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Danny and Allan G. '20

Nov 10 2017

Making Decisions

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For this blog, we are going to try something new with format. Instead of writing in one collective voice, as we have done for our past blogs, we are going to… well, you’ll see.

Danny: “Now, I don't know” is how the musical we’re currently listening to, Ghost Quartet, starts, and it's also how most of our conversations for the past two weeks have started.

Allan: Wow, this is actually super apt. I literally just turned on Ghost Quartet because it’s the musical we are currently obsessing over, not even realizing that the first song is LITERALLY describing how we feel.

Danny: These “I dont know” conversations have been about both of our indecisiveness about dropping 6.042, Math for Computer Science.

Allan: So let’s start from the first time we began thinking about dropping the class -- as soon as we got our results from exam 2. This was the exam we both did w o r s t on so far in our entire time here. Besides being a punch in the face, because of the fact that we spent ~12 hours... read the post »


Oct 22 2017

Sometimes you just gotta relax

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The week of Monday, 10/2 – Friday, 10/6 was very, very difficult. We were both sick, had a super long and challenging 6.00 pset (literally stayed in office hours for 15 hours), a 6.042 pset (wouldn’t have been able to do it had our freaking amazing friend not helped us from 11pm - 2am the night before it was due), Danny had a CMS.100 essay, Allan had a Ring Comm Study Break to help plan, and we were assigned 8 – we repeat E I G H T – animation assignments. So the long weekend Saturday, 10/7 – Tuesday, 10/10, could not have come at a better time! 

While the weekend was FAR better than the week (just by the fact that it was a weekend, and we actually could sleep in… sleep is wonderful), we were still very, very busy. Here’s why (sidenote: left out boring basic human functions like eating, but those did happen, don’t worry!) (sidenote 2: the numbers in parenthesis correspond to notes at the end of the post) :

10:30am – Borderline Exec meeting to plan for our first general... read the post »


Sep 29 2017

Sentimental Objects (part one)

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We are very sentimental people. Not like the keeps-every-birthday-card-in-a-cute-box-sentimental type. More like borderline-hoarders-that-have-to-assess-the-potential-value-of-a-random-reciept-sentimental-types. We’ve always kind of been like this, and it wasn’t a problem in high school, because our mom kept us in check organiztion wise (read: she threw away all the trash we wanted to keep). But entering college as adults^TM, we knew we’d eventually have to solve the issue ourselves. Lucky for us, very soon after our freshman year started, Anastassia B. ’16 was moving and decided to give us a bag of things she no longer needed, but thought we might find useful. Well, she was right! Because among those items was a fairly large hollow ceramic mushroom. And since the beginning of freshman fall, we’ve been collecting our sentimental objects in it. And have been referring to it as our Memory Mushroom (not to be mistaken with friendly mushroom, though we hope our memory mushroom is also... read the post »


Sep 20 2017

How to (Im)properly Cross Registrar

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Among all the classes that MIT offers, it’s almost impossible to narrow them down to just 4 at the beginning of each semester (or 5 for the over-achievers or 6 for the eventually sleep-deprived). Well, at least we thought it would be, since our semesters are no longer clogged with GIRs. 

But actually, to our surprise, having a “plan” and a “major” and a course road “filled” up (quotation marks because neither of us have future vision), actually did make it fairly simple to choose our classes.

We’re taking
6.00 – Intro to Computer Science and Programming (bleh so far)
6.042 – Math for Computer Science (just had our first exam, so bleh^2)
CMS.100 – Intro to Comparative Media Studies (v interesting conversations bi weekly)
AND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Animation 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re super excited about this last class, because we’ve been dipping our toes into the art form for the past year now with some... read the post »


Sep 7 2017

Our FAPnomenol Start of Sophomore Year!

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Hello! Wow, we can’t believe we’re actually writing this thing that you are reading right now, because we’re obsessed with these blogs! Now we’re writing here, and that’s just crazy! So before anything else, we just want to say that we will try our absolute best to provide helpful, authentic, and enjoyable content in the next couple years as bloggers past and present have done for us! Also *virtual hugs* for being our audience!

It’s probably clear from our avatar, but we are going to be blogging as a duo! That’s some pretty new territory on these blogs, but for us it’s something we’re really used to, because we'd already been twin blogging (as we like to call it) for all of high school, and we’ve been twins, well, our entire lives. Lots of people find it hard to tell us apart (and that’s reasonable -- we look alike, have really similar interests, and pull things like this whole twin blogging thing -- so we honestly don’t mind people not knowing who’s who). It’s pretty funny... read the post »