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Mar 12 2018

Getting My MIT Decision on Pi Day Pie

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this comic was inspired by the pie invention scenes in Waitress the Musical


Mar 9 2018


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This is the first half of this post and it was written March 5th, 2018 about our second time seeing waitress on March 3rd, 2018. If you haven't read the part that was posted before this, scroll down to the line!

The last thing you heard from us was - and we quote -

-D.A. Twins 2/25/2018

(we imagine our words echoing after we throw them into the void of the interwebs…also shamelessly quoting ourselves in same post that this quote comes from)

Well we held our end of the promise, and did in fact see waitress again this past Saturday!!! We invited our friend Charlotte M. ‘20 after having an angsty conversation at around 2 am in our angsty messenger chat that has an angsty title that shall not be named. Then, at the end of a meeting of a club we’re all part of, we invited Caroline B. ‘21, Charlotte’s... read the post »


Feb 18 2018

Class of 2020 Ring Premiere!

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Written by Danny

The Brass Rat is one of MIT’s most iconic symbols. Like you know something’s legitimately famous when it has it’s own wiki. But it’s more than just famous. To MIT students, it’s a symbol that we made it halfway through MIT, which is no small feat! 

Ring Premiere is one of those events that all sophomores look forward to. During the actual event, the Ring Committee reveals the designs of our class year’s ring that they had been working tirelessly to create. It’s a time to get together with your fellow sophomores on your dorm hall/wing/entry/house/floor, your frat, your sorority, your independent living group, etc. and celebrate and show your community spirit! And one of the main ways people do this is by dressing up! My living community, 3E in Next House, decided to wear our Danger Third Rail (how 3E is affectionately referred to) t-shirts (which you can't really see because we all had multiple layers on because Boston weather)!

from left to right: Karen C.... read the post »


Feb 13 2018

2nd Half of IAP

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For the first half of IAP, we were speed walking to prepare for the spring semester. But for the second half, we arrived on campus and did some stuff! In no particular order, here is a list:

1) We went on an errand run with our mom (she was visting us), and got side tracked along the way! Look at the frozen river! and ducks! and geese!

close up of frozen river!

2) We saw Mary and the Witch's Flower, the first movie of the brand new Studio Ponoc, with our equally-ghibli-obsessed-friend Nia M. '20!! As expected from a company that is essentially the second Studio Ghibli, the visuals were absolutely stunning! Like the beauty of the animation alone will make you cry (at least it made us cry).

cameo: person eating popcorn

3) We went on another errand run. The sky was really pretty!

4) We saw the Shakespeare Ensemble’s production of Go Back for Murder also with Nia (no selfie for this time)! But OMG, we were all on the edge of our seats the whole time. Also, the... read the post »


Jan 11 2018

Speed Walking

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For winter break and the first half of IAP, we are in North Miami, Florida. We’re relaxing, making some art, some animation, cooking with our mom, cleaning around the house, meeting up with high school friends, spending time with our family, and also speed walking.

During the semester, exercising is honestly not nearly as high up as it probably should be (read: is unfortunately the very last thing) on our priority list. It’s even below matching our socks in pairs. And we have been walking in mismatched socks every day for almost a year now. (Freshman fall was a different, more virtuous time.)

Because semesters are very sedentary for us, we have been making an effort this break to try to move a little. Since we don’t like most forms of exercise and used to go on walks with our mom frequently, changing those walks to speed-walks was a fairly simple transition. Most of these sessions take place on this really nice, 1.25ish mile, linear path by our building, totalling the whole... read the post »