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May 21 2015

Sloan MBA Adetayo Akisanya works at Volaris, a Mexican airline, on their Commercial Strategy team

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Sloan MBA candidate

Mexico City



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"To me, this was all personal challenge. I thought I was a good manager, and
wanted to give it a try in a highly competitive industry with ultra-low margins. It
would be easier to come up with a list of things I didn’t learn!"


From the minute he walked through the doors of Volaris’ Samara offices, Tayo, MIT Sloan MBA ’14, was reminded that he was at one of Latin America’s youngest, fastest growing, and most successful airlines. “There were planes hanging from the ceiling. Meeting tables were airplane tires stacked on top of each other and covered in glass. Meeting seats were actual airplane seats taken from cabins of old planes. Medicine balls everywhere.” The message was clear – Volaris believes in hard work, collaboration, and fun.

All were elements of Tayo’s main project, "Dynamic Currency Conversion," a... read the post »


May 8 2015

EECS student Michael McGraw teaches STEM concepts in Regensburg, Germany

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MIT-Germany GTL

Universität Regensburg

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Topics I taught

I taught in a group with five other MIT students. For Physics, we designed a circuit to model public power supply using lightbulbs, hand-cranked generators, and a few other circuitry elements. The purpose of this lesson was to learn about power distribution and to gain a sense of the how the real world public power supply operates.
In Biology, we led students through a DNA Fingerprinting lab, using pipetting, gel electrophoresis, centrifuges, and some mostly harmless chemicals. After that, we participated in class discussions regarding DNA and privacy protection.

Finally, for Chemistry, we prepared four lessons starting with Van der Waal's forces, going through H-Bonding and phase changes, and ending with experiments demonstrating real-world phenomena that result from intermolecular forces.

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Oct 20 2012

Watch the MISTI film!

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MIT Video Productions/AMPS


Aug 6 2012

Mussels and Brussels

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Maggie Lloyd
Class of 2012 Alumna
MIT-Belgium Program
Internship: Carmeuse


Since my freshman year, I have seriously wanted to participate in MISTI. When senior year rolled around, I decided that a 5-month internship in another nation would be a perfect post-graduation, pre-rest-of-my-life opportunity. It was a great idea in my opinion! So there I am, sitting on the plane taking off from JFK when it finally hits me: I’m going to a country I’ve never been to before that speaks a language I kind of know to work on a project that covers subjects in chemical engineering that I’ve never studied in depth for a company that has never taken an international intern before. A few nerves started to kick in, but I reminded myself that this could only mean that an adventure was about to begin.

I work for a limestone company, and before you conjure up images of me examining rocks while wearing a hard hat over my frizzy hair like some sort of Magic School Bus episode, let me assure... read the post »


Jul 30 2012

Total immersion

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Rachel Foley
MIT-Italy Program
Internship: ENEL

ThIis post was first published on Rachel's Incredible Italian Inquisition
It has officially been two months since I arrived in Italy, and I must say, I am still discovering something new every day. Recently, I’ve come into a fuller realization of how interconnected Rome is. The first month or so in Rome, I was in my “tentative” phase where I stuck like glue to the bus that took me directly from the apartment to where I work. For that month, I was under the impression that very few people rode the bus, partially because the bus I would take was usually pretty empty, and partially because there was never anyone waiting at my bus stop when I arrived in the morning (which I found slightly odd).

It took me a while to work up the courage to take a different bus to work, and the main reason I found myself on said bus was because there was one week where three or four... read the post »