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Aug 7 2014

Reflecting on 10 Years and Lessons Learned

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Happy 1010th

Happy 10th birthday, blogs!!! I made you a cake! (With help from Random Hall's 40th Birthday Hack.) 

Birthdays are special times. Times for cakes, celebrations, and sometimes songs. They are also a natural point to look back and reflect. This year is not only the blogs' 10th birthday, but also the 10th anniversay of my MIT journey. 10 years ago today, I was just about to start my senior year of high school, and everything that came with it - classes, activities, tests, applications, decisions...

If I look back and remember where I thought my life would go, I wasn't even close. I would've guessed that I would attend UW Madison (wrong), triple major (typical MIT frosh ambitions), become a lawyer (wrong), and be married with kids within 5-10 years (not yet). I had no idea that I would bike halfway across the country, build robots, or do work in five countries. I also had no idea that I could ever fail a test, accidentally set myself on fire while trying to cook, or contract... read the post »


Mar 21 2010

Are people on the East Coast friendly?

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When I applied to MIT, I didn't consider whether the people of Boston would be as friendly as the people of Wisconsin. I probably wouldn't have given it a second (or first) thought, except for a conversation I had with my school librarian. She asked me what I would be doing the next year, and I told her about MIT. Unlike most people I had told, her reaction wasn't just to congratulate me. She said "... but... aren't people on the East Coast a bit... unfriendly?"

Now, to be fair, I still can't answer that question entirely. Most MIT students don't leave campus much. There are so many awesome people to meet and activities to try (and so much work to do) at MIT that I haven't spent a whole lot of time in Boston. That's actually point number 1: This isn't a very important question to answer, because MIT is the community you will spend most of your time in, and it is plenty friendly.

As for Boston though, it might help to share a few anecdotes to give you a picture of what the city... read the post »

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Mar 7 2010

MIT Quidditch: The Best Thing EVER?

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Today. I. Joined. Quidditch.

The awesomeness is still sinking in. This afternoon was the first warm, sunny, beautiful day we've had here for a while. I bike year-round, but today was the first time since fall that I went on a bike ride for fun, instead of just to get to class. After exploring the Minuteman trail (including a statue of Uncle Sam; did you know that the original Uncle Sam was born near Boston?) I headed to MIT's campus to take some pictures of MIT"s newest sport. I started out as an observer, but soon got caught up in the magic and was flying (er, running) around a soccer field on a broom.

Today's practice was mostly about getting used to moving on the broom and handling the ball with just one hand (since the other holds on to the broom). We used a volleyball as our quaffle. We haven't practiced with them yet, but we have dodgeballs for bludgers. We also have a cross country running who has volunteered to dress in gold and play the snitch. The snitch is allowed... read the post »

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Feb 10 2010

Where do Trees Come From?

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In my continuing quest to obtain a teaching certificate through MIT's excellent STEP program, I am taking two teaching courses this semester. 11.125 focuses more on theory and 11.131 focuses on practical issues. For instance, 11.125 is more likely to talk about whether the tests you write for students are formative or summative, and 11.129 is more likely to talk about how to keep students from cheating on them.

Yesterday in 11.125, we talked a little bit about trees. As you know, they grow from seeds, much like this one.

Photo courtesy of

And of course if you wait a few years they get quite large...

Photo courtesy of

So, the question we were asked in class is, where does that huge increase in mass come from?

I want to hear your answers and reasoning in the comments... just think about it; no Wikipedia!

I also want your input on something else for 11.125. I need to sit in on some class at MIT as an impartial observer and... read the post »

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Nov 25 2009

MIT Women’s Soccer

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When I came to MIT I joined the marching band. We played at all sorts of sporting events, some of which I had never seen before. I saw lacrosse, water polo and crew competitions for the first time. I joined the intramural pistol team and came to appreciate the huge variety of sporting opportunities available at MIT for students at many levels of mastery. But given that I didn't even know what the rules were for a lot of the sports I was watching (i.e. water polo), it was hard to know how good MIT's varsity teams really are. I just found out.

This year, MIT's Women's Soccer team won their conference, NEWMAC! NEWMAC is a conference including Babson, Clark, Smith, Wellesley, Wheaton, Mount Holyoke, WPI, and of course MIT. After winning their conference, the MIT team went to the NCAA Championship tournament for the first time in program history. They were knocked out of the tournament by Rowan University. This week, I met with two players from this year's Championship team to... read the post »

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