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Dec 18 2014

The Making of the Women of the East Side 2015 Calendar

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So many social medias

So much time

In summary, an awesome model-pretty-maker/organizer, Annie L. '15, a photographer, Raeez L. '14, and I set out to accomplish the impossible, with the help of numerous people including Erin K. '16 (our web designer), Amanda W. '15 (graphics/layout), and Piper L. (graphics/layout). 

I decided it would be a good time to start making (or restart the making of) a women of the east side calendar, a calendar that dates back about eight years created for the purpose of showing off some of the beautiful ladies of the east side of MIT's campus and culture and also raising money for the Big Jimmy Scholarship Fund.  The Fund goes to a student who lives on the east stide of campus, and the fund is named after a night watch guard who passed away many years ago that was beloved by the students of the East Side.

So I bring you behind the scenes photos. The following were taken by Raeez L. '14,... read the post »


Dec 17 2014

I Was Deferred

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Flash back to four years ago from this upcoming March 14th. I'm sitting on a train that took me from Washington D.C. where I had just met the president of the United States and pulled an all nighter chilling with my new best friends and a bunch of current and future nobel laureates. I get home exhausted, and I suddenly remember that the time was 6:24pm. I sluggishly made my way upstairs to my PC and log on to my computer, opening up the MyMIT page that I hadn't visited in a few months. I read the page once. I read it again. I changed my Facebook status. I told my mom I got into MIT. She said congratulations. I went to bed.

It took a few days/weeks to settle in. I got some congratulations at school - my best friend told me that some kids were betting on how long I would last at MIT. Gosh kids can be mean. Unfriended them on facebook, got a cat, hakuna matata.

And I got into MIT, but not everyone got into MIT, which is sad because there are a lot of really cool people who apply to... read the post »


Dec 6 2014

Coping With Anxiety

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Anxiety. It's a term with a variety of definitions, causes, and effects. It can be both a terrible and potentially wonderful thing. It exists and therefore we study it. I don't formally study it, but I do care about it among my peers and self on the Internet and in real life. I study materials science and engineering. But I'm writing this post about anxiety.

Anxiety is an overwhelming flow of feelings within and around oneself. It can present itself emotionally - making someone feel like they cannot complete a task such as a problem set or a test or a long trip. It can present itself physically - via heart palpitations or sweating or the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your body. It can be a part of the "fight or flight" response, or it can just be a feeling like you don't want to keep going or are scared about the present or future.

A panic attack is an overwhelming flush of anxiety and fear than runs through your blood and bones and makes you feel like you don't exist or... read the post »


Dec 3 2014

Vlogging about Course 3 and Applying to MIT

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I did the vlog thing!


I didn't take a video of a cat, but here is a picture of Rory:


Nov 30 2014


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SMASH stands for Students At MIT Allied for Student Health. I am on the SMASH board as a representative from the MedLinks executive board. MedLinks is the student group at MIT that "links" or provides a midpoint between students and MIT Medical, and the MedLink role involves helping people go through rough times and directing students to the proper resources at MIT Medical and on campus to get the help students may need.

This past Friday, SMASH hosted an event titled "We Are MIT," and it was meant to be an open discussion with administration about mental health issues on campus. We brought up some really good points, and the number one take away was what everyone on every side of student health on campus is lacking - communication.

I've been working on a project to collect and eventually publish data regarding student health on campus and where the communication gaps are largest. I spoke with Dean Randall, Director of Student Support Services at MIT, and Dr. Alan Siegel, Chief... read the post »