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Aug 13 2014

Bumps, slumps, trips, and ...

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Ah, 2014, a year full of bumps, slumps, trips, and ... cycles?

When you don't blog for a long time, you lose your ability to rhyme. Not that rhyming's necessary, but it was always a crutch for me.

I digress. Let's kick the old crutches to the curb as well (overabundant ellipses and (still) parentheticals. Off to a rocking start).

I'm sure at this point, you've all heard plenty of life updates and reflections on the MIT (and post-MIT) experience. Identifying as a hipster-sans-the-fashion, I'm inclined to do something different, but as a last-minute blogger, I'm not going to! I'll start with a picture.

It is 2014, and an embarrassment to engineers everywhere that the cameras on my 2014 smartphone and my 7th grade palm pilot are equally potato.

This is a picture of my third apartment, the first place after MIT that feels like home. Like many other MIT ex-bloggers and MIT ex-pats, I live a stone's throw away in Cambridge's Central Square. My lifestyle has changed in ways... read the post »


Jul 17 2011

(Still) Celebrating the 150th!

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What's that? You think the celebrations ended with the Toast to Tech?

Pull yourself out from under that rock. I'm not talking about that silly little shindig; I'm talking about a different 150th!

That's right; this year, Anna's Taqueria is celebrating their 150th deciyear!

(You can groan, now.)

MIT is a fairly unique school when it comes to on-campus dining options; there's a huge cooking culture in many of the dorms, as students are not required to join the campus meal plan (although don't worry, parents and the I-have-to-buy-groceries?-type : there are dining dorms with dining halls and that nice ol' traditional mandatory-dining-plan that you know and love from all those other schools you've visited). However, when it comes to quick food at minimal investment and effort to yourself, I still think MIT's the place that can't be beat; the majority of my confidence in that statement comes from the friendly little place under the Student Center steps.

I don't know why the... read the post »

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Jun 10 2011

Recycle, Reuse, (Map) Reduce?

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Some people[1] say that you need to seriously rethink your life when your days don't end with grass stains on your knees. I'd like to suggest that grease, dust, and oil be added to that list, at least for those of us at MIT.

[1] Who'd have thought MIT doesn't own the rights to Calvin and Hobbes? Hmph. Guess I'll just have to reference the comic strip awkwardly inline.

As fun as it is to play outside, the time-honored sport of crufting (see: crvfting) is an important part of daily life at MIT.

Although you can easily furnish your dorm room with exquisite, handcrafted Scandinavian furniture from your favorite importer...

(I got a new bookshelf! I have a massive summer reading list that I cooked up... although it is strangely almost all nonfiction. *shrug*, guess I'm old...

Or very original, high-quality lighting from your local upscale retailer...

Target, okay?

You can also easily furnish your room with much more unique furniture, with significantly more dings and dents,... read the post »

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May 7 2011

How many engineers does it take to change a light bulb?

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Answer to the subtext: Meta-phor!

Also, a clue to the answer to the title of this entry.

If you haven't thrown up yet, hang on. My friends from high school are starting to come back to Boston for the summer, and my punny ways are a lot stronger when I'm around them; this entry is proof that a post could be hazardous to your mental health.

If you walk into it.

Did you see that coming? Well, too bad. That will only make the rest of this worse.

Before I get fired for writing a blog post containing only puns, however, allow me to write some content.

The answer to my riddle: It takes about 8000 engineers to change a (metaphorical) light bulb; 12 to play with the iPad (sigh), a few hundred for the fanfare, and a few thousand more to watch, eat cookies, and clap a lot.

I'm talking about the MIT 150 convocation! The subject of several recent entries (see below), MIT is currently celebrating its 150th anniversary; it's an awesome time to be in, at, and around MIT. There's all kinds of... read the post »

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Apr 4 2011

More than 9000 reasons

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Hi, prefrosh!

I assume that the bulk of our audience right now is students who are thinking about joining the class of 2015, and/or those admitted who don't mind the expense of traveling to boston for the weekend in exchange for free food. Which is totally an okay thing to do, by the way. When Olin College of Engineering asked me if I wanted to attend their candidates' weekend, an event similar to CPW with the major difference that the attendees have not been and will not all be admitted (in my mind, I viewed it as elimination round 2, and was hoping for Survivor-esque challenges during the weekend), I gave them an answer that somewhat sealed my fate. They were running out of space for Candidate's Weekend, and so basically asked me "would you like to be considered for a spot, or have you made a decision to go elsewhere?" I had been accepted to MIT about three weeks prior, and my decision was only between MIT and Olin; I asked my friends at Olin about Candidates' Weekend and sent the... read the post »

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