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Jan 11 2018

Speed Walking

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For winter break and the first half of IAP, we are in North Miami, Florida. We’re relaxing, making some art, some animation, cooking with our mom, cleaning around the house, meeting up with high school friends, spending time with our family, and also speed walking.

During the semester, exercising is honestly not nearly as high up as it probably should be (read: is unfortunately the very last thing) on our priority list. It’s even below matching our socks in pairs. And we have been walking in mismatched socks every day for almost a year now. (Freshman fall was a different, more virtuous time.)

Because semesters are very sedentary for us, we have been making an effort this break to try to move a little. Since we don’t like most forms of exercise and used to go on walks with our mom frequently, changing those walks to speed-walks was a fairly simple transition. Most of these sessions take place on this really nice, 1.25ish mile, linear path by our building, totalling the whole... read the post »


Dec 30 2017

We Were Deferred

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MIT was our dream school. The blogs were one of the main reasons for that. We read the blogs religiously throughout high school. We followed the tails of the bloggers, laughed at their jokes (or in the case of Ceri’s vlogs, her friend’s jokes too), cheered at their accomplishments, and sympathized with their struggles. Their experiences, although adding up to only a small sample of MIT experiences, painted a beautifully complex, diverse, flawed, and unique depiction of MIT, an MIT we saw ourselves living and learning in.

We dreamed about applying all throughout high school, questioned if our test scores were good enough, stressed if the activities we did were the “right” ones, imagined our interviews hundreds of times before they happened, and thought about them endlessly after they happened to try to remember if we said everything we wanted to.

Early Action decision day was on a Wednesday for us. We honestly can’t remember anything extremely special or specific or memorable or... read the post »


Dec 23 2017

we are twins ... but ARE OUR AGENDAS?!?

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Allan: These are the little notebooks that literally organize our entire lives (at least during the semester). Lots of people use Google Calendar or other similar online planning apps/websites, but we just like using physical agendas more. For one, it’s fun to buy a new one each year with a cute new cover! This year, mine (the one on the right), had a plastic pocket to put in any design you want. So, I printed out one of my favorite backgrounds from Steven Universe! Another reason I like physical agendas is because I like to very excessively cross out tasks as soon as they’re done. Friends who’ve seen my agenda have been amused by just how *much* I cross out items, especially when compared to the way Danny crosses out items. I guess in this sense, our agendas are more like cousins or even distant relatives as opposed to twins lol

Danny: As Allan said, we’ve both always gotten new agendas at the beginning of each school year. But while Allan has consistently filled up... read the post »


Nov 21 2017

friday was a good day

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~written last friday about last friday~

Today was a really happy day. It’s days like these that make us remember why we love it here so much.

(The first part of our day that made it a happy day wasn’t at MIT, but its part of our ~MIT experience~ so we’re including it anyways)

1. We had our Animation class in MassArt and it was super fun, as always. We had a really long critique session (which is basically when everyone in the class views and gives feedback on everyone’s weekly work). This week’s assignments were the first ones where we had to include sound, which gives animated work a whole new depth and quality, so it was a particularly enjoyable and refreshing crit session. Then we had our screenings on animatics (the topic of the class today) where our teacher showed us animatics from Legend of Korra, Steven Universe and Ratatouille. Like, if there ever was a set screenings that perfectly summed up everything we love in animation it was these screenings. And the most... read the post »


Nov 10 2017

Making Decisions

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For this blog, we are going to try something new with format. Instead of writing in one collective voice, as we have done for our past blogs, we are going to… well, you’ll see.

Danny: “Now, I don't know” is how the musical we’re currently listening to, Ghost Quartet, starts, and it's also how most of our conversations for the past two weeks have started.

Allan: Wow, this is actually super apt. I literally just turned on Ghost Quartet because it’s the musical we are currently obsessing over, not even realizing that the first song is LITERALLY describing how we feel.

Danny: These “I dont know” conversations have been about both of our indecisiveness about dropping 6.042, Math for Computer Science.

Allan: So let’s start from the first time we began thinking about dropping the class -- as soon as we got our results from exam 2. This was the exam we both did w o r s t on so far in our entire time here. Besides being a punch in the face, because of the fact that we spent ~12 hours... read the post »