twenty MIT alums in attendance and two more in the wedding party. Mark... read the post »

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Mar 21 2007

Happily ever after

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I bring greetings from "the little redbrick school up the Charles River" -- although my classes are all at the medical school campus, which is in the Longwood Medical Area, and the labs I've chosen to rotate in are all at Mass General Hospital. So really I'm more across the river than up the river, and of course I still actually live on MIT's campus.

Grad school has been treating me well. I've been doing mostly the same things this winter that I did last winter: going to class, reading lots of papers, mixing small volumes of colorless liquids in the lab -- the difference is that now I'm getting paid significantly more to do it. (Ugh, I just did the math -- I'm only getting $3.50 more an hour as a grad student than I was as a UROP. Well, at least my paychecks are bigger.) I'm also TAing this semester, and of course I'm trying to plan Adam's and my wedding without losing my already small parcel of sanity.

I haven't picked a lab yet -- just like you don't pick a major at MIT until... read the post »

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