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I remember when I was applying to colleges, as soon as I felt stressed out or needed inspiration the MIT student blogs would be the first place I would go, what with all the crazy stories and tales of escapades. In fact, I was so inspired that I applied to be a blogger…but I was rejected. Since then, I’ve had a series of other crises: I questioned my major, my plans for life, the meaning of existence, what to order at Starbucks, and eventually what lies beyond the horizon of our universe. But no matter where I end up on the scale of existentialism, I take comfort knowing that I can always come back to the blogs and read someone else’s thoughts on the exact same topic.

The blogs are a collection of some of the best examples of Big Brain thinking, combined with some of the freshest memes on the market. It is an archive that is honestly more like a deep deep deep cavern of wisdom and whimsicality and witchcraft that hold some of the best secrets of the universe. In this little book alone you can read about rats on tanks, hikes with waterfalls, and building heat sensitive spoons. I remember thinking, here were all these people doing amazing things that I want to do too! And now that I’m here, I’m so glad I applied because it is all true.

I hope you give them a read, and love them just as much! ٩(◕‿◕)۶ 

Yours truly,

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Emily Han ’22
Blogger in my dreams


Allan tells us what’s made MIT stand out over his four years there, from the kinds of people he’s encountered to the surprises he’s experienced along the way.

It Ends

Krystal takes us through her Last Day of School as an MIT student, and discusses moving on to the next chapter in her life.


It can be difficult to describe MIT and accurately capture the fullness of this place—but we think this blog by CJ is a great place to start when answering, “How’s MIT?”

21 Firsts

Vincent came to the US from Nigeria to study at MIT, and with that came a lot of “firsts.” In this post, he takes us through all of these firsts—from his first time building a robot to his first time eating a burrito!


What does it mean to be part of a global, international campus? And what is a cannoli? Veronica ruminates on these questions, and others, as she chronicles her process of acclimating to life in the US after moving from Nairobi, Kenya.

2024 Ring Premiere!

Every class at MIT gets their own customized “Brass Rat,” a brass class ring that they get to design! Mel N. went to the big reveal ceremony for his class’s Brass Rat, and wrote this blog post about it.

Young Guru & the Metropolitan Orchestra

“I’m never short on inspiration here, only short on time.” Blogger Natasha B. on one of her whirlwind weeks of arts experiences at MIT.

Ideate, Model, TEST!

MIT’s senior capstone mechanical engineering product design class (known as 2.009) has grown into a huge campus spectacle (it’s the closest thing at MIT to the campus spirit-unifying atmosphere of a football game). In this blog, Michael C. gives us a play-by-play of what it’s like in the weeks leading up to the event.

This Day, the Year I Applied

Yuliya K. writes a letter to her past high school self about the things she wished she had focused on more in high school, and the things that turned out to not be that big of a deal after she left the hallways of high school.