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Joel G. '18

MIT student blogger Joel G. '18


Hi! I’m Joel, from the frozen tundra of Duluth, Minnesota. Actually, Duluth is neither perpetually frozen nor technically tundra, but it sometimes feels like that, especially in “winter”, which is a season that we Minnesotans have that consists of all 364 days that are not the Fourth of July.

In case you haven’t noticed, I love long sentences. They’re like tail end recursion, only with more synonyms. Other things that I love include:

0) xkcd comics, which I obsessively memorize
1) computing, which is what hipsters call programming now
2) hackathons
3) the 3rd movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata
4) pronouncing ‘sauna’ with a ‘w’ (“SOW-nuh”), because that’s what Minnesotans do, and
5) inventing conjugations that totally should exist, like “clapter”, which is an abstract collection of simultaneous individual claps. If I use strange words that you haven’t seen before, I probably made them up.

Also, the reason I insert all those right parentheses after my numbers is to bring harmony to the unresolved tension that left us with. Balance has now been restored to the grammarverse. Nice to meet you!

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