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Apr 12 2014

CPW Update - Featuring Tim the Beaver as Miley Cyrus

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I am sitting in the coolest little corner of our courtyard I've ever seen wearing shorts and a tank top.  The temperature is well into the sixties, and the music is blasting from the EC speakers sending a beacon out to prefrosh, welcoming them to our home.

This is CPW. I already wrote a pre-CPW post, and this is my CPW update, informing you all about how incredible this experience is, and how grateful I am to live in a place this awesome.

I woke up early this morning, 8am, for EMS drills, and although I was tired, I don't regret a second of it.  I love learning more about how I can help people, and I've had so many great ideas about how to spread our help across campus. More on that some other time, it's CPW!

CPW has included so many different events, from tree swinging to cat petting to shanti-town building and more!  Here are some pictures of our adventures!

And as promised, there was a Tim hack!!  Tim the beaver got to play the role of Miley Cyrus this... read the post »


Apr 9 2014


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Was the name of my last blog post I wrote prior to CPW last year, and it is, once again, that time of year!

This year I'd like to make it Q&A styled, where I answer some questions that you might have about this exciting weekend!

Feel free to post any additional questions you have in the comments section below, and I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible!

How do you decide which events to attend?

I know that it gets confusing with the over 200 events listed on the CPW schedule, but you will decide as you go along.  You might be so excited that you want to go through the CPW booklet and highlight every event you want to attend or star each event for every day on your phone so you don't miss a thing (I actually did that) - but relax! Take advantage of every second of CPW by meeting your prospective classmates and doing things with them that you can both enjoy.  Some of my best friends at MIT are the ones that I met at CPW and during orientation/rush,... read the post »


Apr 6 2014

How I Spent My Sophomore Spring Break

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Two weeks ago was our Spring Break at MIT, and the halls of Tetazoo were empty.  The cats were begging for attention for the first time in what seems like forever, as their owners left them for hiking mountains or driving across the country or exploring caves.

Yet I was here, at MIT, preparing myself for the UPOP Spring Team Training Camp.  UPOP, or the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, is a program for sophomores that prepares us for success in the workplace.  Throughout the year, we have obtained guidance, support, and training in our internship searches and in preparation for the summer and the future.  UPOP also holds a week-long program for sophomores during IAP, however, since I trained to be an EMT during IAP, I could not attend the week-long program.  Instead, I attended a three-day program during Spring Break where I worked in a team with an MIT alum as a mentor to work on our teamwork skills.

I really enjoyed working with my team during the week. Our group... read the post »


Mar 7 2014

My First Week as an EMT

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This past Monday, I found out that I passed my national EMT exam.  I was so happy - now I am officially a nationally certified firefighter and EMT!  Little did I know, my new skills as an EMT were going to be quickly tested.

It started about 1am that night.  I had been getting in and out of bed and walking around, trying to force myself to fall asleep.  I have been having a lot of problems with sleeping lately, where it takes hours for me to fall asleep and it is really hard to stay asleep. 

At 1am, there was a knock at my door.  I am a Medlink in East Campus, and I believe very strongly that if people are sick on hall, they should feel comfortable coming and knocking on my door.  Many of us Medlinks in East Campus feel this way.

That was what the knocking was about.  I asked who it was, and the girl at my door told me that she did not feel right.  I opened the door and let her in.  She sat on my floor, and I sat with her.  She said that she was having trouble sleeping, and... read the post »


Feb 25 2014

Another New Semester and A Lot of Cats

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This semester has been quite quiet so far - just how I like it.  And by quiet, I mean crazy, of course.  I live on Tetazoo, after all.

I passed my EMT class during IAP, and then the state practical exam last week.  All that is left is the national exam, which I am taking within the next couple weeks.  Wish me luck!  I have been studying a lot and I really hope I do okay - I've been really nervous! But I am taking it with my good friend Claire L. '17, and I know that we have it in ourselves to do well.  We just have to show the world!

Other than all the stress of passing EMT exams, I am trying to take a less stressful courseload, and so far it has been okay.  I am taking one technical class, 3.022, or Microstructural Evolution of Materials.  It is all about materials on the microstructural scale.  I am still a bit confused about what we are learning and what the class is about, which is a bit concerning given that my first exam is next week.  I have been studying what we've... read the post »