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Anna H. '14

Jul 17 2014

IAP in China through MIT’s China Development Initiative

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IAP 2013 was a logistical (and medical) nightmare but a fantastic adventure.

I broke my big toe into a bunch of pieces, then flew home to London for winter break, then flew back to Boston and got an x-ray at MIT Medical. After the x-ray, MIT Medical forgot I was there (I realized something was probably wrong after I had been sitting alone in the x-ray room for over twenty minutes...) so the doctor left and I wasn't able to get the results. Oh well. Next, I spent a week in California at my first astronomy conference, then flew back to Boston (I got the results of my x-ray this time) and onwards to China. When I got back to MIT at the beginning of February and classes began, I wrote a summary about my adventures and was full of ambitions to write all about my time in China. I guess I got distracted by zumba and not-zumba, though, because after  publishing Saul’s guest blog post about (extensive) MIT-supported China travels, I realized that I never wrote about mine.

Mine began on... read the post »


Jul 14 2014

Studying in China on MIT’s Budget: a Guest Post by Saul W. ‘14

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Anna's asked me to write for her blog. And, since this is Anna, there is some implicit obligation to be nice, or worse yet cheerful and upbeat. As you can see, this does not come naturally.

She wants me to write about China, where I've spent the last two summers and last two IAPs and where I'll be heading off to again sooner or later. The first three trips were for Chinese language (funded by the always-generous Global Education Office) and the last for research on village reconstruction projects (funded by one of my departments, Foreign Languages & Literatures). The next year I'll spend at Peking University, funded by the Chinese government. One of the great perks of being at MIT is that all this stuff gets paid for, as I'll discuss more at the end of the post.

There is some reasonable question why an MIT math major spends so much time on the other side of the world. The answer is that I'm also an (er, the school's sole) Asian and Asian Diaspora Studies major, half out of... read the post »


Jun 30 2014

What are French House residents doing this summer? Round 2

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More flavors of an MIT student summer.

*    *    *

Xiaoyue X. '15 (majoring in Course 2: Mechanical Engineering)

Geez, we have a lot of Course 2's in French House. Where is this one right now?

Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA

And what are you up to?

Product mechanical engineer intern at Microsoft, working on Surface keyboard (that's all I can say, the rest is confidential…)

I won't ask any more questions about that, then. Let's talk about non-work goals! What are yours?

Take lots and lots of pictures & knit a scarf

I wish I knew how to knit. Anything else you want to say or share?

Work is super fun! And I'm trying to figure out… life, aka what I'm gonna do after graduation, where I want to be, etc. >.<

You'll figure it out, my dear.

* * *

Adam H. '15 (majoring in Course 18-C: Math with Computer Science)

Where are you, Adam?

The Athena cluster in the student center

And what are you doing this summer?

I'm working on my UROP, trying to wrap up the... read the post »


Jun 26 2014

What are French House residents doing this summer?

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To give you a flavor (well, many flavors) for what MIT students do with their summers, I solicited updates from the French House mailing list. Without further ado, let me introduce you to...

Abby B. '17 (recently declared Course 2: Mechanical Engineering)

Hey Abby! Where are you as you reply to this email?

I am currently replying to you as I eat a brownie from a mug (an activity I highly suggest) in my apartment in Boston, almost directly beneath the Citgo sign.

A brownie in a mug! I'll have to try that sometime. What are you doing this summer?

This summer I am participating in a UROP through the MIT Energy Initiative, where I am using MATLAB to help develop a mathematical model of the electric properties of carbon nanotube/cement composites. Since carbon nanotubes change resistivity when pressure is applied to them, our hope is to be able to use that property to keep track of how composites containing carbon nanotubes hold up under strain in real-life structures. It... read the post »


Jun 24 2014

A bear encounter and a wild cow-milking contest

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I'm currently in Missoula, Montana: hometown of ze boyfriend.

When I arrived, he suggested that I borrow his sister's mountain bike for the summer. I hopped on the bike with the following points in mind:

  • The last time I owned a bike, I was nine years old,
  • The last time I felt comfortable riding a bike, I was nine years old, and
  • In the past decade I have ridden a bike exactly twice: once on an eighth grade field trip (I lost control of the bike and threw myself off before it fell into a rock pit) and once in Albuquerque the summer after I graduated from high school (I lost control of the bike and slammed head-first into a bush),

With a lot of coaxing, I managed to wobble (screeching) down the sidewalk to a gyro cafe and back. Two days later, I managed to transport myself down a riverside bike path.  Apparently my performance was worthy of leveling up, because a few days later I found myself in the passenger seat of Raphael's '88 Mercedes, two mountain bikes mounted... read the post »