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Danny and Allan G. '20

Jun 5 2018

Semester Reflections

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This past semester has been different than any of our other semesters at MIT (and even any of our years in K-12), in that we only took ONE class together!

Not all twins are like this, but we just happened to always have very similar academic interests, and so we've always taken the same classes (often the timing of our schedules were different, but our courses were always the same).

Having similar academic interests is not what changed this semester though.

At MIT, combined with cross-registering, there are just so many freaking cool classes! Plus our major (Humanities and Engineering) is extremely flexible! So as opposed to in K-12, when there were only sooo many classes that we found interesting and that met requirements, we now have the option to BOTH have schedules we enjoy and that are different.

Granted, we’ve had this option for the past three semesters and have taken advantage of it to an extent in freshman spring and sophomore fall. But after three semesters, we... read the post »


May 29 2018

Our Room (formerly, THE Sal Khan’s Room) is Being Converted into WiFi!

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It all started one day in the fall semester, when Danny was in CMS.100 (Intro to Comparative Media Studies). The professor handed out teacher evaluation forms and left the classroom. Around the same time, an email got sent out to the both of us and to two others who live in a double on the third floor of Next House, specifically in Safety Third (the counterpart to our wing, Danger Third Rail). One of the two in the Safety Third double happened to be in the same CMS.100 class as Danny. As soon as the professor left the room, she turned to Danny and said, "Did you get the email? Our rooms are being turned into WiFi!" 

... we are, 7 months later and in Florida, already parted ways with our room of 3 semesters, making this blog post about how, indeed, our double is one of two on the third floor in Next House being converted to some tech stuff to improve the Next House WiFi (that we never thought was bad in the first place?).

Though it probably sounds like we are or we... read the post »


May 25 2018

Sentimental Objects (part two)

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This is part 2 of a four part series spread across our four years at the 'tvte (for the first part, go here). Throughout the school year, we like to collect things that we are too attached to to throw away. We put these things in a ceramic, mushroom-shaped container (which we affectionately refer to as our memory mushroom), and when it overflows (which it inevitably does), we pile the stuff next to it.

At the end of the year, we like to go through all of the stuff we collected, and reflect on the memories associated with each item, which is what you see below!

1) The program for Yaoi on Fire, the fire spinning club’s summer and fall semester encore performance. It was based on one of our favorite animes, Yuri on Ice! And our really awesome friend was in it, performing with a sword that they machined!

2) Sticky notes with beautifully wholesome messages we got from our lovely freshman (that we counseled in Freshman Arts Program) during the last dinner of the week in Unos!... read the post »


May 5 2018

Quantifying Angst

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Three weeks ago in 6.009 (Fundamentals of Programming), we had to code a lab called Autocomplete. It was about implementing a data structure called a Trie (pronounced either “try” or “tree” depending on who you ask), which is “a type of search tree that stores an associative array (a mapping from keys to values).”

One of the functions that we had to implement takes in any text file and spits out a list of tuples of all the words in that file and their respective frequencies of occurrence.

So if the input to this function is a text file that contains: “hi hi hi hi hi bye bye”

then this will be the output: [(“hi”, 5), (“bye”, 2)]

After we submitted the lab, we thought about the power of this function and what we can do with it! What if we can somehow make our text messages into a text file and feed it into this function to see what words we use most frequently in our day to day lives?!

We immediately thought of doing this to the group chat we have with our friend Charlotte... read the post »


Apr 27 2018

Class of 2020 Ring Delivery

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Boston Public Library - Venue of the Class of 2020 Ring Delivery

photo cred: Nick P. '20

Written by Danny

Getting a Brass Rat marks the (almost) halfway point of getting through MIT. It marks many psets and exams and essays and projects. It marks low points and high points, good times and bad. It marks many late nights and early morning and some late nights that turned into early mornings. It marks two.. whole… years… I can’t believe that 3 whole semesters have come and gone and the fourth is almost at a close. But it happened. And Ring Delivery was this past friday.

Ring Delivery is essentially this really fancy event where the sophomores gather in a big fancy place, eat fancy food, dance, and take a bunch of pictures ranging from snapchat level fancy to professional photographer level fancy. But in my case, I mostly ran around and took pictures (as displayed below).

Side Note: Allan is not in the first few (because we don't like him haha jk). No, it’s because as a... read the post »