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Jun 12 2014

What’s Making Me Happy: Week 4

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Week 1 Spider-Man, Nina Yuen, and Sarah Kay

Week 2: TableTop, Net Neutrality, and Complexity Theory

Week 3: Independent Video Games, X-Men, and Interstellar

Hello everyone, sorry for the three week delay on the latest list of things that are making me happy but there were these pesky exams nipping at my heels and it seemed a bit irresponsible to not devote my full attention to them. With that said though, exams have come and gone and I'm back to update you guys with a few things that've made me happy over these past few weeks. The major theme here is the future, robotic arms, space flight, modular apartments and more!

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MIT's Marvel Cosplay Department Makes a Breakthrough

Growing up there wasn't a kid at school who didn't dream of robotic suits and futuristic extensions of the human body, whether it was Doctor Octopus, Apocalypse or Iron Man, we were always left in awe. In this piece of news we have two groups at MIT who are both... read the post »


May 18 2014

What’s Making Me Happy: Week 3

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Week 1 Spider-Man, Nina Yuen, and Sarah Kay

Week 2: TableTop, Net Neutrality, and Complexity Theory


Humble Bundle/Boston Festival of Indie Games

The Humble Bundle, an independent video game "pay what you can" website, is going back and redoing two weeks of bundles, allowing us to reconsider sales we missed. With summer vacation being a short 2-3 weeks away it's a good time to stock up on cheap games! 

The Boston Festival of Indie Games celebrates the games you quite often find in the Humble Bundle and it turns out the 2014 venue is MIT!


X-Men 3 and X-Men Origins are no longer canon!

With the new X-Men movie coming out this week a lot of people have been asking what movies are still canon. X-Men 3 has always been the black sheep of the trilogy and fans, myself included, are happy to hear *X3 SPOILERS* the death of Xavier, Cyclops and Jean Gray *END OF SPOILERS* are no longer canon and that we should just "forget about X3 and the first Wolverine". 

... read the post »


May 9 2014

What’s Making Me Happy: Week 2

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Week 1: Spider-Man, Nina Yuen, and More!

Historical What If - Subreddit

The concept is simple, users ask the question "What if x piece of history was different" and the more historically inclined Redditors construct an argument, with sources, about what would have happened. Here are a few of my favorite questions.

"How would modern American football players fare in an ancient world?"

"What if Afghanistan was never invaded by the United Front and the Taliban regime continued to conquer all of Afghanistan?"

"What would allow the Roman Empire to last until today?"

TableTop Crowdfunds $1m+

A few months back I discovered the Geek And Sundry Youtube series of TableTop and I fell in love. Every week Wil Wheaton would gather a few of his celebrity friends and play a new Board/Card/Role-Playing game. The show was funny, the games were interesting, and it helped kindle a deep love of TableTop gaming. I burnt through all of the episodes in about a week or two and word on the... read the post »


May 2 2014

What’s Making Me Happy This Week: Week 1

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As exams become more and more of a reality that I can't ignore, I find my weekly/fortnightly blogs slowly phasing themselves out. As such I thought I'd steal a simple format from the wonderful NPR podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour and just tell you guys a few things that made me happy this week. The rules are simple, what I post needs to be something that you can also enjoy (called the Zaxxon Rule) and the post shan't be too long.

Amazing Spider-Man 2

I was lucky enough to see this movie on April 12th(I realize this was a few weeks ago but it's still making me happy), thanks to the early UK release date, and I absolutely loved it. A huge fan of the original three movies (yes, even the third one)  Spider-Man 2 was always one of my favorite movies and this movie knocked it of its throne. While I still feel like Tobey Maguire plays the better Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield has Spider-Man on lock.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

A few weeks back my future boss sent me... read the post »


Apr 8 2014

Studying At Cambridge 101

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Disclaimer: This blog post is fairly specific to Computer Scientists, other majors have drastically different course structures. One thing most of them have in common though are the scale and weight of the exams.

Another non-trivial difference between academics at Cambridge and MIT is the way exams and grades work. MIT runs under a continuous assessment school of thought. Throughout the semester you'll take 1-3 tests + final and have quite a few problem sets/labs/papers that are continually assessing your knowledge. At Cambridge there is significantly less graded coursework. The supervision work I talked about last week is only graded for your benefit and doesn't contribute to your final grade. With that said though the supervisors provide reports where they predict how you'll do on the corresponding paper of the EXAMS. 1B Computer Scientists have 4 courses that do have graded coursework though.

  • Further Java - Six once a week labs during first term. Automatically graded via... read the post »