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Apr 13 2017

Sport CPW

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CPW has come and gone, and it’s left all the students of MIT with sunny weather for this week. I should preface this by saying: I love CPW. I organized CPW in my dorm last year. It is one of my favorite times of the school year, because I love having silly events and meeting excited prefrosh. I also love my dorm, Senior Haus, and I’ve written about it before. Mix the two together and you just get a really excitable and energetic version of myself for one weekend.

I didn’t get many pictures for two reasons: one, a lot of our events are discussions or activities relating to what can be sensitive or private material, and students come here seeking a safe space, so, we definitely don’t snap pictures of those. And second, I’m really forgetful and can never remember to take photos. Regardless, I’ve compiled what I have, and for what I don’t, I wrote the best descriptions I could. So, in a particular, but not chronological, order, here are some of the events we had at Senior Haus:

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Apr 5 2017

A World of Pure Curation

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In February, I interviewed Holly H. ’18, about her art gallery in the Student Center. Holly is a Comparative Media Studies major, skilled photographer, writer, fimographer, and visual artist. On top of that, she is also an MIT Arts Scholar. So, what do you get when you combine these all together? One multimedia experience that is both a deeper look into her personal life, and strikingly politically charged. The exhibit, which was up for the month of February, was created and curated by her (with some art contributions from another student). Our interview is transcribed below, but first, here’s some notable parts and video work of the exhibition:


What’s the name of your gallery, Holly?

  • Holly: Well it’s funny you ask. I couldn’t think of what to call it, and so it became desperate because it was like the day before, and so I Googled “How to Name your Exhibition”, and apparently there’s a WikiHow article called “WikiHow: How to Name Your Solo Exhibition”. And... read the post »


Nov 2 2016

“Failing” at MIT

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For a lot of incoming MIT students, the story is the same. Four relatively easy years of high school seem to fly by; SAT’s, ACT’s, TGIF’s, BYOB’s, and a whole slew of other acronyms leave you with a warm, tingly feeling that makes you tear up a bit during graduation. Or maybe the story has some variations: you don’t cry, but instead, silently cheer because you’re finally starting something new. Regardless, the end (or is it the beginning?) is the same: you come to MIT, most likely as a freshman, bright-eyed, confident, and on top of the world. So, now, this may be the moment where you have to immerse yourself into this persona if this isn’t you, so I’ve tried my best, through one of my favorite mediums, short stories:

I go to M-I-expletive-T,
a girl thinks to herself on the first day of classes. She’s dreamt about this moment ever since she first saw the acronym MIT in half of the articles on Popular Science. She is on Cloud Nine, wispy streams of vapor following her shoes... read the post »


Oct 6 2016

Curbing Hunger at MIT

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Being a college student in a dorm means finally having to decide how and what you want to eat for the next 4+ years. For some, it’s as simple as picking which dining hall you want to go to. For others, it’s a confusing mess of “Where do I start? How do I start? When will I have time to start?” I’ve been through it. It doesn’t have to be a hair pulling mess, because in the end, food is great. I like food, you like food. So let’s get this show on the road.*

A Couple of Doors Down (cooking is fun, too)

Taking charge in the kitchen isn’t quite as hard as it looks. While it may be easy to fall back on the sweet embrace of instant ramen, easy mac, and frozen dinners, cooking is the kind of skill you’ll be glad you learned in college. After that, in twenty years, it’ll be hard to explain to your doctor why you solely eat food that comes from a box. Plus, when you’re not on a meal plan, it becomes your cheapest option. So now, you’re probably thinking, “Cooking? I’ve never cooked a day... read the post »


Jun 12 2016

A Home, not just a Haus

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Picture this, it is the summer time, and I am finally free from the stresses of MIT. There are no more PSETs I must frantically worry about handing in on time, there are no more days where I have to worry about scheduling eating and cooking within my busy schedule, and there are no more days where I lose sleep worrying about how I’m doing in school. My stress has melted away into a newfound excitement for the future, for REX week, for living in a suite with friends next semester, and adding new freshman into a community that I cherished so much. Now picture me, it is the summer time. I try to believe that stress doesn’t change me, so the bubbly, excitable, carefree girl I’m telling you to picture isn’t so different from winter-me. I’m on the train heading into the depths of New York City, about to venture into the Museum of Modern Art with a friend from Senior Haus. Despite being a New York native all my life, this is the first time I’m riding the subway alone. The signal on the... read the post »