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Apr 11 2018

CPW Events We’re Pumped For!

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CPW is a very exciting time and it's hard to believe that it's already been two years since ours! But CPW is honestly just as fun for undergrads here as it is for pre-frosh, so we are all just as hyped as you are! Here is a small sampling of events in our dorm Next House and Other Events from clubs/groups that we are part of!

Next House Events

But first a little bit about Next House. Next is awesome! It's full of nerds, musicians, artists, actors, weebs, gamers, bakers, builders, DnD(ers?), and so many more. All of these awesome people have been working on a ton of events! We just wanted to highlight two that we think you really should NOT miss out on!

Next Big Thing Presents: The aMAZEing Space

Are you sick of getting lost looking for events? Instead, get lost in this year’s Next Big Thing, the aMAZEing Space. 1,920 Square Feet of adventure, wrong turns, and galactic conquest awaits in the Next House courtyard.

Next house has a really large courtyard. When it’s not... read the post »


Apr 8 2018

Tag Yourself

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we have many tote bags. our freindos have commented on our many tote bags. they have even called us suburban moms. we don't disagree. we made a meme with them - karen c.'20, katherine c. '19, nia m. '20, charlotte m. '20, caroline b. '21. 

tag yourself. we'll go first. allan is el bolso. danny is butttote.


Mar 30 2018

Visual Arts @ MIT

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Throughout high school we loved drawing, painting, animation, fibers, etc., but were only ever able to practice those things independently, because for 9th and 10th grade, we were in the music program of the arts high school we went to, and for 11th and 12th grade, we transferred to a purely academic high school. So, we really wanted college to have classes that teach, communities that center around, and clubs that do visual art things. After finding out we were adMITted, one doubt we both had before comMITing was that MIT woudn’t have those things. MIT does a great job sharing and publicizing all the STEM that goes on here with the world (it is a technical institute after all), but a less great job (though actively improving) at communicating about the vibrant art community here.

Being members of the visual arts community here, we are writing this to share all the awesome ways that we have gotten involved in the arts here*. For the artsy admits, who are questioning if/how they... read the post »


Mar 12 2018

Getting My MIT Decision on Pi Day Pie

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this comic was inspired by the pie invention scenes in Waitress the Musical


Mar 9 2018


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This is the first half of this post and it was written March 5th, 2018 about our second time seeing waitress on March 3rd, 2018. If you haven't read the part that was posted before this, scroll down to the line!

The last thing you heard from us was - and we quote -

-D.A. Twins 2/25/2018

(we imagine our words echoing after we throw them into the void of the interwebs…also shamelessly quoting ourselves in same post that this quote comes from)

Well we held our end of the promise, and did in fact see waitress again this past Saturday!!! We invited our friend Charlotte M. ‘20 after having an angsty conversation at around 2 am in our angsty messenger chat that has an angsty title that shall not be named. Then, at the end of a meeting of a club we’re all part of, we invited Caroline B. ‘21, Charlotte’s... read the post »