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Jan 17 2015

I Scrapbook Sometimes

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I wrote lightly about scrapbooking in my coping with anxiety blog post, but I did not get to post about any of my own pages. Here is a look into my life, and how I feel. My hopes and dreams, and my tremendous obsession with stickers. 

Sorry the pictures are so blurry! Lighting is difficult. Taking the pages out of their page protectors without hurting stickers is also difficult. Oops.

Have you noticed yet that I love stickers? Like, I really really really like stickers.

I hope you liked some of my pages. It really is relaxing and stress-reducing to sit down on the floor and put stickers on pages in pretty patterns and inspirational intentions. Making my scrapbook makes me feel better no matter what is going on and where I may be. So if you have some stickers and are feeling overwhelmed, get some pretty paper and give it a try. And if it isn't for you, well, I'm always taking sticker donations :)

And, as... read the post »


Jan 3 2015


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Ahh my IAP is going to be so cool!!!

There are quite a few things. First of all, IAP is MIT's Independent Activities Period, where MIT students have the whole month of January to do anything they want - from working at an awesome company to making teapots to throwing things off of roofs. 

I like lists. Here's my happy list of things to look forward to for IAP:

  • Mighty Mugs
  • Cocktails 101
  • FormLabs
  • Bad Ideas
  • Getting Better
  • Next Semester
  • Cats

So let's take this one by one.

Mighty Mugs


I was having my favorite caramel hot cider at Coffeehouse 1369 in Central Square with one of my favorite persons in the world - Claire L. '17 - when she brought up that there were ceramics classes offered during IAP and that we should take one together. We looked up the classes and were so excited to see that there was a mugs class - MUGS!! I love mugs!! One mug for me, one for my mom, one for my mom's best friend Joan - ALL THE MUGS! IT IS... read the post »


Dec 21 2014

High School Summer Research Programs

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A cat ran on my keyboard

So here is a link to MIT's list of summer programs at MIT and elsewhere, check it out! It really summarizes things well.

Acronyms I forgot:

  • UROP - Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program at MIT
  • MRSEC - Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
  • ISWEEEP - International Sustainable World Energy Engineering Environment Project Olympiad

Additional links:

I hope this helps!! Talking into a camera is awkward. CAT!!!!


Dec 18 2014

The Making of the Women of the East Side 2015 Calendar

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So many social medias

So much time

In summary, an awesome model-pretty-maker/organizer, Annie L. '15, a photographer, Raeez L. '14, and I set out to accomplish the impossible, with the help of numerous people including Erin K. '16 (our web designer), Amanda W. '15 (graphics/layout), and Piper L. (graphics/layout). 

I decided it would be a good time to start making (or restart the making of) a women of the east side calendar, a calendar that dates back about eight years created for the purpose of showing off some of the beautiful ladies of the east side of MIT's campus and culture and also raising money for the Big Jimmy Scholarship Fund.  The Fund goes to a student who lives on the east stide of campus, and the fund is named after a night watch guard who passed away many years ago that was beloved by the students of the East Side.

So I bring you behind the scenes photos. The following were taken by Raeez L. '14,... read the post »


Dec 17 2014

I Was Deferred

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Flash back to four years ago from this upcoming March 14th. I'm sitting on a train that took me from Washington D.C. where I had just met the president of the United States and pulled an all nighter chilling with my new best friends and a bunch of current and future nobel laureates. I get home exhausted, and I suddenly remember that the time was 6:24pm. I sluggishly made my way upstairs to my PC and log on to my computer, opening up the MyMIT page that I hadn't visited in a few months. I read the page once. I read it again. I changed my Facebook status. I told my mom I got into MIT. She said congratulations. I went to bed.

It took a few days/weeks to settle in. I got some congratulations at school - my best friend told me that some kids were betting on how long I would last at MIT. Gosh kids can be mean. Unfriended them on facebook, got a cat, hakuna matata.

And I got into MIT, but not everyone got into MIT, which is sad because there are a lot of really cool people who apply to... read the post »