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Danny and Allan G. '20

Sep 7 2017

Our FAPnomenol Start of Sophomore Year!

Posted in: Miscellaneous, Life & Culture

Hello! Wow, we can’t believe we’re actually writing this thing that you are reading right now, because we’re obsessed with these blogs! Now we’re writing here, and that’s just crazy! So before anything else, we just want to say that we will try our absolute best to provide helpful, authentic, and enjoyable content in the next couple years as bloggers past and present have done for us! Also *virtual hugs* for being our audience!

It’s probably clear from our avatar, but we are going to be blogging as a duo! That’s some pretty new territory on these blogs, but for us it’s something we’re really used to, because we'd already been twin blogging (as we like to call it) for all of high school, and we’ve been twins, well, our entire lives. Lots of people find it hard to tell us apart (and that’s reasonable -- we look alike, have really similar interests, and pull things like this whole twin blogging thing -- so we honestly don’t mind people not knowing who’s who). It’s pretty funny... read the post »