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Aug 25 2014

Roller Coasters and Dance Parties

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This past Sunday was the East Side party, where the denizens of the East Side and prefrosh (now frosh!?!?)  from all around MIT came to see the fantastic roller coaster and fort for themselves.  Everything felt super safe and awesome.

Here are some videos and pictures that I took from the party, enjoy!


I even got to go on a ride!


I also did a lot of hair dyeing over the past few days, here are some of my pieces of art.

And here is some of my hair, which was done by Diana H. '17. It was her first time dyeing someone else's hair, and I think she did a great job!

All in all, this has been a really awesome week. I've met some incredible freshmen that I am really excited about, including one of the new bloggers! I'm so grateful to be here at MIT and surrounded by such amazing people who can pull off such awesome projects. I'm happy that I can call this place my home.


Aug 22 2014

East Campus Rush 2014: RAW SCIENCE

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This Sunday is the infamous East Side Party, which is open to the MIT community. We will showcase our various science projects that we have been working on over the past week.

Some of these science experiments include a three story fort, a roller coaster, a viking ship, and 3D twister.

Prefrosh will have the opportunity to battle in a giant wrestling pit made of pudding or some other terrible substance and dance until their feet fall off. But it is all in the name of science.

All events taking place over the next week can be found in the Daily Confusion, which is actually just a collection of inside jokes that I find extremely entertaining interesting.

The construction in the courtyard is pretty incredible. Here are a collection of photos I have taken of the construction over the past few days!

Inside of our main lounge (Talbot), Alyssa W. '16 is working on creating banners for most halls in East Campus!

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Aug 17 2014

The Newest Member of Our Family

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What could possibly be more exciting than prefrosh?


I did not get one (although I was very tempted to do so), but Kayla E. '15 drove Kerry N. '14, Jes P. '15 and I to the animal rescue place in Boston today to help her pick out a little companion for the new semester.  The shelter was so nice!! Every little kitten was getting adopted when we were there, as well as many older cats and dogs.  Every little kitten except for little Brittany!

Kayla hasn't decided on a name yet (they called her Brittany at the shelter), but I really like Arya, like in Game of Thrones. The little kitten is so cute! She jumps all around and climbs on cages and pokes her head through small holes and is so curious and adorable. Her brother got adopted by a guy right before Kayla adopted her kitty, and when the two siblings were together in the cage she jumped all over him and tried to chew him and clean him, even though she was about half his size. She weighs 1.72 pounds!

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Aug 15 2014

Where did my Summer Go?

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So much has happened this summer. I mentioned in my last post, They Call Me Yankee, that I was spending my summer in Houston, Texas working for a tubular products company, TMK IPSCO. What I did not mention is that they chose me – the inexperienced and very young intern – to travel to South Korea for two weeks to work on a project. In the words of one of the trading company folks – “They chose an intern!?!? Which crazy person let that happen!?"

I am absolutely honored to have had the opportunity to go on that trip, and to help make connections and friendships with some of the coolest people in the world.

And it did happen for a reason. I was chosen to help make those connections, and gain valuable experience. A lot of crazy people approved the trip.

Before I left for Korea, my friend Eric A. UH’15 and I explored Texas. We spent the weekend in Galveston, which is the Island south of Houston. We went to Moody Gardens and gawked (okay, I gawked) at the penguins, and then to... read the post »


Jul 6 2014

They Call Me Yankee

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"Oh yea you guys don't have armadillos up there in yankeeland"

Another intern told me one day during work.  I've never been called a yankee before I moved to Houston, Texas this summer to start my internship at TMK IPSCO.  Apparently it's what these southerners call us northerners down here in Texas - people up north are yankees, and people who live on the coast are coasters.  So I'm a yankee coaster.  I can't imagine Boston Red Sox fans are okay with being called Yankees.

I don't mind the names, it makes me happy.  But people have high expectations, which I hope that I'm meeting.  I'm from MIT, and I'm expected to perform and function like an MIT student. Whatever that terrifying cluster of words means.  Basically, many times I feel a lot of pressure.  But for the most part, when people find out that I'm the MIT intern they ask me fun questions like "do you play poker?" and "did MIT students really create a working hoverboard?"

Other than "yankee" and "coaster", they also... read the post »