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Mitra L. '07

  • Course 14
MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07


Here goes: I'm Mitra, class of 2007; I was born and raised in New Jersey (no jokes, please), but I moved to Northern California in 2000, just in time for warm weather and a power crisis. My family still lives in the Bay Area, so I am racking up frequent flyer miles like nobody's business. I am majoring in economics (Course 14), and believe it or not, MIT has one of the best economics departments in the nation.

Those are probably some of the most important facts about me, but I'll tell you more. (Just try and contain your excitement.) When I was younger, I thought "Brownian motion" was actually "brownie in motion" and "laptop" was "labtop" -- you know, like a computer you put on top of a lab table.

General likes: orange juice with pulp, lilies, 5.12: organic chemistry, Colin Firth, people who stop at yellow lights, sums of squares, Craig Armstrong, navy blue, efficiency, brown paper packages tied up with strings, pomegranates, integration by parts, the word "apparently," David Sedaris, the Eudora noise, M.C. Escher, The Office (US version), dorky pick-up lines.

General dislikes: the green line, split infinitives, racism, tardiness, soft rock, fire alarms, shrimp, public bathrooms, Arial (the font), the spelling of the word "vacuum," the fact that I use parantheses very frequently, revolving doors, people who bring too many carry-on items, most non-dorky pick-up lines.

Welcome to my peek at MIT =)

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