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MIT uses its own, custom application so you can tell us more about yourself. You can access the MIT freshman application exclusively at MyMIT.

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Application Materials Processing

Please be aware that documents can take about a week to show up on your MyMIT tracking page after we receive them. If you think a missing document arrived within the last week, it is likely still being processed.

Application Mailing Address

Our admissions process is designed to be completed online. However, if you do need to send additional materials to MIT, please use this address:

MIT Undergraduate Admissions Processing Center
P.O. Box 404
Randolph, MA 02368

RA Interview Deadline

Don't forget! The deadline to schedule your interview with an EC is December 10.

Life @ MIT

MIT has over 40 design/build/project spaces on campus that add up to over 130,000 ft2 (about 2½ football fields). First-year students can now sign up to participate in MakerLodge, a grassroots-inspired training program for these MIT makerspace communities.

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