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Jul 6 2014

They Call Me Yankee

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"Oh yea you guys don't have armadillos up there in yankeeland"

Another intern told me one day during work.  I've never been called a yankee before I moved to Houston, Texas this summer to start my internship at TMK IPSCO.  Apparently it's what these southerners call us northerners down here in Texas - people up north are yankees, and people who live on the coast are coasters.  So I'm a yankee coaster.  I can't imagine Boston Red Sox fans are okay with being called Yankees.

I don't mind the names, it makes me happy.  But people have high expectations, which I hope that I'm meeting.  I'm from MIT, and I'm expected to perform and function like an MIT student. Whatever that terrifying cluster of words means.  Basically, many times I feel a lot of pressure.  But for the most part, when people find out that I'm the MIT intern they ask me fun questions like "do you play poker?" and "did MIT students really create a working hoverboard?"

Other than "yankee" and "coaster", they also... read the post »


May 19 2014

Finals Week at MIT

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It's finals week! That dreaded time of year when people hide away in their rooms and in the libraries and delve into deep bouts of sadness.  The cats are taking the hit from it the most - we've spent a lot of time using them for therapy and squishing them or putting them in funny places to make us feel better. 

However, there are some nice things about finals week.  My hall has a lot of really awesome traditions, and the seniors started a new tradition this year. They made a "senior gift" for the underclassmen! They spent hours and hours and days making us a Tetazoo card game, and they gave us each a card with our name and super powers on it. My card gives me special Medlink powers, and my quote is "Let me go get my camera!"

Every semester on the Sunday before finals week, my hall also has another tradition called "Cookies and Pooh."  We make cookies, serve milk, and read Winnie the Pooh. However, this year, we read Little Prince. So it became, "Cookies and Little... read the post »


May 17 2014

Thinking Positive

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This school year was pretty terrible.  I don't think there is an easier way to put that.

I wrote about my first semester in my post called Sophomore Slump. My second semester was a little better.  I took classes that allowed me to stay calm, I started seeking help to manage my stress, and I became more involved in promoting mental health and general health on campus.  But I still found myself overwhelmed a lot of times. If I didn't have anything to do, I felt guilty - like I should be doing work or something else with my time. Many times, I felt like I didn't belong. 

College can be fun, but it is hard to find a way to balance everything. The good, and the bad.  I want to focus on the happy things.

Here are the happy things.

I Became an EMT

And I absolutely love it. I am helping my community stay healthy, and even though I feel overwhelmed at times, I really love working with this group of people.


I Learned to Love Poetry

This semester, I... read the post »


May 13 2014

Advice for the Incoming Froshies

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Congratulations to the incoming Class of 2018!  Each and every one of you is incredible, and I am so excited to see your happy faces light up the institute once again in the fall!


So now you've decided to go to MIT, but you haven't paid a dime or picked a class yet. The biggest thing on your plate right now is figuring out when to take the Freshman Essay Evaluation (FEE) or which pre-orientation program to take.

Meanwhile, all your other friends are picking out their schedule for the fall. Some of them already know where they are living, and maybe they even entered a randomized lottery to get placed in their basic required classes that everyone else is getting placed in.  MIT is different from other schools.

I want to lay out some basics about what you might want or need to know about your freshmen year.  I've learned a lot through my own experiences from my first year at MIT, as well as through being an associate advisor my sophomore year.  Here is my advice! And also... read the post »


May 8 2014

Study Break on the Roof!

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Earlier this week, Morgan O. (G) invited MIT EMS and our campus police officers (who unfortunately could not attend) to see the place where she works - the roof of the Green Building!  The Green Building is the tallest building in Cambridge - 19 stories tall and on stilts at 277 feet!  She brought up her giant telescope and we looked at the moon, Mars, Jupiter and more!

The view from the Green Building, the home of MIT's Earth and Planetary Scienes department, was absolutely gorgeous!  Lawrence W. (G) brought his really pretty camera and I brought mine, and we had some fun with them on the roof!

Adam S. '14 wanted a photo of him in front of the fanastic Boston skyline, and it wasn't long before everyone wanted their shot in front of the view!

In the end, we had a wonderful time, and we were all so glad that Morgan brought us up there to see Boston and Cambridge from a completely new perspective.