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Oct 2 2009

Past, Present, and Future

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As the NY Times article states, this whole blogging thing "began with a single blog by a student five years ago, at the dawn of the Facebook era." Let me share with you an anecdotal history of blogging, what I'm doing lately, and how MIT has continued to shape me post-graduation. Since I've worked in corporate America for about 5 "semesters" now (they don't get IAP off), I will organize my entry more than I ever have before. Hold me back from making PowerPoint slides!!

-- MIT blogging was not always this fancy
-- I put my Course 14 skills to good use
-- MIT alums are cool


I'll keep this short. During my CPW in April 2003 (wow), I took some photos of all the madness and sent them to Matt McGann. You know, the usual: a cappella concerts, liquid nitrogen ice cream, etc. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Matt's a big deal so he didn't respond immediately. I am very detail-oriented (some might use a different word here)... read the post »

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Sep 10 2007

Running away with the field

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(I've come out of blogger hibernation to post something too awesome not to share, and hope you all don't mind. Welcome to the new bloggers and have a great first semester, Class of 2011!)

As I wrote in a previous entry about Spring 07 classes, I took a short story writing class with Professor Junot Diaz. I was inspired to take it by Nadja '07 and Yang '09, each of whom had taken a class from him and recommended it. Good call, guys.

We students in the class knew he wrote a well-known book in 1996, but he never really discussed it and that was that.

Fast-forward to two weeks ago, when I was surfing the web and reading some of New York Magazine's picks for the fall. Junot (we didn't call him Professor Diaz) was interviewed about his new book, and I ignored the possibility of awkwardness just long enough to email it to the class. (Junot is also on the class list.... awk)

Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007
From: Mitra
Subject: NY Magazine raves
To: [email protected]

... read the post »

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Jun 6 2007

The most important blog entry ever

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So philosophical entries with advice on the right strategies for conquering MIT are really great, but in my humble opinion, the most helpful thing I can do for you is to connect you with things that will give you a richer college experience. You'll figure out for yourself how you want to live the next four years, what you want to do, whether you want to care about x or y, etc. The least I can do is try to make your research a little easier. Here goes:


Subway map:
Campus map:
Transportation (subway passes, shuttle info, plus parking info for visitors):
ShuttleTrack (see which shuttles are where so you don't have to wait outside in the rain):


Get certificates (super important):
MIT-supported software (download stuff for free, post pictures to your webspace,... read the post »

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May 29 2007

50 (First) Dates

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Here are some ideas from my limited experience to help you meet, seduce, and hopefully-not-but-maybe-because-people-sometimes-grow-apart-and-that's-just-a-fact-of-life-okay? dump that special someone. Some people will carry out entire relationships over the course of doing problem sets together. That's cool, but for the adventurous type, here are additional suggestions:

Meet and greet -- spots on campus

18.03 recitation (but don't date your TA until after grades are in)
Barker Reading Room
Campus Preview Weekend
Career Fair -- alums come back and recruit for their employers; everyone looks better with a reversed brass rat and ironed shirt
Killian Court
Lecture Series Committee
MIT Museum -- what's more romantic than holography and free entry with MIT ID?
Music practice rooms -- serenade your special someone in a locking (!) piano room
Steam Cafe -- no, it's not a sauna or spa
Z Center -- the only place in the winter where I've consistently found skimpily dressed... read the post »

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May 11 2007

Senior Ball 2007

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The 2007 Senior Ball was last Saturday night, and as a member of the planning committee, I feel it is my duty to share with you all the exciting event secrets. Seniors took a break from their theses to celebrate, among other things, the first two consecutive days of nice weather since November. The ball was titled "As Time Goes By" and the theme was Casablanca

We held it at the Boston Sheraton

In this picture, the Sheraton is the building with the red lights directly to the right of the Prudential Tower

A stock shot of a ballroom, all dolled up

Here are the 10 awesome members of the Senior Ball planning committee. Yes, we're all girls. The odds are good...

Here are Cathie and Kavita, who focused on design for the event. Notice the casablanca lilies!!1!!cos(0)!! I applaud your careful attention to detail, ladies

Crazy tents

People love them!!

Lost in the drapery

Sorry for all these tent photos. They were amazing.

For table centerpieces, we ordered Moroccan... read the post »

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