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Sep 29 2014

A Typical Friday Afternoon on a Thursday

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East Campus is unique for a wide variety of reasons. We build roller coasters, swim the across the Charles river (YOU HAVE NO PROOF), and have a bajillion cats (SO MANY KITTENS RIGHT NOW).

But a time-honored tradition of East Campus is our Friday Afternoon Club, or FAC. Every Friday of the semester, a different hall bands together to provide some sort of creative food item for the denizens of East Campus. 

Tetazoo takes FACs extremely seriously. So seriously that we once had a FAC titled "The Tetazoo Cares Too Much FAC," where we made personalized cakes for each of the ten halls of East Campus.

Our most recent FAC was especially interesting. It was called the "Bring the Feast" FAC. I was unable to attend the event unfortunately, but I still heard the stories and I got the following fantastic email from Sherin '15.

We definitely had a FAC today. Don't you remember? The career fair is tomorrow, so we had to do it on Thursday. Did we all forget?

Think, Tetazoo, think.... read the post »


Sep 25 2014

Another Cat Post

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This is a really difficult week for every single student at MIT. I do not want to talk about that yet.

Instead, I am going to show you some pictures of kittens and cats. I hope that you are okay, and that this helps a little bit with making people feel better.

Although it might feel like you are all alone sometimes, you are not alone. MIT is here for you, the students, and everyone else who is a part of our community and more.

And so, I present you with over thirty pictures of KITTENS! (some are cats)

And there you go, lots of pictures of cats. I hope this helped to cheer you up :)


Sep 20 2014

A Written Post

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Typed out notes in review:

  • I wrote this two weeks ago
  • I apologize for my handwriting
  • Ceri's post is here
  • I am also very inspired by Lydia K. '14's posts like her Dragons post. I really like her little doodles, and I still get extremely happy whenever I find her little drawings all around Random Hall.
  • SHAKE SHACK! I just had another dream about the portabella mushroom burgers last night.
  • I made a mistake - I said that I am only taking four classes. Cross out the word only a million times, because four classes at MIT is a full and very difficult course load, don't let anyone tell you anything different!
  • I did not get to draw Beth R.F. '18 and Crystal W. '18 properly. Here they are - on graph paper!


Sep 20 2014

Tetazoo Goes Camping

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Last weekend was the Tetazoo fall camping trip, and my first time ever joining the group on an adventure through the woods of New Hampshire during the fall semester.

What is Tetazoo? Tetazoo is the name of the third floor of the East Parallel of East Campus, which is currently (and always has been) where I reside at MIT and where I spend most of my time of the year moseying about.

This was not my first camping adventure with Tetazoo. Last spring, I joined Tetazoo on an adventure to Rumney, New Hampshire to camp outside the MIT Outdoors Club's (MITOC) Camelot cabin and go on a rather painful hike in the snow. This camping trip was a little better because we rented out an entire MITOC cabin (this time the Intervale cabin) and there was no snow. Hiking without snow is so much better than hiking in the snow.

My car on the way to the cabin consisted of Duncan T. '13 and two pretty 2017s - Barbie D. '17 and NiBr '17. And me. We left around 4:30pm on the Friday and stopped at Subway... read the post »


Aug 25 2014

Roller Coasters and Dance Parties

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This past Sunday was the East Side party, where the denizens of the East Side and prefrosh (now frosh!?!?)  from all around MIT came to see the fantastic roller coaster and fort for themselves.  Everything felt super safe and awesome.

Here are some videos and pictures that I took from the party, enjoy!


I even got to go on a ride!


I also did a lot of hair dyeing over the past few days, here are some of my pieces of art.

And here is some of my hair, which was done by Diana H. '17. It was her first time dyeing someone else's hair, and I think she did a great job!

All in all, this has been a really awesome week. I've met some incredible freshmen that I am really excited about, including one of the new bloggers! I'm so grateful to be here at MIT and surrounded by such amazing people who can pull off such awesome projects. I'm happy that I can call this place my home.