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Apr 8 2016

Grey and Other Colors

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For those of you curious about life after MIT, I recently wrote this blog to share some of my thoughts. I've gotten lots of love and feedback from fellow alums who have felt similar things. It's a reminder that MIT truely is a special place- alive at all hours with people tinkering and filled with some of the most passionate people you'll ever have the pleasure of getting to know. Hope it provides some perspective from life on the other side of the beaver (we flip our brass rats around after graduation). 


A couple weeks ago, my friend pointed out that I had finally hit the 6 month mark at my job. Wow. Well here we are. 6 months of moving to a new place, falling in and out of love with SF, trying to stay afloat in the deep end that is my job, and connecting with polar opposites that become your closest friends. This is life- it’s messy, unexpected, and beautiful all at the same time.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about time and how I’ve been spending it.... read the post »


Apr 9 2015

TBT: The Science of Chocolate

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(Sorry if you were expecting to read more about MIT, but exploring outside the MIT bubble is an important part of being a student here!)

One of the best things about going to school at MIT is that you get to live in an amazing urban environment (aka Cambridge/Boston) where there's always a TON of things going on. Since it's my senior year and I have this intense fear of missing out, I've definitely made an effort to get out and explore! Even if that means making the trek down Massachusetts Avenue towards the other school down the street...

Occasionally, cool things happen at Harvard. The only Harvard class I've ever been interested in trying to take (but know I could never get into due to its popularity) is this class called "Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to the Science of Soft Matter." Even though I'd never be able to take the class, anyone can get in on the action by going to these public lectures that are associated with the class lecture from the week. What's... read the post »


Mar 12 2015


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Fear Of Missing Out or FOMO.
I think that's the best way to describe my Senior Spring semester. As cliche as it sounds, time really does goes by so quickly.

However, I've felt inspired to maximize my remaining time here at MIT. So like any good Type A personality, I've made a list of goals for this semester:

  1. Be less lazy. Yes, it's freezing cold outside. Yes, you might not be able to feel your face or fingers. But you have to leave the house to carpe diem. 
  2. Help make MIT a better place. Every day, I've tried to do one nice, unexpected thing for someone. I think it's important to let the people in your life know that you appreciate them. 
  3. Worry less & enjoy the ride. A couple weeks ago, I had the most stressful Friday I've had since the semester started. I had a surprise about my lab that forced me to stay up late the night before. I had a lot of work that was half done but due later that day. The buses weren't running regularly due to the 3 ft tall piles of snow on... read the post »


Mar 2 2015


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One of the amazing things about going to a techy school like MIT is that there are always tons of opportunities to apply what you know while building something awesome. Some people do it through UROPs. Some people do it through clubs. Some people do it through hackathons. Hackathons are usually a one day event (some run for a full 24 hours, some less) where teams are presented with an opportunity to come up with an idea and actually make it. Some are more free form and allow teams to create a solution to a problem they define. Others are more focused and have everyone work on developing a solution to the same challenge.

This past weekend, I took part in my first hackathon- The Assistive Technologies Hackathon (or ATHack for short). The goal of ATHack was to pair teams of MIT students with people living with disabilities to solve a problem in the home. It's a unique opportunity to put our engineering skills to the test and help improve someone's life.

I've always felt that most... read the post »


Dec 25 2014

A White Christmas

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My family isn't really into traditions. We don't celebrate many holidays because a lot of our extended family doesn't live within a drivable distance. However, the one tradition that my family does have is our annual ski trip over winter break.

This year was no exception, so my family packed up our winter clothing and headed to Colorado to spend a week in the snowy mountains.
(I always find it funny that I look forward to going home over break to escape the Boston weather, but spend half of the break in arguably worse weather than the Boston weather.)

This winter break has been an actual break for me this year- it seems like almost every other holiday is cluttered with things I said I'd do during the semester and didn't have time to do. But with things lining up now, I can finally take the time to decompress and enjoy spending time with my family.

I don't know if there are that many sensations in the world that can compare to skiing. When you're on the slope, it's just you... read the post »