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Nov 9 2015

Summary of the Semester

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I'm a senior! And it's November of my senior year at MIT! Crazyyyyy.

So many crazy things. So much has changed. 

So where did it go? What's been going on?

I Moved Off-Campus

Me - once the frosh obsessed with my living group and my hall and everything surrounding MIT culture, now lives an eight minute bike ride north of MIT. Well, a little longer than that since I sprained my ankle(s). But about eight minutes.

I love it. My cat is happier than ever, and I'm with my good friend, Dan S. '17, who just got back from a year on leave from MIT. I live right near work, and a great taco place. 

When I got my first utility bill, I got super excited to be a real person. Like a real person who pays bills. But then I paid the bills, and I wasn't happy anymore.

I (Still) Have An Amazing Cat

Do you want to see a picture of my cat? Of course you do!


I've been spending A LOT of time with Rory.

I've grown a little cat crazy.

Okay, I've always been cat... read the post »


Nov 8 2015


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I did it again. I broke my right foot.

Well not really, it's just really badly sprained.


But goodbye crutches, I'm sticking to my good friend, the air-boot-cast. 

Before you all go "WHAT DID YOU DO???" let me tell you about the last time this happened.

Go back to freshman year. I'm all on my own, at college, and I am stressed out of my mind. I am taking not one, not two, not three, not four - FIVE technical classes at MIT. I'm a crazy person.

So I tried to find ways to relieve my stress. My main way was running. Every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. It started out with small jogs to the museum of science. It turned into three-five mile bridge loops that took me along the esplanade on the northern edge of Boston along the Charles River.

It started to hurt to walk. However, it did not hurt to run.

Then there was a hurricane. Remember that big hurricane in 2012? It was that one. 

My friend Kayla E. '15 and I decided that it... read the post »


Apr 3 2015

I Wrote A Thing

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I wrote a thing

It is an article about hospitalizations

In particular, the hospitalization of my friend - she is named Emily in the article

I also was in a Boston Globe article about stress

There is a picture of me at the top of the article - it's slightly overwhelming

But I like the dress I wore

I was also on the radio with some pretty cool people - again, talking about stress at MIT

Is MIT too hard? Is MIT too stressful?

We tried to answer those questions

Things have been really stressful lately

I'm taking cool classes, but some days I've just been too sick to get to them

I'm working at an awesome place part-time, and it really helps me get through each week

Here are some pictures of cats

I'll write more soon hopefully

There's a lot going on


Feb 2 2015

IHTFParadise - A Journey of Depression at MIT

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A good friend of mine, Angelina G., wanted to write a guest blog post about her depression experience at MIT, and I truly think that she beautifully describes IHTFP at MIT. I hope this post touches you like it did for me, and that you enjoy the read.


It was a rare beautiful Thursday in the New England fall. I walked out of the Convention Center holding my name badge and a newly earned certificate and dragged my legs back to the bus station. I had earned the certificate by presenting my UROP research at another university’s undergraduate research conference. Unlike the weather, I was not beaming. I felt heavy.

Two days later, I woke up at 3 pm after sleeping for 14 hours. With my eyes wide open, I lay on my bed—a strange feeling emerged. I didn't care for work or research; I didn't care to eat; I didn't care to get off my bed. I looked around my room. Messy for the past month, it was cluttered with piles of dirty laundry, p-sets, paper, scarves, and... read the post »


Jan 17 2015

I Scrapbook Sometimes

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I wrote lightly about scrapbooking in my coping with anxiety blog post, but I did not get to post about any of my own pages. Here is a look into my life, and how I feel. My hopes and dreams, and my tremendous obsession with stickers. 

Sorry the pictures are so blurry! Lighting is difficult. Taking the pages out of their page protectors without hurting stickers is also difficult. Oops.

Have you noticed yet that I love stickers? Like, I really really really like stickers.

I hope you liked some of my pages. It really is relaxing and stress-reducing to sit down on the floor and put stickers on pages in pretty patterns and inspirational intentions. Making my scrapbook makes me feel better no matter what is going on and where I may be. So if you have some stickers and are feeling overwhelmed, get some pretty paper and give it a try. And if it isn't for you, well, I'm always taking sticker donations :)

And, as... read the post »