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Nov 19 2014

My Day

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Lydia K. '14 challenged us bloggers to write about our days, inspired by Ana V. '15's post titled "1 day". I'll write about my Wednesday, and what has happened or is on the schedule to happen today.

My day started at 6am. My cat decided that sleeping next to me was boring and she wanted to play, so she started trying to eat my Brass Rat, which I keep on a chain around my neck. I then picked up the kitty, gave her a treat, played with her for a bit, and went back to sleep for a few hours.

At 9am, my phone alarm played the following song:


I snoozed it twice, and I finally woke up. I sprayed dry shampoo in my hair, and headed to MIT Medical, where I had a line of duties waiting for me.

My first duty was to take care of myself. I went to mental health & counseling at 10am, and I met with a counselor to talk about life. It's a nice break to go there and talk about things, and how to cope with the pressure that is MIT. 

So I had my appointment, and then I checked my email... read the post »


Nov 3 2014

Candies and Costumes and Pumpkins and CATS

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A typical day in East Campus. Okay, it was not quite typical. It was a little abnormal. It was Halloween.

I was surprised to see the lack of costumes worn during the day around MIT's campus. I personally was wearing a firefighter costume I bought off Amazon for a separate occasion, but I covered it with my favorite flannel shirt because I felt a little weird being out of the norm. It's strange that I still feel that way, like ever, after having dyed hair for more than six years now. I've always dressed out of the norm. Wearing just a flannel shirt is out of the norm.

Regardless, I covered my costume, went to a really cool meeting in the morning, went to my class, handed in my problem set, and went home and crashed/slept with my kitten until more meetings at 4pm. 

I was really tired. I slept <4 hours the night before because I was trying to finish some assignments/homework, and it really made me feel awful. Cat naps with my cat are fantastic.

But I left my kitty and went... read the post »


Oct 19 2014

For Those Weeks When You Just Cannot

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We all have those weeks. Some sort of tragedy happens - a death in the family, the death of a friend, the sadness of a friend, an angry anonymous email, the hospitalization of a friend or cat - these all are very varied and are of different significance to different people, but when things are already really stressful with classes and problem sets and extracurriculars, the negatives and the tragedies all add up to be, in a way, explosive. You cannot think. You cannot do work. You need help.

This week was a sad week for me. It was a short week, but the longest week I've had at MIT so far.

It started on a Monday night, and it feels like it never ended. I can't say what happened, but it was unfortunate. And no matter how many times you tell yourself that it will all be okay, and no matter how many times you believe it when you tell yourself it will all be okay, it is really hard to actually feel okay.

So I took a break. I only had one recitation and a few other committments for... read the post »


Oct 7 2014

When MIT Gets Tough, CAAAATTTT

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This past weekend, I rushed my mom and sister to come visit me at MIT because I was feeling particularly stressed out and at a loss for how to deal with MIT. I was stressed, I was upset, and I made a completely rational and reasonable major life decision.


Her name is RORY (like Loralai from Gilmore Girls!!) and she is adorable and I love her so much and I will love her forever! She's already claimed my bed and my heart.

I want to sit and cuddle her and she's all okay with getting squished and loved and it is fantastic. She purrs when you cuddle with her and she loves soft things like all the squishy stuffed animals on the giant bean bag chair I sleep on each night.

Everything was terrible last week. My classes got to be too much, I was anxious about a test that I ended up not being in the right state of mind (let alone the sleep deprivation) to take, and I did not know... read the post »


Sep 29 2014

A Typical Friday Afternoon on a Thursday

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East Campus is unique for a wide variety of reasons. We build roller coasters, swim the across the Charles river (YOU HAVE NO PROOF), and have a bajillion cats (SO MANY KITTENS RIGHT NOW).

But a time-honored tradition of East Campus is our Friday Afternoon Club, or FAC. Every Friday of the semester, a different hall bands together to provide some sort of creative food item for the denizens of East Campus. 

Tetazoo takes FACs extremely seriously. So seriously that we once had a FAC titled "The Tetazoo Cares Too Much FAC," where we made personalized cakes for each of the ten halls of East Campus.

Our most recent FAC was especially interesting. It was called the "Bring the Feast" FAC. I was unable to attend the event unfortunately, but I still heard the stories and I got the following fantastic email from Sherin '15.

We definitely had a FAC today. Don't you remember? The career fair is tomorrow, so we had to do it on Thursday. Did we all forget?

Think, Tetazoo, think.... read the post »